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Quinn for Gold? – 682 Korben Quinn Interview

Korben Quinn is one of the sport’s rising stars. The 17 year old from Mildenhall is fast becoming one of the star names on the Spedeworth 1600 Banger scene. 

(Matt Bull/Racepixels)

The youngster, who works as a car valeter and maintenance man by day, got into racing through family ties, as most do, with his father, 82 Wayne Quinn being a mainstay of the RDC scene over the years; still competing regularly in the 1600 Bangers. ‘I grew up watching my Dad at Mildenhall so it’s in the blood as they say. Watching him was scary at times, but I can’t remember much of it to be fair. One of my memories of Dad is him rolling at Mildenhall then coming off the infield at someone at an Old Skool Teams meeting which he is now banned for life from.’

It was inevitable that Korben would find his way on a race track. ‘Shannon (Korben’s sister) used to race the Junior Stock Cars and I’d go along and watch her. After initially being too scared, I jumped in one myself and really enjoyed it. The Stock Cars began to die down, and the Junior Bangers begun rising in popularity, so it was a lot better racing. I prefer the banger style of contact to stock cars also.’

Korben certainly had an illustrious junior career taking a lot of silverware. ‘One of my stand out moments was when we went to Scotland (specifically Lochgelly), in a Junior Banger and won all 6 races including the Scottish and Fife Championships across the weekend, and also when I first started racing I won the final and Shannon got second; I thought that was quite special.

Korben took second place in the World of Shale last year (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

Following from the Junior Bangers, Korben stepped up into the Spedeworth 1600 Banger scene. People often think the transition is smooth and plain sailing for young drivers, however, Korben admits that isn’t always the case. ‘It was scary at first, but I soon got the hang of it, and it’s always good racing. Winning the Scottish Championship and the Eastbourne Cash or Card meeting were standout moments. I think overall it’s been a good season for sure, especially with it being my first full year in adults. I’m in the main race (World Final) so that’s all that matters.’ It’s an impressive effort qualifying for the World Final on your first attempt at doing so; how does Korben rate his chances? ‘It’s anyone’s race. You need the luck on the night. I’m going to give it my best as I always do.’

Korben is a regular among the podium spots at Ipswich and will be hoping that continues Saturday night (Steve-o’s Race Pix)

A full year nearly done and dusted for Korben in the 1600 Bangers then, so what’s the plan for next year? ‘Perhaps a chance of formula. We’re not sure yet, nothing confirmed at present.’ It’s very interesting to here, could we see Korben go up into the Unlimited scene around the BWS circle. It would be great to see him remain within the banger community, but he is a very talented driver, and should he pursue something along the stock car route that he is familiar with also, he’s certainly excel at it.

Korben took part in the Civil War this year where he took home this buckled Nissan Micra (Matt Bull/Racepixels)

Korben has raced at several tracks in his small racing career to date. All of the Spedeworth venues, alongside Lochgelly, King’s Lynn and Skegness, but there’s one track he would like to try. ‘Cowdenbeath. It definitely looks a good one.’  Korbs’ dream banger is a Granada, which is most boy’s dream car when they are growing up. 

Korben typically goes well around Northampton (MK Pics)

I feel like you can tell a lot from the drivers that our interviewees chose for their dream team. As always, the team must include our interviewee. Korben chose the following drivers to accompany him: 617 Jack Overy, 247 Lee ‘Bro’ Clarke, 217 Sid Madgwick, 341 Andrew ‘Jonesey’ Jones and 455 Ricki Finney.

Korben’s route to the World came courtesy of winning the Eastbourne Cash or Card round (Matt Bull/Racepixels)

Korben would like to conclude the interview by thanking the following, ‘Dad especially, but also Reliable Rentals for the sponsorship, J & N Metals for the contribution and Thetford Autoparts for bits for the car and Triple C Accident Repair for making the world car look the nuts.’

A sneak peak of Korben’s World Final car

We wish Korben the best of luck in his maiden World Final and look forward to seeing how his career progresses.

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