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644 Reece Davis Interview

Reece has been making a strong impression over the past couple of years, even more so since his step up to the adults last year.

Reece has been a key driver at his local track of Standlake and is looking to branch out (Fish Race Pix)

Like many, Reece got into racing through his Dad, 622 Stuart Davis, with racing certainly being in the blood. Reece’s mum, 622 Diane Flinders, also regularly competes in the Ladies Street Bangers at Standlake. Reece recalls growing up watching. ‘I was always watching my Dad race around Mildenhall when I was younger, and had always wanted to race since I first went there.’

Reece grew up watching his Dad race and now gets to share the track with him

‘One of my earliest memories of racing would be Good Friday 2015 at Mildenhall. I would have been about 9 years old and was helping my Dad on the spanners,’ Reece reflects. ‘Another highlight would be the 2018 National Championship at Kings Lynn, watching Dad in the DD. He had a 3-door Almera against Mk5 Astras, and there was no stopping it. The 2017 1500 Icebreaker was also another top day. It was the coldest meeting ever, but it was a hell of a watch, with Dad in another Almera racing with the Aldridges. One of the best though, was seeing Dad get his first ever Unlimited win at an all Volvo meeting.’ 

It wasn’t long after that before Reece took to the track himself, out in the Junior Bangers. ‘My first meeting was in December 2018 at Kings Lynn. It was scary but also mega at the same time. For a first time, it went really well! I managed to learn my way around the track throughout the meeting.’ Reece admits that Juniors certainly helped him master his craft. ‘It gave me plenty of track experience and track time to learn the way around tracks, and how to control the cars in different situations.’

A Metro for Reece at the 2020 Teen Streets Caged Open

Reece had a successful Junior career, competing in the Junior Bangers before switching to ‘Teen Streets’ at Standlake when the JBA ruling came about. Reece looks back on some standout moments. ‘I got a place in a last chance qualifier for a championship race at Kings Lynn, and that felt mega. There was another meeting at Standlake, where I had a top three placing in every race at the meeting.’

Another smart Teen Street for Reece

When the time came, Reece naturally stepped up into the adult classes of bangers, becoming a regular at his local of Standlake. Reece reveals it’s been refreshing to take the step up. ‘It’s been one hell off an experience being able to finally race alongside dad, and finally being able to race proper cars! It’s definitely been a game changer.’ Reece has raced nearly every class possible since graduating from the Junior Bangers. He discusses what is has been like racing on different platforms. ‘Street Bangers are brilliant. You get to learn many skills and how to properly drive, and get ready to go in nationals, but for me, National Bangers are the one! Knowing full well at any time you can have a good crash, or even a good rod round if you like as well as racing alongside some big banger names is a very good experience.’ 

Reece has enjoyed a couple of outings in the 2L Bangers (Fish Race Pix)

That experience has certainly been paying off, seeing Reece among the podium places on several occasions. His most recent coming with a third place finish in the Micro Bangers Heavy Metal Classic Final. Reece now wants to use that experience to race an Unlimited. ‘The next thing on my list is an Unlimited. I’ve always wanted to do one ever since I first watched them. They always looked mega, and I love the way they sound and everything about them!’ By the sounds of things, it won’t be long before we see Reece out on track in the Unlimiteds, but what would be his dream car if he could choose? ‘The dream would be a Mk1 2-door Granada with a V6 in! There’s no doubt about it! They are the best looking banger going; nothing will ever beat them! I would definitely have to have a v6 in it too, just for the noise!’

Not quite a V6 2-door Mk1 Granada, but a Land Rover Discovery for the 4×4 Bangers at Standlake (Fish Race Pic)

As mentioned earlier, although Reece grew up in Norfolk and spent most of his younger days watching at Mildenhall, most of his and his families racing comes at Standlake these days. The track itself is renowned for being among the trickiest to navigate, but Reece doesn’t necessarily agree. ‘Well people always say Standlake is one of the hardest tracks to get round, but really I don’t think it is,’ he admits. ‘It is a very good track, but you have to be careful and think about the track. I think it’s properly helped me, and as people say, if you can get round lake, you can get round any where!’

Reece is enjoying life at the ‘lake (Mooks Pics)

Mildenhall holds a close place in Reece’s heart still, however. ‘I definitely want to race at Mildenhall, as that’s where racing started for me when I was younger. I was always going there to watch. I’d also like to have a go round Ipswich. It seems to be a very fast and entertaining track.’

Reece wants to race at Mildenhall and Ipswich (AC Photos)

It’s common place now that I ask interviewees of their dream 6 a side team. Reece opted for the following five to join him, ‘7 Aaron Charles, 100 Callum White, 158 Shane Davies, 252 Steven Bugler and 333 Charlie Randell. They are all very entertaining drivers. There’s no further explanation needed really. I’d certainly like to be out with them boys, they’re mega!’

644 Reece Davis sticking it to 7 Aaron Charles – a driver he’d love in his dream team (Fish Race Pix)

Reece would like to conclude the interview with a few notes of appreciation. ‘I’d like to thank my parents for making it possible for me and all the sponsors, especially Swindon Metal Recycling for all the cars and anyone else who has helped so far. Oh, and to Billy (Jarvis 363) for always being in the way,’ he laughs.

Reece battling alongside Billy at the Micro Bangers Heavy Metal Classic earlier in the year. Billy must have been in the way earlier in the race! (Lee Lee’s Race Pics)

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