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Unlimited National Banger World Series Round 1 – 29/01/2017 – Wimbledon

The Unlimited National Banger BWS 2017 first round took place at London’s Wimbledon Stadium and of course the last ever round to be held at the stadium before closure in March on a very wet night for racing which got wetter as the evening went on.

The meeting was well attended with drivers from all around the country with 3 of The Mob coming down from Scotland and 5 Deutsch drivers coming across as well. On the car front 614 Mr Lossy and 624 Lossy Jnr both turned up with Mk1 Granada’s, 27 Dale Hughes, 27 Terry King and 211 Jordan Hall turned with Mk2 Granada’s with 476 Rosco in a Mk2 Estate and late arrival on the night 632 Reedy Jnr in a Mk2 Granada Limo, 360 Jackstar and 306 Nicky Bell from the Gladiators both with LTI TX4 Taxi’s and 388 Lump returning his Cadillac Fleetwood Limo and a large fleet of Ssangyong Rodius were among the line up as well.

Heat 1: 44 Cars on track with 111 Cotton Eye Joe spinning out on the opening lap on the pit bend and 476 Rosco spinning out on the following lap on turn 3, 327 Maskell Jnr and 246 Aston Burt got tangled up on the pit bend which saw 246 getting slightly airborne on 2 wheels on lap 4, 246 quickly got back underway before 360 Jackstar blitzing 327 on the following lap, 467 Rosco also slid in to the side of 327 just after 360 had left the scene only to receive a big hit in the passenger side by 360 Jackstar as he came around again, which left 467 open for a head on shot from 192 Gregory de Luijck, just after that had happen 710 Nipper had taken a big hit which saw the red flags come out and was taken off to be checked by the medical team, on the restart 887 Robert Browning was leading the race before the stoppage 960 Ross Winsor put 182 Mad Mike in the fence on the home straight, 252 Boogie turned it around on turn 4 to have a swipe at 143 Dan Rose which also saw 890 pavarotti go through the side of 143 as well on lap 11, 262 Roona turned it around on turn 2 to take out 77 Paxti Beasley 2 lap to the end with 17 Chiefy also hitting a post coming out the pit bend and damaged his steering. 617 Jack Overy came home to take the win.

Heat 2: 41 Cars came out for second race of the night with 4 Gladiators and 6 Cream Team out in this race it was guaranteed to be lively, 100 Cock was sent off track due to offensive slogan on the car!!!. The opening lap saw 284 Heady go head on with 79 broxy, 63 hit a post on the home straight 2 laps in, mean while on turn 4 a 3 car jackin train formed with 137 Cream Team at the front with 143 Silly Paul from The Glads and 456 Nathan Roberts completing the Gladiator sandwich, 2 laps later on turn 4 saw 552 Black Nuts on the receiving end of 206 Turkish from The Glads before 456 arrived to sort out Turkish, at the other end of the track, 542 Craig Oliver from The Glads went head on with 460 Lewis Barber from C.T then 688 Steven Collings gave 542 a pounding shot and then 456 came round to give 542 another big hits with saw the red flags come out for 542 with 570 Dino Jnr leading at the time. The restart saw things go quiet with 27 Terry King spun round on turn 4 and got hit head on just after the restart, 2 laps to the end saw 79 Broxy turn it around on turn 2 and hit 469 Paul Quinnell through the passenger side. 570 Jordan Cumming taking the Win.

Heat 3: 33 cars on track for race 3 with a lively start as they went under the green flag with the marker tyres on turn 4 being knock about to the outside of the bend with 537 Bruno hitting the tyres and almost launching himself over them, lap 5 49 Blake Macdowell and 388 Lump turn around on turn 2 which saw 211 Jordan from Team Stinkbridge also turning round to drive in to the side of 388 Lump, 388 then drove to the inside of the pit bend only to be attacked by 282 From Stinkbridge, lap 8 341 Jonesey turned it around on turn 2 and met 100 Cock head on as the latter was being push by 190 Pikey, a lap later 600 drove in to the passenger side of 100 and 239 Nemesis then put a hit in leaving 100 in a sorry state, 190 was waiting on the outside of the bend to drive in to the side of 228 Sam Beasley as 226 Brian Youngson was pushed in to the fence by 597 Shane Lines just passed the pit gate who then took a hit from the very lively Pikey, 341 Jonesey who was sat on the outside of the bend for a couple of laps drove in the side of 537 Bruno, 2 laps to the end 348 Mushy lost his chance of a high position finish after misjudging the exit of turn 2 and hit the stranded 100 car. 99 David Spooner took the chequered flag.

Consolation 1: 30 cars made it back on track with only 2 Glads coming out against 5 Cream Team, which saw the 2 Glads pull off on the back straight on the rolling lap as did 688 and 105 from the Cream Team also following them and then all rejoining at the back of the grid, 890 spun on the home straight 2 laps in, 262 Roona had a coming together with 611 Joe Geeves with left him in the wires under the scoreboard, mean while 306 Nicky Bell got spun out by 105 Bill Bob also on turn 4 and then 349 Noddy turned around on the opposite end of the track and drove in to the back of 456, 360 gave a monster hit to 611 under the scoreboard, lap 5 saw 333 Chaz Randell put Deutsch driver 211 in the fence which bought the red flags out to check on 211 and the fence needed attention. Lap 7 460 got spun on the home straight and got a thumping hit from 360 Jackstar, turn 2 saw 306 from The Glads have a head on with 688 United and then hunted down by the rest of the Cream Team as 456 drove in to the back of 306 then 460 Barber came in through the passenger side and 105 Bill Bob also going in which bought the red flags out again for 306 and also to tighten the slacken rope on the home straight from where 460 Barber hit it a couple of laps before. 67 Ricky Beasley was leading at the time of the stoppage and all was quiet for the remainder of the race. 67 Ricky Beasley came home for victory.

Consolation 2: 26 Cars on track for this one with the late arrival of 632 Reedy Jnr coming out for his first race of the night, first lap in 82 Big T and 382 Chubby both pushing 388 Lump’s big Fleetwood Limo down the home straight, 3 laps in and 49 Blake turned it around on turn 2 as did 388 Lump both sat and waiting till 388 went head on with 467 Rosco who then got blitzed by 884 Tom Foster and fire then bought the red flags out under the bonnet of 467 Rosco’s car, 514 Marty Eighteen was the leader at the time of the stoppage. On the restart 49 Blake was still sat on the pit bend and went head on with 246 Aston Burt, 883 Chunk then came round and drove in to the back of 246 with the latter then receiving some treatment of his own as 74 Adam Hitchcock then piled in as well, 632 reedy Jnr then arrived on the scene to T-bone 246, 514 then had to break away through the stricken cars and drove in to the side of 883 Chunk mean while 632 had turned it around on the middle to drive back down to turn 2 and nail the back of 246 which saw the reds come out again on lap 12 where the race was called from there. 247 Lee ‘Bro’ Clarke took the win.

Wild Card race saw 46 Cars on track for the all important place in to this year’s World Final, 807 Chris Murfin was put in a post 2 laps in on turn 2, Pikey then thunders in to 807 a lap later just as the red flags came out for 309 Laney going out on the back straight and couldn’t get going and was driver’s side on in the middle of the track. Couple of laps in to the restart 321 Chatty Man hit a post on the pit bend, 247 Bro got pushed in to the side of 321 by 294 Lee Hughes who then backed up across the track in to the side of 28 Jamesie then 514 crashed in to them coming around the turn. Up the other end of the track on turn 4 570 Dino Jnr slid in to the fence then got hit through the passenger side by 884 Tom who backed up and repeatedly rammed him, back down the other end of the stadium 239 Nemesis pounded in the passenger rear corner of 321 as did 890 Pavarotti which bought the red flags out again to check on 321 Chatty Man and more fence repairs were needed. Take 3 and on lap 12 the scoreboard bend saw 247 Bro and 820 Maggot ended up in a post with 27 Dale Hughes also getting caught up and being spun out and quickly tried to rejoin by reversing out of turn 4 and was hit head on by 433 Ben Smith, lap 14 and 190 Pikey was sat down on turn 2 and stopped 360 Jackstar, and then on the final lap Pikey again coming from the outside of turn 2 to meet 247 Bro with a solid head on and 294 drove in to the back of 247 Bro just as the red flags came out to end the race. 257 Timmy Aldridge taking the Wild Card.

The Showdown raised 29 cars with 552 Black Nuts not making the start, Before the green flag got under way 341 Jonesey weaived through the pack to start on 262 Roona on the rolling lap, a big pile accended on the home straight as the green flag went down involving 74, 105 Bill Bob, 349 Noddy, 284 Heady, 890 and the Deutsch 211 Driver as the rest of cars behind scattered to try and avoid them all, 890 Pavarotti got a heavy hit from 141 G-Man, 239 Nemesis pushing 456 Nathan Roberts going down the home straight, on turn 2 349 Noddy got T-Boned by 137 from Cream Team, 204 Charlie Boy got involved with 262 Roona going down the home straight on lap 6, the following lap on the pit bend saw 349 Noddy in the thick of the action with a head on with 105 Bill Bob just as 105 backed away, 456 came round and gave Noddy one on the nose, 239 went in to the back of 105, a lap later 239 was across the inside of turn 2 and took a hit from 262 Roona on the rear quarter as Roona received a hit from 162 Bad Boy, 211 then met 239 head on, lap 8 and 162 pushing 209 Tom Waller round the pit bend and met 239 head on, on the last lap 239 hit 141 G-Man over the passenger front wheel then 67 went in followed by 469 Paul Quinnell, 162 nailing 516 and 390 Dan Stacey hitting 349 Noddy’s dead car. 617 Jack Overy taking the win.

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