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Unlimited Veteran Bangers Ronnie Emmerson Memorial – 12/08/2018 – Yarmouth

A slightly disappointing 13 cars attended the Ronnie Emmerson Memorial which doubled up as the East Anglian Veterans event which was put on due to demand from drivers after the maiden 2015 staging. The field was boosted by non-Veteran 175 James Emmerson who made his debut Unlimited appearance racing in his Uncle Ronnie’s memory and number. 419 Steve Haines travelled some serious miles and brought with him a very smart Mercedes E Class Estate which he was awarded the smartest car for. 9 Titch Mancini’s efforts on his Mk3 Granada saw him given the runner up spot in the smart car stakes.

9 Titch Mancini – Ford Granada Mk3
33 Gary Madgwick – used Jaguar XJ Series 4
85 James Ellis – used Ford Scorpio Estate
116 Mark Want – used BMW 3 Series
156 Mick Maskell – used Mercedes E Class
160 Shayn Winsor – used Ford Scorpio Estate
175 James Emmerson – used Ford Scorpio
176 Ralph Emmerson – Mercedes E Class Estate
273 Kevin McClagish – Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse Mk9
367 Barry Beevor – Volvo 740 Estate
419 Steve Haines – Mercedes E Class Estate
434 Carl Smith – used Ford Granada Mk2 Estate
516 Carl Gould – used Lexus 200

Heat 1 began with 12 cars. 176 Super Ralph was the first to show as he spun 156 Maskell.367 Beevor spun 160 Winsor aside. 9 Titch spun 434 Smith. 273 Mad Mouse waited for 9 Titch, and as the latter passed, took a lunge at him and ran the latter’s Ford Scorpio in head on. This allowed 85 Ellis to jack 9 Titch leaving him well wrecked. The reds came out to allow Titch to exit from his warped motor. The restart saw 367 Beevor attack 273 Mad Mouse, gauging a hole in the side of the latter’s Yank which he got stuck in resembling a puppy cocking it’s leg to do its business. 176 Ralph spun 116 Wanty aside whilst 85 Ellis happily obliged to jacking 367 Beevor. 160 Winsor and 176 Ralph tangled near the starter rostrum allowing 273 Mad Mouse to jack the prone 176 E Class Estate and hanging him off a post half way down the home straight. 175 Emmo weighed in on 273 Mad Mouse in a revenge shot. 116 Wanty spun in front of the leading 33 Magic who remained composed to take the win. 434 Smith ended the action by spinning 156 Maskell.

33, 516, 160, 434, 156

Heat 2 saw only 8 cars return. 175 Emmo attacked 156 Maskell from the off. 367 Beevor went in on 273 Mad Mouse pushing him around for half a lap. 273 Mad Mouse lunged at 367 Beevor, resulting in the former going up onto two wheels in his Yank. 160 Winsor followed in 367 Beevor. 434 Smith was another to go up on two wheels after clipping the tyres on the pits bend. 156 Maskell attacked 434 Smith, eventually spinning him.175 Emmo unfortunately posted himself whilst sitting in a good third place on his debut Unlimited meeting as 33 Magic took another fine win.

33, 516, 160, 434, 156

The ‘G & A Car Spares’ sponsored Ronnie Emmerson Memorial saw 7 cars make the track. Full credit to 419 Haines was out for the first time after travelling 4 hours and experiencing some serious mechanical gremlins. 176 Ralph cruelty expired early, and he was joined by 419 Haines who had a luckless night. 33 Magic left his charged late but dived up the inside of 434 Smith to take 3rd whilst 516 Gouldy took the win ahead of 160 Winsor and 33 Magic.

516, 160, 33, 434

The DD raised 4 cars with 85 Ellis weighing in hard on 176 Ralph. 516 Gouldy blasted 85 Ellis. 273 Mad Mouse gave a head on to 516 Gouldy. 516 Gouldy attacked 273 Mad Mouse. 516 Gouldy jacked 273 Mad Mouse only to come under fire from 85 Ellis. 273 Mad Mouse completed half a lap to destroy running mate 85 Ellis for the win.

Although the quantity wasn’t there, the drivers that did turn up certainly entertained the holiday crowd with some top crashing and close racing.

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