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‘Just ducking around’ – 51 James Licquorice Interview

James Licquorice is a popular figure here at the Adrian Flux Arena. His Allsorts team colours are easily recognised, as is his duck mascot atop of his bangers and his regular entertaining displays keep the crowd happy. It’s those entertaining displays that saw James secure the top spot in both the 2L and Unlimited entertainer charts. We caught up with James ahead of the World of Shale.

James, as is typically the case, comes from a racing background. ‘I’ve been into racing all my life with my dad racing 2L Saloons and mum racing bangers. As a kid, I never wanted to race as I thought it was impossible. It wasn’t until I was near junior age that I decided to give it a go! I spent most of my childhood watching my dad race saloons, but it was always bangers which I enjoyed watching!’

As James admits, he didn’t initially jump straight at the thought of racing, but he soon decided to have a go. ‘It might sound mad but I’m sure it was the 24th or 23rd August in ministox at Mildenhall the date I first raced. I hated every second of it and got pounded. I only done the Ministox for about 6 meetings and just kept getting hurt, but luckily stuck at Junior Bangers and enjoyed them more. A regret of mine is not revisiting racing Ministox when I was 14 or 15, but its not to big a thing!’

James then followed the natural progression, stepping up from the junior ranks into the National Bangers. ‘My first meeting was Inter-County teams in Mondeos at Mildenhall. I loved it, but when I got crashed into I thought the world had ended! I was stiff for weeks,’ he laughs. ‘Although, I haven’t really slowed down since.’

James reflects on some standout meetings. ‘My first national win was a good one and winning the Bandit Memorial twice; especially the one which was a savage race! Racing the Roller was pretty cool and my biggest wreck to date! Winning the entertainer points for 2l and Unlimited at the same time was also very cool and unexpected.’ 

James has always been humble when it comes to racing and that is very evident when you talk to him, but he is a race winner here twice already this year and although we often reflect on his crashing exploits, James has the capability to be among the front runners for the title. ‘I’m going to see how it goes. It all depends on the grid position and surviving the first few laps. It’s a championship race, so I’ll try and win, but if that doesn’t happen, then maybe I’ll have try something else!’

After the World of Shale, James doesn’t have anything in particular planned. ‘I’ll just finish the year and aim to have a good time. There’s nothing special planned really.’

James will be tooled up with a Jaguar XF for the event, a car which we saw him use for the first time at the Life of Riley weekend and he put the one then to good use. What cars take James’ fancy though? ‘I’d maybe like to race a decent yank or some large Japanese car ie a crown or Datsun, but as long as I keep enjoying it and having a good time, that’s all that matters to me.’

James’ attitude to racing is phenomenal, and is apparent with him reiterating the fact that having fun and enjoying the racing is the most important factor for him, so who would form his dream 6 a side team? ‘188 John Reeves, 827 Sjirk Hansma, 48 Foppe Minnema, 178 Kieran Bowman and 828 Jordan Sharpe. All are top drivers who I have a lot of respect for!’ 

James would like to conclude proceedings with some thank yous. ‘There’s plenty I’d like to thank! Firstly a massive thanks to my dad! He’s always on it on the tools and without him I wouldn’t be able to do anything! A massive thanks to the lads in the yard – Richard, Yogi, Mario, Ben, Jimmer, Chippy and Whiskey. A massive thanks to Jobie Cobb for all the signs and Stella drinking and a massive thanks to Geed for letting us do the cars basically in the back garden and to Zoe for all the love and support and ratchet strap rolling up! Thanks to all the fans and drivers who have made this year a good one! Good luck to all drivers!’

And a good luck to James from us all either; keep that attitude up and we’ll enjoy watching you crash with the best of them.

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