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214 Connor Osborn Interview

Bryson caught up with Gladiators driver Connor Osborn ahead of the Bank Holiday May 29th fixture at Kings Lynn.

Connor Osborn is one of the leading names when it comes to entertaining here at the Adrian Flux Arena. He currently sits second in the Entertainers League, looking to chase down World of Shale Champion 828 Jordan Sharpe. 

The Osborn name isn’t new to banger fans though, with the link to the Gladiators meaning that fans all over recognise the name and Connor acknowledges this. ‘I got into racing through my Dad (174 Whipper) and both uncles already racing, it was bound to happen!’

It was here where Connor made his National Banger debut. ‘It was an Icebreaker in Micro Bangers. I had a Fiesta which was Junior Banger spec as it was the only thing we had built. I had just come off of my ban from Junior Bangers; my god was the car slow! I decided it would be a good idea to give a head on at the end of the straight and then I got lengthened. We managed to get the car back out though, held together by seatbelt.’

Since day dot Connor has lived more for the crashing than the racing, and has had many highlights along the way. ‘The main highlight for me was qualifying for the World Final in 2020. I suppose my career hasn’t gone anywhere from then as I prefer a crash more than racing,’ Connor laughs.

It’s great seeing Connor here at Kings Lynn on the regular, and he mentions his reasoning for doing so. ‘You don’t need money to be able to compete and you’re always looked after – whether it be before or after the meeting, you get a thank you for coming. It’s a very good, fast track!’

Connor has only one aim for this season, ‘the aim is to win the entertainers league. It’s a tough league to win, but we’ll give it a go!’ It certainly is tough, with several drivers consistently shining on the crashing front, but Connor is putting up a strong fight. His teammate, 589 Simon Smith, currently heads the Trackstar National Points also with a strong margin, in what is looking like a good season for the Gladiators. Connor comments on what it’s like to be part of the team. ‘It’s good. It’s nice to know going on track you have someone/people who would have your back.’

Connor has had the perfect preparation for today’s meeting, as he chats to us whilst holidaying in Gran Canaria. When asked what we can expect from him today, Connor jokingly replied ‘I couldn’t tell you to be honest! I haven’t touched any of the cars! My dad and uncle have done them for me while I’ve been laying on the beach.’ We hope Gran Canaria hasn’t chilled him out too much and that he has some crashing in him, as he always puts on a top show!

Connor would like to conclude proceedings with a few tokens of appreciation. ‘I’d like to thank my dad and uncle as without them I wouldn’t be racing at all!! Whether it’s buying the cars or helping out in the garage building them. I’d like to thank Whip Street Motors for supplying some of the cars. Also, I would like to thank my auntie and mum for having to deal with stressed out husbands!’

We wish Connor the best of luck for today and the rest of the season and he continues to liven it up for the crowd in pursuit of the entertainers league honours.

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