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2L & 1500cc Bangers – 14/03/2020 – Kings Lynn

Report by Joshua Beattie

The evening started off with an almost 20 car Junior White and Yellows race, which was won by Speedworth Micrastox star 682 Quinny.

The first National Banger race was the smaller 1500 class with a white top whirlwind race. 31 starters (1 non starter), a pile up on turn 3 cleared quickly. 550 Jackson following in a car and running him into a parked car. A few laps later he turned it going oppo into the number 5 car. He tries oppo again but misses his target on the last lap. 121 Colbert nails 782 on the last bend and spins him into a tyre over the line. Confusion on the race winner but was later confirmed that 121 Colbert won, with 495 Tyrone,
in 2nd and 3rd was 57 Lewis Garrod.

The Junior Bangers heat 1 started with just shy of 30 cars. Lap 2 400 Rily Shinn got spun and t-boned by 455 finny jnr on the home straight. Struggling to fit into a small place 682 Quinny clipped 455 Finny and rolls over 3 and a half times, resting on the infield tyre. Only a few laps to go 707 Alfie Nottingham clips a marker tyre and goes over. 310 Harvey Latkowski wins with an impressive lead.

Straight after it’s the turn of the 1500 Bangers with all grades for the first time of the night. Top drivers out includes the 2L Tarmac World champion 337 Garrod, 85 James Ellis makes a rare FWD appearance, 551 Brett Jackson makes his return after a short ban, 830 Lee White also completes the grid of 35 cars.
178 bowman does 910 rookard, who does another car a lap or two later. Bowmans engine lights up with a fire that goes out. Ben mynott gets followed in hard and join the pile, reds come out for 178 being on fire, red checks as only one lap remains. 117 Lee Reynolds Car looks a little snapped off, as well as big damage to 550, Some huge hits in that race from Bowman, Jackson, and Wright, earning Bowman and Wright Entertainer awards, whilst 189 Smithy takes this win.

After a very lively 1300 saloon race we bring out the first of the night for the 2L Bangers.
A 42 car field starts the first race of the night for them.
A few laps in and our first red flag. Huge hits from 178, 51, 511. Stop for 396 Karl Roberts who got hit hard from a few drivers and nearly rolled over. With a lot of cars on the infield and turns. 73 leads the restart with 381 and 779 completing the top three. 779 takes the lead as 73 gets caught in back markers. 779 gets took out and 381 takes the lead, a drivers engine goes in a big way with 3 to go, whist 381 takes the win by over half a lap with 449 coming come in second place and 128 shippy in 3rd.

Hectic start of jnr bangers heat 2. 71 gets turned and pins 19 in the wall, 352 hits the tyre. And another car goes over, this time its 701 Riley Marsh that goes over.
190 Rily Holmes leads 833 and 171 on the restart. A few laps into the restart 455 Lexi Finney goes over on turn 4.
833 Robbie Dillon leads 171 and 190 on the restart, 168 deals in a huge follow-in to and brings out the red flags again.
Once again 833 leads the restart from 999 and 622. Greens out, leader gets tapped wide and 622 goes in the back. 608 takes the lead. The remaining 5 odd laps completed without another roll which gives 608 the win from 999 and 450. Only 6 of 23 finished that race!!!

The following race was the return of the 1500cc Bangers, which had plenty of cars out on track, 782 with a pulled out almera, 31 starters for this one. Pile on the exit of turn 2 leaves a few cars very wrecked, and the reds come out for a stranded car on the back straight. 556 Matt Tillow leads for team Mates. Kieran Greenway for Team reem gets followed in, blitzed by a team blue and black driver, and another driver with huge, huge hits, bringing out the reds again. He gets out all okay but has a pain in his leg. 340 Austin Freestones engine decides it wasn’t going to start, but catch fire instead.
495 Tyrone Somehow manages to lead, who at one point was a lap down! 248 takes over the lead as 830 goes opo, which is very rare. 910 rookard goes oppo and disposes of 495 in 2nd, and sets alight in a big way, the red and checks come out as only 3 laps remains. 830 also gets lit up as he went around the track. 495 somehow takes the win. 7 finishers from 35 starters.

Up next after a short break is the 2nd race for the 2L Bangers.
This is going to be a very lively race, 34 starters for 2L Heat 2. First lap a pile up, and 51 goes with a HUGE follow-in rolling over his victim. Lots of cars on the infield. The race is restarted under graded order as we were only 2 laps in.
Around 25 cars take the restart for 2L H2. Reds come out as a 99 goes flying on oppo and takes out the leading predator,as well as Shane lynn goes head on into the stranded BMW of 790 Nafe.
15 cars take the 2nd complete restart in graded order, 50 goes oppo for 178, who retaliates by t-boning him. 188 Victor follows 53 in massively on the last lap.
Entertainers are 51, 779, 188 whilst 381 takes his second win.

Out after is the Juniors final, white grader 310 Harvey Latkowski took an earlier heat win, can he win in the final?
19 starters. A clean race which was won by 310 Harvey Latkowski with a flag to flag victory! 2nd place was 833 Robbie Dillon, and 3rd was 622 Harvey Webb.

It’s final time, both finals get seeded entries, 1500 final for the 1500 National championship, and the 2L final for the World Championship.

First up is the 1500 final into DD. 25 starters and 6 on the centre for the DD. 219 cruncher goes oppo and misses everything. He tries again and misses. 12 takes the win and the greens come out for the DD. 551 dishes the first hit, a decent head on, then 99 gets caged on the home straight. A huge fire ignites in the back straight, but goes out. 828 goes In hard on 41, 828 goes in head on with 707. Red checks come out with 3 cars running, 1500 DD confirmed winner and entertainer is 828 Jordan Sharpe.

The rain started to fall just as the 2l Bangers came out onto the track for their final into DD, the last race of the night. Which the rain cleared off quickly. 19 on track and 4 on the centre for the DD. 115 gets followed in and nearly goes over. 51 gets a head on from the preds. 779 munch gets hit hard on the home straight. He gets a huge t bone. More cars join the mini pile. Jooble gets hit as 51 comes across the line. 664 gets hit and the reds come out before the DD starts.
664, 51 and a few others come out of the pile. Greens come out with 5 starters for the DD. Callum white goes in and 53 goes in and up onto his side, he comes down to 4 wheels after the reds come out. Greens come back out with 3 cars left. 664 gets sandwiched between 2 cars. Last car running will be 699 Aaron Nelson.

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