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English Championship – 05/07/1998 – Ipswich – 1998 Spedeweekend


Sunday 5th July marked the annual English Championship once again, although a change of format saw the Championship race up first. 224 Dave Canham impressed on the material front with a Pontiac Grand Am. Defending Champion 206 Dave King came tooled up with a smart Mk1 Ford Granada Coupe and 66 Mark Rogers had one of his trademark Toyota Crowns. 351 Dave Thorley braved it with a Ford Sierra Estate.

The English Championship race commenced with 61 Flash attacking 351 Thorley whilst 237 Chubby took out 388 Emmo. 108 Softie spun 455 Frankie as he made rapid progress up the field. 46 Maverick spun the luckless 388 Emmo. 66 Rogers delivered a large portion to 385 Thurlow, whilst 108 Softie spun EA hopeful 41 Skoyles. World Champion 33 Magic was the next to show as he took out 84 Bleach. 61 Flash turned 455 Frankie fence-wards. 237 Chubby leant in 84 Bleach which allowed 509 Gray to close in on the latter and thunder him into the fence – Bleach taking further slaughter through 700 Marco running 410 Nutty into him. 536 Annette spun 9 Easter as 224 Canham had a to do with 51 Green. 46 Maverick bested 264 Wellard for the lead, but was swiftly removed by the back marking 51 Green. 32 Reedy attacked 84 Bleach as he looked to reel in the front runners. 84 Bleach stopped 264 Wellard head on. 194 Cecil spun 51 Green who quickly rejoined to set about 351 Thorley. The leading 108 Softie took out 224 Canham who was lurking in his Pontiac. 171 Oaky had a lively streak as he attacked 237 Chubby and continued on to set about 224 Canham. 455 Frankie took a visit to the fence again as 171 Oaky drove through 224 Canham. 108 Softie won and spun 237 Chubby to celebrate and then homed in on 224 Canham down the other end. 32 Chris Reed took a very close second and 46 Keith Painter rounded off the top three.

After the title race came a 10 lap dash which raised a measly 10 cars, with 3 being EA based to 7 southerners. 41 Skoyles was the first to show as he spun 66 Rogers. The race was action-less until the back marking 455 Frankie leant 536 Annette into the fence with a lap and half to run. 41 Willie Skoyles raced to the win ahead of 84 Jerry Ansell and newly crowned champion 108 Mick Barrett.

Result: 41, 84, 108

The race went straight into the DD with 108 Softie setting about 84 Bleach on the drop of the green. 66 Rogers jacked 385 Thurlow, with 455 Frankie blitzing the latter. 66 Rogers gave a rear wheel shot to 84 Bleach. 108 Softie gave a head on to 66 Rogers and then continued on to tbone 84 Bleach. 66 Rogers administered a reverse attack on 108 Softie before going in on 84 Bleach. Rogers then spun it around to jack 84 Bleach to take the win.

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