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374 Sam Markham Interview

Sam Markham is an emerging name in bangers, and in particularly, the shale scene, where he has been recording some strong results of recent, especially at Kings Lynn.

Sam has been on impressive form on the shale over the past few months (DH Race Pics)

As is a common theme with the younger generation of drivers, Sam was first introduced to racing through family links. ‘My uncle Phil (Markham 127) got me into racing when I was about 4 years old.’
Growing up around the racing, it was inevitable that Sam would go into Junior Bangers as soon as it was possible, with them days being among his earliest memories. Sam recalls his first meeting. ‘It was shocking! I didn’t finish a race, but I enjoyed it.’

Sam having an outing in a Junior Banger at Kings Lynn (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

From there, Sam has slowly garnered experience in racing which he admits himself as being a slow burner. ‘I started doing a lot more meetings and was still having no luck. I then did a few meetings in an Astra at Brampton before trying Unlimiteds. I then broke my knee, so I haven’t had much luck until recently.’

Sam piloting his Astra at Brampton (unknown)

Sam’s luck has certainly changed, ending the 2022 season on fine form at Trackstar which saw him take a second place in the 25 and Under Championship of GB behind teammate 459 Blake Platts. He looks to have continued that form into the start of this year too, having taken a heat win at the Unlimited Icebreaker which help guide his Silver Boys team to the overall victory, but Sam isn’t taking any of that for granted. ‘I’ve not done much racing over the past year, but the meetings I’ve done have been awesome and I think I just got lucky!’

Sam got second in the 25 & Under Champ of GB back in October (Trackstar)

Sam currently sits sixth in the Unlimited World of Shale qualifying points, and he admits that’s something he is focusing on. ‘Yeah it would be nice to qualify for the World of Shale,’ he says humbly.

Sam is focusing on qualifying for the World of Shale (unknown)

As mentioned earlier, Sam is part of the Silver Boys outfit who are regularly seen out on track up and down the country – Sam mentions about being part of the team. ‘Its good! They are a good set of lads.’

Sam is enjoying life as a ‘Silver Boy’ (unknown)

Drivers often aspire to be like one of their idols when they are growing up, and for Sam that was only one person. ‘My uncle Phil; although I reckon I’m faster than him now,’ Sam chuckles.

Sam looks up to his Uncle Phil as a driver that has inspired him over the years (Rob Woollhouse Photography)

Sam talks about his aims out on track and anything he is hoping for over the course of the year and further ahead. ‘There’s nobody on track that I particularly aspire to be like. I just like to go out and enjoy myself. I want to race at a lot more tracks and race a few cool cars too.’

Sam is looking to tick more tracks off his list (Lee Lee’s Race Pics)

Sam concludes the interview with a few notes of appreciation. ‘I’d like to thank my uncle Phil for absolutely everything he does for me. I couldn’t be anymore thankful and there’s way too many people to list for the help on the cars.’

An early Unlimited meeting in Sam’s career (unknown)

We wish Sam the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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