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Unlimited National Bangers WQR – 15/08/2018 – Yarmouth

Wednesday 15th August saw a rare double header of bangers at Yarmouth as the Unlimited Bangers attended for a World Qualifying round bringing some much travelled Southern based drivers and the Back To Basics were in action again in strong numbers.

Back To Basics Heat 1 started proceedings with 21 cars. 367 Beevor spun 174 Anderson as the green flag dropped. 06 Holdsworth caught a post after being leaned by 995 Emmerson. 441 LeGrice spun 174 Anderson.585 Tyte spun 893 Huggy. 995 Emmerson had a nibble at 9 Titch, only to come under fire from 316 Dace. 123 Steve Saw raced to the first win of the evening in his Nissan Primera.

Heat 1 for the Unlimited Bangers raised 18 cars for their World Qualifying round. 433 Smith did not start. 873 Roberts spun early, as did 516 Gouldy. 699 Holdsworth was another who suffered a spin, whilst 33 Magic and 327 Little Legs enjoyed a good battle for 3rd place. 196 Joey Palmer raced to the win in his well used Supra ahead of running mate 331 Boxer Jack and 33 Magic.

196, 331, 33, 17, 327, 247, 209, 570, 400, 699, 688, 57

Heat 2 for the Back To Basics raised a slightly lower amount of 18 cars. 316 Dace put away 6 Ling. 141 Snakey spun 585 Tyte at the end of back straight; the latter rejoining only to be turned out by 14 Bazza. 893 Huggy attacked 769 Englestone. 212 Barty Jnr set about the luckless 585 Tyte. 123 Ratboy spun 175 Emmo, only to be put away in turn by 995 Emmerson.526 Cannel went head on into the spun 893 Huggy, as 441 Gary LeGrice took the win.

The Unlimited Bangers was 17 cars for Heat 2.
331 Boxer Jack spun 247 Bro. 400 The Boy and 57 Dino Snr tangled; the former bouncing back to spin 516 Gouldy. 699 Stacey had a pop at 331 Boxer Jack – he responded by spinning his attacker. The recovered 699 Stacey spun 433 Smith. 33 Magic cruelly expired while sat in second place as the very quick 17 Kyle Overy took the win ahead of 331 Boxer Jack again in second and Spedeworth Points Champion 209 Waller in third.

17, 331, 209, 247, 570, 196, 327, 699, 57, 400

20 cars started the Back To Basics Final. 893 Huggy leant 526 Cannell into the infield tyres early on. 367 Beevor put away 893 Huggy. 15 Short blasted 995 Emmerson but got spun himself by 433 Smith. 585 Tyte attacked the lame 123 Ratboy. 385 Thurlow spun 839 Pusher Paul. 6 Ling spun 141 Snakey, whilst 212 Barty Jnr turned 367 Beevor left. 839 Pusher Paul spun 526 Cannell. 141 Snakey jacked the lame 123 Ratboy before they combined forces to squeeze 893 Huggy who went through the middle of them, however both ended up getting spun in differing direction for their troubles. 995 Emmerson buried 141 Snakey before 14 Bazza and 893 Huggy tangled. 548 ‘Big Al’ Alex Utting took the win ahead of 1995 Banger World Champion 06 Mark Holdsworth and 769 Ben Englestone.

Only 15 cars made it on track for the Unlimited Final, although this was swiftly down to 14 as 873 Roberts failed to make the start. 209 Waller spun early on courtesy of Heat 2 winner 17 Chiefy. 331 Boxer Jack jumped the tyres to attack 699 Stacey to take the lead. This allowed a 4 way battle to break out for the lead between 331 Boxer Jack, Shale World Champion 247 Bro, 570 Dino Jnr and 17 Chiefy. 699 Stacey waited for the leading 331 Boxer Jack and buried him on the last lap to stop him from taking the win. 570 Dino Jnr jacked 699 Stacey as 247 Bro made the most of it to take the win ahead of 17 Chiefy and 33 Magic earning them all some much needed qualification points. 331 Boxer Jack delivered a solid revenge tbone to 699 Stacey a lap later.

247, 17, 33, 570, 400, 327, 516, 196, 209, 688

The Back To Basics had a DD to round of the evenings’ action and 8 cars made it out for the event. 433 Smith jacked 15 Short hard. 769 Englestone and 367 Beevor combined to attack 316 Dace, who was then jacked hard by 433 Smith. 548 Big Al and 769 Englestone traded some solid blows. 433 Smith went in with a solid front wheel shot to 769 Englestone. 367 Beevor jacked 433 Smith only to cop a mega head on from 548 Big Al. 548 Big Al then delivered a solid jacking to 367 Beevor. 548 Big Al and 367 Beevor shared lots of head ons before 367 Beevor was declared the winner.

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