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Stansted – 3/4/22 – Micro Bangers Teams Round 1 & Junior Bangers – Meeting Report

Stansted’s first fixture of the 2022 season saw the Micro Bangers in action for round 1 of their Team Series, with the Junior Bangers also making an appearance on Sunday 3rd April. 

999 Kai Smart had this smart Nissan Micra in the Junior Bangers

The Junior Bangers were out first for Heat 1 of the day for them. 157 Josh Garrod was an early casualty, before several came together on the back straight before the red flags came out. The restart saw 469 Callum Jacobs set about 471 Rosie Brown. 503 Aiden Hardy spun 999 Kai Start. 363 Billy Jarvis and 933 Maddison Barley rolled, bringing an early stoppage, with 008 Charlie Stevens winning.

469 Callum Jacobs set about 471 Rosie Jones in the first Junior Banger Heat (MadJam Photography)

Heat 1 for the Micro Bangers started with 599 Matty Butcher following in 275 Danny Reynolds. 199 Darren Mouser rolled in a sort out on turn 3, bringing the red flags out. The restart saw 124 Robbie Marcar turn 13 Maisie Clark left. 342 Freddie Crittenden fired in 331 Tony Quaif. 28 Mac Bell set about 275 Diesel Dan, as 352 Ben Mynott had a pop at 77 Warren Foster. 05 Curt Devenish attacked 28 Bell. 77 Shadz spun and rolled 352 Mynott, before 512 Matt Armstrong ran 77 Shadz in. 594 Mason Burdett raced to the win.

599 Matty Butcher kicked the action off in the Micro Bangers by following in 275 Danny Reynolds (MadJam Photography)

469 Jacobs spun early on in the Junior Bangers second Heat, and was done over the front wheel by 666 Tommy Robinson. 20 Alfie Reade attacked 447 Tyler Barnes. 469 Jacobs spun 471 Brown. 999 Smart spun 19 Hayden Conroy. 6 Sawyer Barbrook collected 19 Conroy, which allowed 999 Smart to open a gap up front. He spun 471 Brown on route to taking the win.

999 Kai Smart spun 471 Rosie Brown on route to winning Junior Bangers Heat 2 (MadJam Photography)

Heat 2 for the Micro Bangers begun with 342 Crittenden had a pop at 599 Butcher. 699 Aaron Nelson attacked 342 Critter. 331 Quaif spun 05 Devenish. 699 Nelson drove through 05 Devenish, and rolled, bringing out a stoppage. The restart saw 594 Little Legs set about 77 Shadz, who ended up turning the former left and rolling him. The race got back underway with 707 Jack Lilley attacking 77 Shadz. 595 Drew Burdett set about 220 Daniel Hunt. 572 Paul Scully had a pop at 124 Marcar. 595 Drew Boy attacked 512 Armstrong. 599 Butcher put away 275 Reynolds. A pile up on occurred on turn 3/4, with 595 Drew Boy jacking 05 Devenish. 512 Armstrong jacked 595 Drew Boy, before 28 Bell leathered 05 Devenish. 599 Butcher attacked 124 Marcar. 785 Dominic Ambrose took the win.

594 Mason Burdett suffered a roll in the second Micro Heat (MadJam Photography)

Junior Bangers returned for their third Heat. 666 Robinson spun, and was caught head on by 469 Jacobs. 363 Jarvis spun 557 Brandon Gower. 20 Reade spun 363 Jarvis and then set about 503 Mini Bungle. 557 Gower and 247 Rocky came together, creating a spectacular auto-sculpture. The restart didn’t last long, as 20 Reade rolled. The race got going again, with 469 Jacobs and 53 tangling in dramatic fashion with both collecting the outer tyre wall. 20 Reade had a pop at 299 Lacie Cooper on the restart. 442 Stanley Crittenden spun 47 Mitchell Garrod, but was turned left himself by 469 Jacobs. 20 Reade set about 447 Barnes. 312 Maisie Mynott and 503 Mini Bungle tangled. 20 Reade removed 6 Barbrook. 008 Charlie Stevens romped to a dominant win, taking the chequers by half a lap.

247 Rocky Fay and 557 Brandon Gower decided to make a Junior Banger sculpture in Heat 3 (MadJam Photography)

Heat 3 was a tame affair with the previous heats action having taken it’s toll. 77 Shadz got turned fence-wards. 594 Little Legs ran 512 Armstrong in. 699 Nelson jacked 594 Little Legs, with 595 Drew Boy jacking 699 Nelson in turn. 126 Steven Austin hit the tyre wall and rolled, with the race being declared.

699 Aaron Nelson leathered 594 Mason Burdett in Heat 3 (MadJam Photography)

495 Kayleigh Hayzer put a wheel back early on into the Junior Bangers Final, and was collected by 299 Cooper. 247 Rocky jacked 299 Cooper. 47 Garrod put himself in, before the leading 20 Reade buried 503 Mini Bungle into the pack of cars, claiming himself in the process. 127 Ronnie Hicks set about 503 Mini Bungle. 008 Charlie Stevens completed his hat-trick from 999 Kai Smart and 363 Billy Jarvis.

008 Charlie Stevens racing off into the distance to secure his hattrick as it all kicks off behind (MadJam Photography)

The Micro Banger Final was cut to 6 laps due to the lack of cars, with the majority waiting for the DD. 594 Little Legs attacked 512 Armstrong, and was spun by 575 Callum Maddox. 830 Lee White had a pop at 595 Drew Boy, with the latter going on his side. 595 Drew Boy delivered a head on to 575 Lil Squirt. 572 Squirt jacked 595 Drew Boy. 594 Little Legs leathered 572 Squirt and was immediately done by 372 Martin Scully who got decent air time. Into the DD, with 707 Lilley setting about 13 Maisie Moo. 220 Hunt and 275 Reynolds combined to attack 28 Bell. 199 Mouser tboned 275 Reynolds. 699 Nelson drove through 220 Hunt and rolled. 124 Marcar delivered a head on to 28 Bell. The restart saw 66 Shane Norley lay into 199 Mouser, and was jacked in turn by 512 Armstrong. 707 Lilley attacked 521 Lee Dace. 512 Armstrong delivered a shot in reverse to 199 Mouser. The action then moved down to turn 3/4. 372 Scully laid into 707 Lilley, before the reds coming out, although the reason was unclear. 707 Jack Lilley taking the default win to cap off a top day of action.

699 Aaron Nelson rolled himself delivering damage in the DD (MadJam Photography)

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