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South win Civil War 23

In what is a historic moment in the back-and-forth of this fixture, the southern army took a resounding victory, which finally put them ahead 12-11 on the overall tally.

In a first for the fixture, 1600cc Bangers took the third class, taking over from the Unlimiteds, with the 2Ls promoted to the ‘Tank’ class.

It was as hard-hitting as ever, which of course led to quite a few red flags, but the drivers out there put an all-action day of entertainment.

The North, who were trailing in the points all day, put on an absolutely valiant display of ‘never say die’ attitude, much to the delight of Northern general Matt Black. Matt will be a guest on the Caged Full Throttle show on the 25th of January to discuss this and the upcoming Icebreaker meeting at King’s Lynn.

Our full report and photo galleries will follow over the coming days!

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