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1600cc National Banger Christmas Team Championship – 27/12/2005 – Yarmouth

The 2005 staging of the annual 1600 Christmas Team Championship took place at Yarmouth Stadium on Tuesday 27th December. The field mostly based on local drivers with the Gladiators providing a slice of visiting power.

Heat 1 began with G336 Smiffy attacked LC530 Mazie from the off, as LC247 Bro followed in G560 Ward to even the honours. M327 Wigger set about G589 Gonna. LC741 Capt D tboned G560 Ward a lap later to add to his woes. Gladiator revenge was swift as G589 Gonna jacked LC741 Capt D. Another lap passed, before LC741 Capt D landed another assault on the Gladiators by jacking G174 Whipper. Once again Glads revenge was prompt with G589 Gonna treating LC530 Mazie to a head on. 439 Sutty homed in with a heavy shot to G589 Gonna, before the reds came out, although the reason was unclear. The restart saw 439 Sutty again attack G589 Gonna from the off. The lively 439 Sutty then went on to set about 549 Smiffy Jnr. 439 Sutty again pursued the Glads, with an attack on G580 Gonna and then continued his assault with a massive head on to G336 Smiffy. LC247 Bro then steamed in to give G336 Smiffy another head on. G247 jacked LC247 Bro in a revenge attack. LC247 Bro and 439 Sutty had a to do with G589 Gonna on the middle, as the red flags came out to check on the well-being of G336 Smiffy, but not before LC247 Bro homed in for a delayed tbone on the Gladiators front man. At this point the race was declared in favour of TU412 Danny Sharman.

Heat 2 was a much quieter affair but still continued the theme of Legs & Co against the Gladiators, with LC247 Bro putting away G589 Gonna from the off. LC741 Capt D gave a head on to G589 Gonna. M733 Picton destroyed G247 just onto the centre with a big hit. M733 Picton then rejoined to take out the lurking LC730 Deano to allow M170 David Rust a clear track through to proceed onto the win.

The Final began with LC730 Deano peppering the lame G589 Gonna. LC530 Mazie gave a head on to G589 Gonna a lap later. LC530 Mazie jacked G589 Gonna again after completing another lap, the Gladiators man coming under more abuse courtesy of a hard tbone from LC730 Deano. TU72 Bondy put away M170 Rusty in a battle for the team points. LC730 Deano buried 350 Wight. M170 Rusty spun aside the lurking LC730 Deano. TU516 Gouldy bested M326 Picton for the lead on the last lap, third place going to TU412 Spike, securing the win for Team Urrgghh!

The DD began with 589 Gonna taken a front wheel shot from 72 Bondy and was duly leant into the market tyres, allowing 247 Bro to pummel the Gladiators man. 439 Sutty jacked 174 Whipper, who was then silenced with multiple hits by 741 Capt D and 247 Bro. 72 Bondy and 439 Sutty enjoyed a solid head on. 72 Bondy gave a pair of hits to the front of 439 Sutty which looked to end the latter’s chances. 439 Sutty gave a hard head on 72 Bondy down the back straight which sent the latter up on to two wheels, but killed off Sutty in the process allowing Team Urrgghh’s 72 Gavin Bond to take the honours.

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