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Yarmouth – 12/02/23 – Back to Basics – Meeting Report

The Yarmouth season kicked off with the Back to Basics on Sunday 12th February, with 37 drivers in attendance which was a decent figure considering another Back to Basic meeting was going on just down the road at Swaffham. 303 Matt Brown had the pick of the fresh cars with a Ford Escort.

Fresh Mk4 Vauxhall Astra for 14 Barry Payne

The first Heat saw all 37 cars out on track. 109 James Williams had a pop at 123 Steve Saw. 777 David Perry set about 10 Warren Lown, before 573 Marty Lake buried 14 Barry Payne hard on the pits bend. 303 Matt Brown moved in to spin 573 Lake, which sent 741 Luke Parfitt fence-wards. The reds then came out to assist 14 Bazza. 862 Reece Eglington lead them away from the restart. 28 Scott Green attacked 621 Gareth Parker. 148 took a pop at 123 Steve Saw, and was then spun by 327 Charlie Wigger. 909 Jack Watson went in on the nose of the spun 148. 46 Lorne Stonebridge spun 10 Lown who caught the marker tyres and rolled, with Lorne running head on into 148. The red flags coming out once again. The restart saw 53 Luke Needs spin 909 Spack, which caused 664 Daniel Nuttall to get leant into a post as he and 610 Mitchell Wells took avoiding action. 327 Wigger collected 664 Nuttall, which left the latter’s Fiesta well wrecked. 216 Mark Burrows spun 862 Eglington for the lead. 909 Spack weighed in on teammate 28 Mayo Maker. 551 Ben Warner spun 909 Spack, and 216 Buzzer did the same a lap later to 28 Mayo Maker. 217 Bailey Burrows removed 293 Ben Jordan. 216 Mark Burrows raced to the win.

216, 217, 551, 123, 28, 109, 439, 995, 777, 404

10 Warren Lown suffered a rollover in Heat 1

Heat 2 saw 28 Mayo Maker have a lively start, firstly spinning 53 Dreamer on the pits bend, before doing the same to 52 Matthew Walker down on the Caister bend. 176 Ralph Emmerson had a pop at 551 Warner. 109 Williams turned 53 Dreamer left down the back straight. 741 Capt D spun 862 Eglington. 175 James Emmerson set about 2 Matthew Galenski, before 52 Walker buried 741 Capt D. 53 Dreamer ran 551 Warner into 52 Walker, with 109 Posh Boy collecting them. 193 William Rabjohns spun 88 Jamie Fipps. 176 Ralph tboned the spun 53 Dreamer, with 28 Mayo Maker dumping 2 Galenski into them also. 53 Dreamer and 176 Ralph then begun to have a private DD, delivering small head ons to one another which earned the pair a load up. 193 Rabjohns spun 909 Spack. 610 Wells spun 629 Ewan Rout. 995 Dean Emmerson put the bumper in on 193 Rabjohns. 293 Jordan attacked 551 Warner and got caught on the latter, with 2 Galenski going in on Jordan. 193 Rabjohns spun 53 Dreamer. 123 Steve Saw guided his Nissan Primera to the win.

123, 217, 439, 293, 216, 995, 16, 2, 404, 193

176 Ralph Emmerson was in lively spirits in Heat 2, perhaps a bit too lively!

The final saw 363 Bradley Cook fail to get to the start line before suffering a spin courtesy of 148, who in turn was dumped towards the fence on the Caister bend by the pack. 336 Jamie Plane spun 909 Spack, as behind, 404 Sam Dace, 28 Mayo Maker and 303 Matt Brown all suffered spins. 551 Warner spun 293 Jordan, before 193 Rabjohns and 629 Rout tangled at the end of the home straight. 336 Fathead laid into 293 Jordan, eventually spinning him on the exit of turn 2. 193 Rabjohns spun 505 Ryan Addy. 336 Fathead put the bumper in on 193 Rabjohns as they exited the pits bend, which saw the latter clip a post heavily and get bounced round by Fathead in turn. 336 Fathead then spun 439 Daniel Sutton a lap later. 148 ran into the stricken 610 Wells, before 303 Golden Brown delivered a rear wheel shot to 336 Fathead. 621 Gruff dispatched of 995 Emmerson before the red flags came out due to debris along the back straight. The restart saw 217 Burrows with the lead. 28 Mayo Maker bumped 909 Spack off the start, with 303 Golden Brown and 995 Emmerson both latching on, and they crashed out on the Caister bend together. 10 Lown attacked 303 Golden Brown, with 741 Capt D running head on into the latter. 551 Warner spun 995 Emmerson. 629 Rout clipped the marker tyres on the Caister bend and rolled bringing reds and chequers with race leader 217 Bailey Burrows only having a lap left to complete. He was probably slightly relieved as he was coming under increasing pressure from 109 James Williams in second. With 629 Rout rolling whilst in third place, that was then awarded to 216 Mark Burrows.

The Squashies are the epitome of what Back to Basics are about – 909 Jack Watson limping his car through all 3 races whilst having a day of getting involved in the action

Into the DD, with 303 Golden Brown spinning 996 Jack Wright before weighing in on 175 Emmo. 217 Burrows delivered a solid rear wheel shot to 996 Wright. 551 Warner went in on 303 Golden Brown, as 216 Buzzer delivered a solid head on to 363 Cook. 216 Buzzer then delivered a solid hit to 573 Lake, which sent the rear wheel of the latter’s Mk4 Astra flying off onto the dog track. 217 Burrows also weighed in for a hit to 573 Lake. The DD then being red flagged and voided with 363 Cook seeking medical attention, we wish him well!

The Lost It Crew had a good day with 216 Mark Burrows winning Heat 1 and 217 Bailey Burrows the Final before the pair had a solid DD

A superb start to the season at Yarmouth, which should hopefully bode well for the year if the action continues at that momentum.

336 Jamie Plane’s Honda Stream finally killed off

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