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Trackstar vs Mildenhall – Micro, 2L and Unlimited National Bangers – 15/07/2017 – King’s Lynn

The first leg of the Mildenhall Fen Tigers v Trackstar Mafia head to head took place on Saturday 15th July at the Adrian Fluc Arena after a year of planning and brainstorming by captains Matt Black and (328) Danny Latham in essentially the sport’s first shale Civil War.

Trackstar Mafia (Home Team)
Micro Bangers – 33 cars
9 Bruno Norman – Nissan Micra
26 Daniel Holmes – Vauxhall Corsa C 
69 Brad Bartram – Nissan Micra
93 Luke Nieuwenberg – Nissan Micra
99 Ricky Garrod – Nissan Micra
121 Aaron Colbert – Ford KA
123 Kieran Gray – Vauxhall Corsa C
128 Andy Shipp – Nissan Micra
155 Sam Coote – Ford KA
165 Benny Randall – Nissan Micra (used)
170 Chris Shipp – Nissan Micra (used)
175 Karl Corsby – Nissan Micra (used)
247 Jon Bailey – Nissan Micra (used)
248 Jamie Blything – Nissan Micra
256 Mark Ginders – Nissan Micra
256 Matt Tillow – Nissan Micra (used)
311 Gary Lown – Nissan Micra
322 Tom Fox – Ford KA (used)
330 Karl Jones – Nissan Micra
340 Wes Freestone – Vauxhall Corsa C (used)
350 Nathan Tupper – Ford KA
352 Ben Mynott – Vauxhall Corsa C (used)
452 Paul Sweet – Vauxhall Corsa C
566 Tony Pallet – Vauxhall Corsa C (used)
577 Scott Graves – Ford KA
633 Leeroy Haywood – Nissan Micra
634 Ben Green – Nissan Micra (used)
662 Dalton Smith – Ford KA
721 Dan Clarke – Suzuki Wagon R
834 Josh Green – Nissan Micra
851 Adam Storr – Nissan Micra
908 Lewis Judd – Nissan Micra
921 Jack Aldridge – Nissan Micra (used)

2l Bangers Team – 31 cars
41 Lee Barnes – Ford Mondeo 
71 James Unwin – Vauxhall Vectra
170 Darren Teal – Mk3 Ford Mondeo Estate
178 Kieran Bowman – Ford Mondeo
185 Dave Bonnett – Mk3 Ford Mondeo Estate
212 Jack Maryon – Ford Mk3 Mondeo Estate
248 Jamie Blything – Ford Mondeo (used)
285 Sean Dyer – Ford Mondeo
306 Nicky Bell – Ford Mondeo
317 Nick Wakeman – Ford Mondeo Estate (used)
319 Shaun Clarke – Vauxhall Vectra
337 Ashley Garrod – Ford Mondeo (used)
338 Terry Garrod – Ford Mondeo
339 Jack Garrod – Ford Mondeo
349 Lewis Price – Ford Mondeo
367 Tom Keep – Ford Mondeo (used)
389 Charlie Garrod – Ford Cougar
403 Marcus Sprawling – Ford Mondeo
404 Luke Brinton – Ford Mondeo
430 Andy Jones – Ford Mondeo
441 Lee Horwood – Ford Mondeo Estate
509 Richard Colk – Ford Mk3 Mondeo Estate (used)
515 Gareth Flatters – Ford Mondeo Estate (used by 100 Callum White in DD)
519 Lee Middleton – Ford Mondeo
549 Phil Smith – Ford Mondeo
589 Simon Smith – Ford Mondeo
604 Ross Cooper – Ford Mk3 Mondeo Estate
620 Guy Whitehead – Ford Mondeo
633 Leeroy Heywood – Ford Mondeo
830 Lee White – Ford Mondeo
841 Stu Carmen – Ford Mondeo Estate

Unlimited Bangers – 16 cars
43 Nicky Bishop – Jaguar XJ40
79 Ricky Twell – Jaguar XJ40
88 Lyndon Stark – Ford Scorpio (used)
100 Callum White – Jaguar XJ40 (used)
103 Jack Deacon – Ford Scorpio (used)
116 Nat Cohn – Vauxhall Omega Estate (used)
257 Timmy Aldridge – Ford Scorpio (used)
266 Callum Hall – Mercedes E Class (used)
388 Taylor Sowter – Volvo 740 Estate (used)
548 Alex Utting – Mercedes E Class (used)
551 Brett Jackson – Mercedes E Class
579 Gary Beecham – Jaguar XJ40
601 Chris Medler – Ford Scorpio
661 Shaun Smith – Ford Mk2 Granada (used)
791 Nicky Young – Vauxhall Omega (used)
899 Jordan Westlake – Toyota Previa

Mildenhall Fen Tigers
Micro Bangers Team – 30 cars
19 Joe Mullarkey – Ford KA
24 Andrew Skeels – Nissan Micra (used)
36 Ricky Lewis – Nissan Micra
37 Dave Lewis – Nissan Micra
43 Luke Maynard – Nissan Micra (used)
46 Kelvin Nichols – Nissan Micra
47 Archie Butts – Ford Fiesta
55 Chris Hornbrook – Ford KA
72 Billy Bond – Nissan Micra
78 Lee Macey – Nissan Micra (used)
124 Oliver Skeels – Nissan Micra
197 Shaun Chapman – Nissan Micra
246 Jimmy Butts – Nissan Micra
274 Leo Bond – Nissan Micra
300 Ben Radley – Ford KA (used)
321 Kieran Fry – Nissan Micra
321 Marcus Skeels – Ford KA
325 Craig Lathan – Ford KA
327 Micky Maskell – Nissan Micra (used)
375 Alex Hensby – Ford Fiesta
444 Charlie Jackson – Vauxhall Corsa C
512 Sean Cooper – Vauxhall Corsa C
585 Karl Giles – Ford KA
622 Stuart Davies – Nissan Micra (used)
661 Aaron Harris – Ford KA
664 Dom Boden – Vauxhall Corsa C (used)
685 Daniel Wilkinson – Ford KA
743 Kavan Barton – Vauxhall Corsa C
785 Dominic Ambrose – Ford Fiesta
838 Nick Wales – Ford KA (DNR)

2l Bangers Team – 31 cars
04 Mikey Croft – Ford Mondeo
11 James Spriggs – Ford Mk3 Mondeo
16 Jack Wheatly – Ford Mondeo
16 Jamie Cox – Ford Mondeo
44 Jamie O’Reilly – Ford Mondeo Estate (used)
52 Reece Needs – Ford Mondeo
87 Damien Matthews – Ford Mondeo
108 Lewis Jefcote – Ford Mondeo
123 Tony Hutton – Ford Mondeo
129 Jono Brook – Ford Mondeo (used)
141 Gary Lee – Ford Mondeo
220 Tom Pavitt – Ford Mondeo (used)
303 Wayne Linsdale – Ford Cougar (used)
313 Craig Osborne – Ford Cougar
317 Callum Jacobs – Ford Cougar
326 Shane Lynn – Ford Mondeo (used)
327 Micky Maskell – Ford Mondeo
328 Danny Lathan – Ford Mondeo Estate
390 Dan Stacey – Ford Mondeo (used)
411 Matt Franklin – Ford Mondeo
444 Charlie Jackson – Ford Mondeo
482 Jack Meeks – Ford Mondeo (used)
508 Harry Bradbury – Ford Mondeo
517 Sid Cooper – Ford Mondeo Estate (DNR)
592 Mark Marchant – Ford Mondeo
599 Matt Butcher – Ford Mondeo (used)
623 Ricky Hutton – Ford Mondeo
759 Chris Oldcorn – Ford Mondeo
800 Leigh Neary – Ford Mondeo (used)
817 Kurt Jacobs – Ford Mondeo (used)
870 Mark Spicer – Ford Mondeo

Unlimited Bangers Team – 16 cars
17 Kyle Overy – Volvo 240 Estate
33 Gary Madgwick – Lexus Soarer (used)
67 Rickie Beasley – Mercedes E Class Estate (used)
78 Lee Macey – Ford Mk3 Granada Limo (used)
85 James Ellis – Toyota Crown Estate (used) (DNR)
93 Lewis Godfrey – Jaguar XJ40 (used)
171 Tommy West – Ford Scorpio (used)
197 Joe Bowers – Ford Scorpio (used)
200 Steve Farrell – Mercedes E Class Estate (used)
326 Shane Lynn – Ford Scorpio Estate (used)
328 Daniel Lathan – Ford Scorpio (used)
617 Jack Overy – Ford Scorpio (used)
625 Josh Gooch – Volvo 240 Estate
664 Ryan Sutcliffe – Lexus 400 (used)
848 Shaun Lown – Ford Thunderbird
898 Andy Battle – Vauxhall Omega

T721 Daniel Clarke dared to be different in the Micro Bangers with a Suzuki Wagon R, while his comrades in the 2l class; 71 James Unwin and 319 Shaun Clarke went with Vauxhall Vectras. The Unlimited Class featured mainly used cars, although M848 Shaun Lown braced a fresh Ford Thunderbird, while T661 Shaun Smith returned a Mk2 Ford Granada. M52 Reece Needs and T620 Guy Whitehead impressed with some smart paintwork in the 2l class. 

News broke out before the meeting commenced that M517 Sid Cooper suffered severe burns in the pits and was unable to compete in the meeting; we send our well wishes to him. 

The Micro Heat 1 started with a big first bend push. M327 Maskell attacked T175 Corsby. M72 Bondy followed in T123 Kezza. M321 The Frog stuck in to T452 Sweet. T9 Bruno rattled M124 Ollie around the armco. T322 Foxy attacked M124 Ollie. M325 Lathan delivered an on oppo attack to T247 Jon Boi, with T322 Foxy delivering a big head on to the former. T175 Corsby stopped M321 Chatty Man with a inside out shot. M444 Chaz tboned T851 Intimidator. T352 Mynott jacked M444 Chaz, before T247 Jon Boi tboned M585 Big Ears. M274 Bond stormed in to jack T247 Jon Boi. T121 Colbert tboned M274 Bond, as T834 Yoshi raced to the win; T121 Colbert his only other finisher.

The first heat of Mondeos raised all 40 cars. M327 Maskell jacked T841 Stu big time. M328 Lathan followed in T404 Spook, and M313 Osborne followed in T338 Wingnut as the red flags came out to check on 841 Carmen. The restart saw loads of drivers falling foul on the home straight. M327 Maskell ran T285 Dyer through T389 Garrod, as T178 Bowman jacked M759 Oldcorn. T349 Noddy delivered a head on to M390 Dazza. T212 Little Mario jacked M390 Dazza. M444 Chaz weighed in on T349 Noddy. T337 Garrod followed in M129 Jono. T515 Flatts put away M220 Lurch before the red flags came out once again. The restart saw the lively M327 Maskell spin T515 Flatts, before copping a head on from T589 Gonna. M16 Jackal Jnr followed in T389 Garrod. T589 Gonna stopped another Mildenhall with a head on to M313 Osborne. T519 Knuckles blitzed M313 Osborne with a mega jacking. T170 Teal delivered an on oppo attack to M326 Ratty. T212 Little Mario jacked M313 Osborne. M16 Jackal Jnr attacked T285 Dyer. T549 Smiffy tboned M623 Tricky, as T170 Tea stopped the leading M52 Billy. M623 Tricky stopped T519 Knuckles. T515 Flatts tboned M592 Marchant. T830 Stretch attacked M52 Billy. M623 Tricky delivered an on oppo attack on T212 Little Mario. M52 Billy shared a head on with T337 Garrod. T549 Smiffy jacked M313 Osborne, before trading blows with M623 Tricky. T830 Stretch tboned M623 Tricky, as T212 Little Mario slipped through the carnage to take the win.

The Unlimited Heat 1 saw 31 cars take to the shale. M93 Godfrey delivered a head on to T551 Jacko. T116 No Luck Nat followed in M200 Noon. T100 Cock stopped the leading M67 Beasley with a stonking head on. M33 Magic buried T661 Smiffy into a marker tyre at the end of the home straight. T791 Spud delivered a big on oppo attack to M328 Lathan. T100 Cock squared M17 Chief with a head on. T551 Jacko was done by M197 Stanley and M617 Overy in succession, before the race was brought to a halt for a fire on M17 Chief. The restart saw T79 Twelly and M328 Lathan share a head on. T388 Lump blitzed M328 Lathan. M617 Overy spun T388 Lump, as M67 Beasley took out the leading T548 Big Al. M617 Overy spat T88 Fat Face left at the end of the back straight. T103 Jacko and M197 Stanley shared a heavy head on; likewise did M67 Beasley and T266 Odd Job. T43 Bish delivered an oppo blow to M67 Beasley. M898 Battle jacked T266 Odd Job, as T548 Big Al stopped M171 Westy Jnr head on. T88 Fat Face jacked M171 Westy Jnr. M617 Overy ripped a wheel off in the pile up. T43 Bish again attacked M67 Beasley. M898 Battle rattled T266 Odd Job around the armco. T103 Jacko delivered a head on to M197 Stanley as World of Shale Champion T88 Fat Face made it three out of three for Trackstar.

Trackstar – 300
Mildenhall – 0

The Micro Heat 2 raised all 40 cars once again. M375 Hensby ran in T26 Hacker. T721 Clarky followed in M197 and T834 Yoshi. T170 Bert delivered a big head on to M327 Maskell before the red flags came out to assist 834 Yoshi which brought a long pause to racing action as Yoshi needed to be cut out of his Micra; however we are pleased to announce that Josh left the medical centre at the stadium without having to go to hospital. The restart saw M622 Stuie spin T322 Foxy. T721 Clarky attacked M46 Nichols. M46 Nichols spun T9 Bruno. T634 Marty turned left M375 Hensby, who ended up rolling on the road bend. The restart saw T155 Capt Slow roll and land on all fours, as M512 Seano ran in T721 Clarky. M43 Muttley Jnr tboned T256 Tillow. T634 Marty rolled M43 Muttley Jnr, who continued on. T128 Shippy tboned M46 Nichols, who also copped a head on from T721 Clarky, rolling 46 Nichols between T128 Shippy and a tyre, bringing out another stoppage. T247 Jon Boi attacked M246 Buttsy Jnr on the restart. T322 Foxy rattled in M78 Mad Mace. T311 Golden Boy gave a head on to M55 Hornbrook. T634 Marty tboned M622 Stuie who rolled in spectacular fashion. T634 Marty also clipped M43 Muttley Jnr who rolled for the second time with the race being stopped for the rollovers. Trackstar’s 93 Scooby taking the win.

The Mondeo Heat 2 raised a slightly lower 32 cars.
M444 Chaz was the first to show as he followed in T248 Blything. T185 Bonnett buried M390 Dazza. T338 Wingnut ran in M411 Franklin. M444 Chaz received some attention from his Trackstar rivals as T178 Bowman and T338 Wingnut jacked him up in turn. M599 Matty ran in T633 Leeroy before jacking the lame T248 Blything. M303 Linsdale jacked T633 Leeroy. T185 Bonnett attacked M11. T620 Mr G followed in M141 G-Man. T212 Little Mario ran M303 Linsdale into the dead car of T248 Blything. T338 Wingnut ran M390 Dazza through T212 Little Mario. T549 Smiffy jacked M141 G-Man who rolled on impact bringing out the red flags. The restart saw T338 Wingnut followed in M390 Dazza. M800 Neary followed in T620 Mr G for the lead. M108 Squeaky deliver a massive tbone to T212 Little Mario. M390 Dazza delivered a head on to T830 Stretch. M123 Hutton dished a head on to T549 Smiffy. M411 Franklin attacked T338 Wingnut. M303 Linsdale dished a rear wheel shot to T338 Wingnut. T212 Little Mario got wedged on a tyre. M317 Stress spun T604 Cooper. T604 Cooper stuck it to M108 Squeaky. T604 Cooper treated M303 Linsdale to a head on. M123 Hutton tboned T604 Cooper. T515 Flatts attacked M800 Neary as M482 Jack Meeks snuck through to win and put the first lot of points on the board for the Fen Tigers.

22 cars made it out for the Unlimited second heat. T579 Mr Clumsy rattled in M625 Gooch. M93 Godfrey dished a head on to the spun T257 Waterboy. T899 The Love Bus tboned M898 Battle. T791 Spud jacked M93 Godfrey. M617 Overy dished a massive head on to T791 Spud. T579 Mr Clumsy attacked M33 Magic. T899 The Love Bus came inside out for an attack on M326 Ratty. M617 Overy done T551 Jackson over the front wheel. M326 Ratty turned around to blast T899 The Love Bus in a revenge attack. M33 Magic attacked T601 Bling, who went on to share a head on with M326 Ratty. M898 Battle hit T103 Jacko on oppo. M617 Overy stopped the leading T321 Newton. T257 Waterboy attacked M617 Overy before being blitzed by M197 Stanley. T388 Lump jacked 898, which left the latter prone to a massive caging from T601 Bling. T388 Lump turned around to attack the leading M33 Magic who managed to hold on for the win, and celebrated by giving a head on to T103 Jacko. T601 Bling jacked M33 Magic ending the latter’s night.

Mafia – 400
Fen Tigers – 200

The Micro Heat 3 raised 39 cars. M43 Muttley Jnr rolled for the third time of the meeting. M72 Bondy destroyed T170 Bert with a blistering hit. The reds came out to check on 170 Bert and 43 Muttley Jnr. The restart saw M72 Bondy and T851 Intimidator share a massive head on. T175 Corsby caught T851 Intimidator in the door. M585 Big Ears jacked T175 Corsby. M321 Chatty Man got buried into M585 Big Ears. T165 Benny jacked M321 Chatty Man, with the red flags being brought out to check on T851 Intimidator who excited with a limp. T99 Garrod attacked M47 Buttsy from the restart. M78 Mad Mace delivered a head on to T452 Sweet. The reds were called for M595 who jumped out with an injury to his left arm. The restart saw M512 Seano slide into the lame M78 Mad Mace. M46 Nichols drive through T662 Dalts, as M124 Ollie done T577 Graves. M46 Nichols tboned T577 Graves. T256 Ginders jacked M124 Ollie, as T26 Hacker set about M512 Seano. T721 Clarky dished a head on to M512 Seano before coming under fire from the lively 46 Nichols.
T256 Ginders and M55 Hornbrook shared a massive head on which set the former alight. T248 Blything declared the winner.

The Mondeo Heat 3 raised the full 40 cars, although M44 O’Reilly and T185 Bonnett did not start the race. M328 Lathan turned left T319 Clarke from the off. M817 Stig spun T285 Dyer, who copped a front wheel shot from M123 Hutton. The reds came out due to fire on T71 Twiggie. The restart saw Mildenhall captain 328 Lathan follow in T620 Mr G, before going to attack T337 Garrod. T519 Knuckles jacked M328 Lathan; with M599 Matty jacking T519 Knuckles in turn. T519 Knuckles recovered to attack M800 Neary. T285 Dyer backed out on MStress. T306 Bell delivered a head on to M317 Stress. M123 Hutton treated T339 Garrod to a head on, as brother T338 Wingnut stopped the leading M129 Jono on the nose. M04 Mikey and T604 Cooper shared a head on at the other end of the track, as T337 Garrod weighed in on M129 Jono. A fire broke out on the wrecked M328 Lathan with the race being declared in favour of T430 Andy Jones.

Trackstar – 600
Mildenhall – 200

The Unlimited Final raised 16 cars. M848 Lown spun T266 Odd Job. T388 Lump attacked M848 Lown, before going on to blast M625 Gooch. M17 Chief delivered a head on to T661 Smiffy, who was jacked in turn by M326 Ratty. T79 Twelly attacked M17 Chief. M625 Gooch went after T388 Lump. T79 Twelly tboned M17 Chief hard which left the latter slightly shaken to bring the red flags out. T103 Jacko spun M326 Ratty on the restart, with the latter being treated to a head on from T579 Mr Clumsy. T88 Fat Face jacked M326 Ratty, as did T103 Jacko. T88 Fat Face went on to tbone M848 Lown. T116 No Luck Nat attacked M664 Gump. T103 Jacko jacked M848 Lown as T266 Odd Job raced to the win, and with the race going straight into the DD, celebrated by blitzing M326 Ratty. T103 Jack set about T266 Odd Job. T103 Jacko blasted T116 No Luck Nat. T266 Odd Job tboned T103 Jacko. T103 Jacko delivered a shot over the front wheel of T266 Odd Job, before the pair shared a head on. T103 Jacko jacked T116 No Luck Nat to take the honours.

The Micro Final raised 26 cars, with a slightly unmatched 8 Mildenhall against 18 Trackstar; although the 8 Fen Tigers put up a valiant effort. T121 Colbert jacked M47 Butty Jnr. M72 Bondy followed in T721 Clarky. T99 Garrod jacked M72 Bondy, as did T175 Corsby. M622 Stuie jacked T99 Garrod and M37 Lewis jacked T175 Corsby. M274 Leo delivered an almighty head on to T721 Clarky; 246 Butty Jnr also going in on T721 Clarky. M36 Lewis jacked T256 Tillow as the reds came out to assist T721 Clarky from his wreck. T121 Colbert set about M47 Butty again off the restart. T9 Bruno followed M246 Butty Jnr into T721 Clarky’s stranded motor. M246 Butty Jnr delivered a head on to T311 Golden Boy, with T165 Benny jacking M246 Butty Jnr in turn leaving no Mildenhall drivers running. T128 Shippy spun T155 Captain Slow for good measure before the race was declared as a Trackstar win. The DD saw some Mildenhall cars emerge from the infield. T256 Tillow delivered a head on to M36 Lewis. M664 Dom Joey gave a big head on to T99 Garrod. M743 Barton followed T128 Shippy into the oncoming T26 Hacker, snapping 128 Shippy’s Micra incredibly. T256 Tillow have a head on to M37 Lewis. T9 Bruno jacked M37 Lewis, with M36 Lewis dishing a revenge jacking T9 Bruno. M622 Stuie tboned T9 Bruno. M622 Stuie came under attention as he was jacked by T121 Colbert and then came under fire from T921 Aldridge. M46 Nichols jacked T921 Aldridge. M622 Stuie attacked T921 Aldridge before running him in. M46 Nichols attacked T121 Colbert, who then received head ons from M37 Lewis and M46 Nichols. M37 Lewis coasted into M46 Nichols before giving a head on to T121 Colbert. M46 Nichols then went on to dish a front wheel shot to T121 Colbert. M46 Nichols attacked M37 Lewis and then weighed in on M743 Barton to win.

The Mondeo Final raised 27 cars for the final event of the evening. M317 Stress spun T441 Horwood. T306 Bell delivered a brutal head on to M411 Franklin, ripping both cars front wheels off bringing an instant stoppage. The restart saw T403 Sprawling attack M599 Marty, who was tboned in turn by T404 Spook. T349 Noddy stopped M317 Stress who came under fire from T830 Stretch. T349 Noddy dished a head on to M11 Spriggs. T339 Garrod followed in M317 Stress with the reds being brought out to check on the latter and the race declared. The DD commenced with M108 Squeaky spinning T441 Horwood. T549 Smiffy gave a head on to M108 Squeaky, with T338 Wingnut weighing in on the latter. M759 Oldcorn treated T441 Horwood to a head on, as T285 Dyer tboned M108 Squeaky. M800 Neary gave a head on to T212 Little Mario. T403 Sprawling jacked M800 Neary. T549 Smiffy assaulted M108 Squeaky, as the reds came out for M759 Oldcorn. The restart left only Trackstar running – 170 Teal attacked 338 Wingnut. 339 Garrod and 441 Horwood shared a head on. 403 Sprawling attacked 337 Garrod as 367 Keep and 404 Spook met head on. 100 Cock jacked 212 Little Mario and 170 Teal jacked 441 Horwood. 339 Garrod jacked 100 Cock. 170 Teal jacked 337 Garrod. 549 Smiffy jacked 349 Noddy who was done head on by 212 Little Mario. 337 Garrod jacked 403 Sprawling. 170 Teal attacked 337 Garrod several times, running him into the armco. 212 Little Mario jacked 337 Garrod before they combined to silence 170 Teal. 339 Garrod gave a head on to 212 Little Mario who survived to take the win.

Trackstar took a dominant win with a total score of 1400 – 400, although Mildenhall put up a brilliant battle all night long, and the return leg next season at Mildenhall looks a certain to put on your calendars next year. Racing how it should be!

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