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Back to Basic Vans – 05/05/2019 – Yarmouth

Sunday 5th May saw 19 Vans at Yarmouth for their maiden Back To Basics Vans session with a variety of material which was topped by 548 Alex Utting’s Nissan Sunny van.

Heat 1 for the Vans commenced with 175 Emmo spinning ban returnee 421 Hippo. 31 Manny Boy spun 28 Mayo Maker. 257 Yorkie Jnr who was doing his first meeting in 8 years, spun 109 Williams aside. 31 Manny Boy lost a wheel on the caister bend coming to a stop just before the starters rostrum. 28 Mayo Maker attacked the much larger Transit of 893 Huggins. 421 Hippo ran into 893 Huggins and was duly collected by 222 Norton. 839 Marc spun 512 Wishbone Jnr. 14 Bazza expired in front of the leading 33 Magic allowing 447 Nail to sneak back in front and they enjoyed a good battle before 33 Magic bested his way past. 109 Williams spun on the pits bend, as 421 Hippo spun 28 Mayo Maker. 512 Wishbone Jnr removed 314 Holdsworth to conclude the action. 33 Magic won in his very fast Fiat Doblo.

33, 447, 439, 257, 512, 314, 748, 109, 499, 421

A race format change saw the Final next, which began with 893 Huggins getting buried by the pack on the pits bend; Huggins then delivered a reverse attack on the leading 31 Manny Boy. 439 Sutty overtook 31 Manny Boy for the lead as the latter got a puncture from his earlier attack. 14 Bazza expired again. 499 Crashley spun, with 109 Williams moving in to spin 499 Crashley in turn. 421 Hippo set about 893 Huggins. A few laps passed before 893 Huggins attacked 748 Georgieboy running him in to the pit gate. 439 Sutty spun 421 Hippo. 28 Mayo Maker caught alight in his Berlingo. 14 Bazza tamely ran in to back of 548 Big Al and then spun him on the pits bend. 31 Manny Boy buried 893 Huggins in a revenge shot. 33 Magic raced to the win although, was docked two places for a jump start meaning that 439 Sutty inherited the win ahead of 447 Nail and 33 Magic dropping to third.

439, 447, 33, 257, 109, 512, 839, 499, 748, NOF

The Alcomers saw 893 Huggins spun early. A pile up formed on the back straight claiming 512 Wishbone Jnr, 46 Mr Grumpy and 109 Williams. 447 Nail run into 512 Wishbone Jnr. 839 Irons spun 109 Williams. 893 Huggins attacked 31 Manny Boy which turned into a minor private DD between the pair. 14 Bazza followed in 421 Hippo. 109 Williams attacked 175 Emmo. 14 Bazza ran head on into 109 Williams who had spun. 447 Nail attacked 31 Manny Boy. 257 Junior put away 499 Crashley on route to taking the win. The race went straight into the DD where 839 Irons attacked 512 Wishbone Jnr from the off. 748 Georgieboy went in on 222 Norton. 175 Emmo attacked 548 Big Al. 14 Bazza tboned 314 Holdsworth. 222 Norton delivered a reverse attack on 314 Holdsworth. 548 Big Al drove through 14 Bazza. 222 Norton went for a massive reverse attack on 548 Big Al, with the pair getting huge air time leaving 548’s Nissan Sunny Van well and truly axle tramping. 222 Norton attacked 175 Emmo. 109 Williams gave a head on to 257 Junior but took a tbone himself from 748 Georgieboy. 314 Holdsworth weighed in on 222 Norton; 839 Irons jacking 314 Holdsworth in turn. 257 Junior gave 33 Magic a portion and continued on to attack 109 Williams. 33 Magic had a nibble at 257 Junior. 175 Emmo attacked 839 Irons pushing him to the centre. 439 Sutty ran 447 Nail into 109 Williams. 257 Junior put away 175 Emmo. 46 Grumpy jacked 839 Irons. 175 Emmo jacked the wrecked 548 Big Al in a bizzare move. 257 Junior gave a head on to 439 Sutty who responded with a reverse attack. 175 Emmo had a pop at 33 Magic who retaliated with a tbone to his attacker. 439 Sutty went in on 33 Magic. 46 Grumpy delivered a shot on the nose of 439 Sutty; the latter copping further punishment from 175 Emmo. 46 Grumpy and 109 Williams exchanged hits. 46 Grumpy delivered a head on to 33 Magic. 175 Emmo and 109 Williams exchanged slow reverse shots as it was evident the Vans were on their last legs. 46 Grumpy gave a portion to 109 Williams. 175 Emmo delivered the last blow with a reverse tbone to 46 Grumpy to take the win.

257, 33, 439, 839, 512, 748, 175, 109, 499, NOF

Overall, a great session at the seaside venue for the Vans which adds promise for the fixture going forward.

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