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2L RWD National Bangers – 25/03/2017 – Mildenhall

Report by Hanley Reilly

The first round of the Mildenhall RWD Series on Saturday 25th March raised 16 2l RWD Bangers. The field was mainly Ford dominated, with 85 James Ellis, 326 Shane Lynn, British Champion 328 Danny Lathan, 673 Darren Fendley and 810 Dave Smith having fresh Mk5 Cortinas, 810 Smithy’s a very smart version; 338 Terry Garrod bringing a used version. Running mates 165 Ben Randell and 256 Matt Tillow had a pair of fresh Sierra’s, both looking very smart, whilst 662 Dalton Smith had a booted version. There were a triad of Capris, 10 James Eaton, 22 Dave Vincent and 160 Shayn Windsor a bringing fresh versions, 160 Shaun’s a Ghia version. The Unwin’s had a pair of Carlton’s, 70 Sophie having a fresh estate and 71 Twiggie having a used Saloon. 90 Joe brought a fresh Rover P6 and 206 Dave King had a well-used one.

Heat 1 was a fairly tame one. 70 Unwin spun early on down the home straight, and was duly collected over the front wheel by 90 Joe, 810 Smithy going in on 70 Unwin there after. 206 Kingy and 160 Winsor had a tussle down the back straight resulting in 160 Winsor spinning fencewards., 206 Kingy set about 10 Sideways Jim, eventually spinning him out. 85 Ellis gives 810 Smithy a heavy punt resulting in the latter meeting the chip shop bend armco. 22 Dave Vincent raced to the win.

Heat 2 began very tamely until 810 Smithy collects 71 Twiggie and turns him into the infield, resulting in 810 Smithy being left open for a shot from 206 Kingy. 662 Dalts clips 160 Winsor, before being collected by 165 Benny. The recovered 662 Dalts gets jacked hard by 71 Twiggie, causing the latter to expire.

The Final saw 810 Smithy spinning 256 Tillow from the off. 70 Unwin jacks 810 Smithy, with 206 Kings piling in. 71 Twiggie followed in 10 Sideways Jim under the starters rostrum. 810 Smithy does 10 Sideways Jim over the rear wheel. 85 Ellis caged 810 Smithy with a big airtime shot. 85 Ellis continues his assault by following in 70 Unwin big time on the road bend. 206 Kingy weighed in for a big jacking on 70 Unwin. 22 Vincent gets another win to his tally.

The Alcomers saw some very close racing with 165 Benny taking his maiden RWD win, fending off a last bend attack from 22 Vincent. Straight in to the DD, with several drivers retiring to the infield. 85 Ellis, 22 Vinno, 206 Kingy and 662 Dalts being left to settle the honours. 206 Kingy slowed on the pits bend and was duly jacked by 662 Dalts, 85 Ellis going in on the latter. 22 Vinno spins 85 Ellis, 662 Dalts going in on 22. 662 Dalts weighed in on 85 Ellis, who turned round to meet 206 Kingy in a head on, causing 206 Kingy’s P6 to expire. 85 Ellis and 22 Vinno shared a pair of head ons. 662 Dalts jacked up 22 Vinno hard, and continued to meet 85 Ellis head on. 85 Ellis burst back into life, as 662 Dalts burst into flames leaving 85 Ellis as the winner.

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