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Meeting Reports

Pre-90 Suffolk Open – 22/07/2017 – Mildenhall

Report by Chris & David Whiting 

Drivers Racing: (22 cars)
22 Dave Vincent 95 Anton Martin 206 David King 664 Ryan Sutcliffe 37 Dave Lewis 112 Sean Gallagher 230 Dean Moldjord 814 Mark Millen 45 Lee Sutton 144 Jordan Godfrey 326 Shane Lynn 817 Kurt Jacobs 49 Loz Dowds 160 Shayn Winsor 329 Michael Carter 924 Matt Millen 77 Tom Hertzog 187 Andy Marshall 597 Andy Ashman 85 James Ellis 203 Josh Moldjord 639 Tye WilliamsThe line-up included 85 James Ellis in a used Toyota Crown estate, while 37 Dave Lewis, 95 Anton Martin, 22 Dave Vincent and 329 Michael Carter all had Mk2 Grannys, the latter’s an estate, and 160 Shayn Winsor a Mk1. 639 Tye Williams had a Toyota Supra while 606 Liam Weedon had a Nissan 300C, which unfortunately failed scruntineering. 187 Andy Marshall had an FX4 taxi, while both 924 Matt Millen and 112 Sean Gallagher had Rover P5s, the latter’s a P5B coupe. 

Heat 1 started with 206 Dave King spinning 203 Josh Moldjord, as 49 Loz Dowds led. A small pile up on turn 3 saw 203 Moldjord weigh into 37 Lewis, with 230 Dean Moldjord spinning into them. 639 Williams blitzed 230 Moldjord, while 187 Marshall spun on turn 2 to take a T-bone from 664 Ryan Sutcliffe. 639 Williams fenced 144 Jordan Godfrey on turn 1, before 22 Vincent spun 187 Marshall on the back straight. 95 Martin spun on the pit bend and collected 49 Dowds on the penultimate lap, handing the lead and win to 597 Andy Ashman, while 817 Kurt Jacobs stuffed 187 Marshall into the fenced 203 Moldjord on turn 3. 

206 King spun 112 Gallagher on the home straight early in the second heat, with 49 Dowds leading. 45 Lee Sutton spun on turn 2 when running into second, as 95 Martin again tried to hit 49 Dowds. 639 Williams hit 45 Sutton on the back straight, as 597 Ashman moved into the lead. 85 Ellis went on opposite to collect 187 Marshall just as he was being spun by 112 Gallagher, warping the taxi. 639 Williams went on opposite to hit 45 Sutton again on turn 4, as 160 Winsor spun 664 Sutcliffe. 22 Vincent overhauled 597 Ashman on the pit bend for the lead with a couple of laps to run, as 45 Sutton met 639 Williams head-on. 664 Sutcliffe spun on the pit bend where 924 Millen collected him head-on. 85 Ellis went on opposite to blitz 45 Sutton, as 22 Vincent took the win. 

Unfortunately, due to the late running of the meeting and the injury in the F2s, the Suffolk Championship was cancelled.

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