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‘The sharpest entertainer in the Trackstar toolbox’ – 828 Jordan Sharpe Interview

If you’re a race fan that regularly visits Kings Lynn, you’ll know all about 828 Jordan Sharpe, but he made sure everyone knew who he was at 2022’s staging of the World of Shale when he raced to a superb victory. We got to have a talk with Sharpey ahead of his title defence.

Jordan got into racing like 90% of the community. ‘I was born into it like most of us,’ he laughs. ‘Most of my early memories are of my dad racing at Blyton Raceway. He loved a Ford Sierra.’

It wasn’t until Jordan ventured away from his local tracks until his passion began to flourish. ‘The first time I discovered Kings Lynn was an Icebreaker which was 2010.’ Another meeting that stands out from Jordan’s childhood was the Battle of Britain at Sheffield in 2010. ‘I didn’t have a clue what real bangers were until I watched them two meetings,’ Jordan confesses.

Moving a couple of years down to line when Jordan ventured onto track himself. ‘My debut was 2012 at my local track at Scunthorpe. I was 17. I had a used Honda Civic which I bought off of my dad. I didn’t have any tubed tyres back then, no door welded up and barely any padding and I finished all 3 races and drove back on the truck at the end of the night!’

Jumping massively to 10 years down the line, and Sharpey is one of the most entertaining drivers on the scene and can hold his own with the top drivers on shale, which was evident with his performance lifting the World of Shale title. Jordan reflects on how far his racing has progressed. ‘Well considering this meeting I am defending champion, I would say my career has progressed very well,’ he laughs. ‘It took me some time to learn how to drive around an oval that for sure!’

We got Sharpey to relive the race in his head and talk us through everything from the build up, to the race itself and the emotion of winning. ‘It was an absolute unreal feeling. I went into the race just calm and cool. Of course I wanted to win it, just like every other driver who started that race, but I never thought someone like me would ever take the flag. The emotion was so real; there were so many people taking the time to have a picture and wanting a poster with my signature on as well as the live interview with Matt Black after. There were so many drivers congratulating me and some top names took the time to message a few days after; it was all surreal.’

So how does it feel to be World of Shale Champion? Jordan talks us through his year displaying the three gold stripes. ‘It’s been mental from start to finish. I did as much as I could towards the end of last year and this season at Kings Lynn has been non-stop; I think I’ve only missed two banger formulas all year – the Siamese Bangers and the van meeting just gone. I wanted to do as much as possible with the gold stripes on the roof and I don’t plan on slowing down after tonight.’ Sharpey really has been a top champion and has displayed the stripes with pride and been a recognisable champion constantly getting involved.

Jordan has lead the Entertainers League here at Trackstar for the most part of the season in what has been a close battle with 214 Connor Osborn. He continues to lead the way but missing that Van meeting he mentioned allowed Connor to close the gap. The aim for Sharpey is still to lift that entertainers title at the end of the season. ‘After coming in the top five a few years ago, I wanted to try and win it. Last year didn’t really start well for crashing and it never got any better for me but this year has been brilliant so far.’ 

As stated, Jordan has had a prolific 2023 season and he reflects on some of his favourite meetings and cars he has raced over the year, ‘The first one that springs out would be the opening meeting. I had a normal x300 Jag. The first race I blew up the predators hearse which was just a buzz. Then obviously the pre 80 meeting where I had 3 cars. The roller was sort of a bucket list car and it was absolutely rubbish,’ he laughs. ‘The A60 was a laugh to drive, but I’ve never spun myself out so much. The Triumph 2000 Estate was absolutely mega all night – probably my best car this year that triumph. Winning the most entertaining team at the 1500 Icebreaker, the 1500 EA Teams and the 2l War of the Worlds team meeting with my little brother by my side – that was just smiles from ear to ear each meeting!’

The attention turns to the big race Saturday. What’s Jordan’s game plan? ‘Obviously it would be good to take the flag again, but I will look at it the same as always and just go with the flow. But… I am leading the entertainers league so if that opportunity is there I will be taking it!’

Jordan leading the entertainers league could lead to him getting on the grid for another major title, the Unlimited World Championship at Ipswich next month. Jordan comments on how it would feel to be on that grid. ‘I must admit now it’s coming to the meeting I am buzzing and nervous at the same time, and if I get that text message from Paul Butler saying I have got the seeded spot on the grid, I won’t be sleeping much until the night with excitement,’ he jokes.

From there, it’s business as usual. ‘I plan to carry on as I have all year – keep crashing and smashing cars up to get that entertainer league.’ Jordan identifies some of the things he would like to tick off of his racing bucket list. ‘A Rolls-Royce always took my fancy. I had one as I said before, but it was rubbish. It looked cool though! Another car would be a Toyota Crown S110, and I wouldn’t say no to a mk1/2 Granada. Track wise I would like to do them all as I imagine every banger driver would, but stand out ones are Northampton, Arlington and Yarmouth.’

Jordan has been registered for Trackstar for several seasons now, and can be recognised as one of their own, but was it about the promotion that ticks the boxes for him? ‘It’s the place to race. Trackstar have all the meetings and formulas on regularly and ofcourse they have the legend that is Matt Black.’

Banger fans can breathe a sigh of relieve, as it appears Jordan isn’t destined to be going anywhere in a hurry, with no plans of changing formula. ‘It’s always been bangers for me and nothing else has ever taken my attention to be honest.’

As is a common theme among Caged! interviewees, I got Jordan to select his dream 6 a side team including himself. ‘I’d have to go with those from my era of racing. Me, 178 Kieran Bowman, 299 Tommy Callaghan, 100 Callum White, 555 Harry Gelsthorp and my little brother 829 Jay Sharpe.’ That’s a list of hard hitters and Trackstar main stays that would take the best of any promotion for a close battle.

To conclude, Jordan would like to end with some thank you’s, as we all know, a driver wouldn’t be much without an array of support. ‘I would like to thank the man that helped me win the biggest race of my life yet and everything I have accomplished over the last 4 years; Pete Winter, a true legend. Thank you Pete. My little brother Jay for helping in anyway he can. My mate Steve Barker, who helps with the cars when he is working.  Both Tommy Callaghan and Phil Lambley at Lambley Developments and my dad, who helps if he can. Also anybody who has helped at racing to fix the cars.’

We wish Jordan all the best in his title defence and thank him for his dedication and showcase of the gold stripes over the past twelve months.

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