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2L National Bangers BQR2 – 01/04/2017 – Mildenhall

The second round of British Qualifying at Mildenhall saw just under 60 cars hit a sunny Suffolk shale way on Saturday 1st April. The field boosted by a great turnout of 5 Aftermath, 3 Glads and 3 Cream Team. 100 Callum White impressed with a signed cougar and 599 Matty Butcher had a smart mondeo. The only exceptions to the mondeo/cougar dominance was 319 Shaun Clarke in a used Vectra Estate, 19 Joe Mullarkey in a fresh vectra estate and 26 Hacker in a used Saloon version. 85 James Ellis also dared to be different with a Rover 216.

Heat 1 saw 28 cars on track. 258 Ando was done head on by 913 Brett Osborne. 603 Hitman weighed in on 212 Mario which triggered a jacking train on the road bend. 51 Licquorice followed in 16 Jackal Jnr. 220 Lurch buried 212 Mario into the concrete blocks. 602 Mr Moody followed in 272 Martin Vella. 51 Licquorice destroyed 272 Dippy on the run down lap with a massive jacking. 25 Matt Black raced to the win.

27 cars for Heat 2 which started with 688 United Jnr and 349 Noddy sharing a head on. 367 Tom Keep jacked 688 United a few laps later. 306 Nicky Bell went in on 161 Burnsey. 367 Keep jacked 688 United. 306 Bell tboned 688 United. 367 Keep stopped 85 Ellis with a heavy head on. The reds came out for 688 United, who exited with assistance with a leg injury. The race declared in favour of 726 Nathan Cooper.

Heat three raised another strong field of cars. 604 Ross Cooper was the first to show as he followed in 162 Jackal. Several more cars went steaming in to the pits bend where a pile up ensued. 662 Harding followed in 349 Noddy and 602 Mr Moody followed in 47 Butty too. 316 Dace jacked 47 Butty, and jacked in turn big time by 720. 603 Hitman weighed in for a big shot to 720, as 367 Keep and 662 Harding enjoyed a big head on. 100 Cock and 51 Licquorice jacked 662 Harding in sequence. 602 Mr Moody ran in 444 Chaz into to the growing pile up. 100 Cock got run into the pile up, as teammate 604 Ross Cooper jacks 720. 16 Jackal Jnr went in on 604 Cooper with a nasty DSU hit, with the reds coming out to check on 720. There were handshakes all round in the pile up with the race being declared in order to ‘save cars for the final.’ The race was declared in favour of 841 Steve Carman.

The Final raised all 30 qualifiers, and was one of the tamest races of the night. 602 Mr Moody spun 512 Seano, who copped a back wheel shot from earlier Heat winner 726 Cooper. 212 Mario ran in 602 Mr Moody, as 603 Hitman spun 27 Telbert. 913 Osborne turned 841 Carman left as 317 Stress jacked 800 Leigh Neary. 51 Licquorice spun 512 Seano, and 519 Knuckles delivered similar treatment to 411 Matty Franklin. 17 Chiefy attacked 212 Mario as 512 Seano ran in 51 Licquorice in a revenge shot. The red flags came out due to 212 Mario exiting his car. The race being declared with only a lap to go. 602 Mr Moody taking a fine full contact win ahead of 370 John Cobbold and brother 604 Ross Cooper.

The alcomers had the best grid of the night with 31 cars remaining. 349 Noddy turned it around immediately. 662 Harding landed a blow to the limping 306 Bell. 100 Cock jacked 306 Bell. 603 Hitman went in on 726 Cooper, as 328 Danny Lathan spat 444 Chaz left. 100 Cock buried 17 Chief into the home straight pile up. 599 Matty buried 51 Licquorice into 604 Cooper to add more carnage to the home straight. 604 Cooper recovered to jack 599 Matty, as 17 Chief dished revenge shots to 100 Cock. 602 Mr Moody took his second win of the night. The race went straight into the DD, and after a few drivers diverted to the middle, we were left with around 12 cars. 898 Andy Battle spun 370 Cobbold, before following in 602 Mr Moody and 51 Licquorice in one sweep. 51 Licquorice continued his momentum to dish a hard hit on 367 Keep. 603 Hitman delivers a head on to 349 Noddy. 898 Battle followed in 602 Mr Moody who went into 800 Neary. 444 Chaz ruins 898 Battle, and continues his assault by spinning 603 Hitman. 444 Chaz delivered a solid head on to 800 Neary, with 603 Hitman jacking the former. 349 Noddy jacked 603 Hitman as 444 Chaz emerged from the pile up to attack 51 Licquorice. 349 Noddy and 603 Hitman shared shots on the middle, as 16 Jackal Jnr rejoined and went in on 349 Noddy. 16 Jackal Jnr and 603 Hitman shared a head on. 603 Hitman weighed in on 349 Noddy, leaving 16 Jackal Jnr to thunder into 603 Hitman. 51 Licquorice jacks 444 Chaz and the gives him a head on. All other drivers expire leaving 349 Noddy as the winner.

A brilliant domestic which saw a traditional Mildenhall heat, and the much improved track surface provided a lot better action. As the driver base gradually builds up again at the Suffolk track, this looks to be another solid season at the track. All drivers had the right attitude and were up for it all evening which was great to see.

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