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Unlimited Back to Basics – 12/03/2017 – Wimbledon

Wimbledon on the 12th March hosted it’s last Unlimited Back 2 Basic Banger meeting at the South London stadium with a turnout of 49 cars which was down on the amount of cars due as a lot of drivers were no shows but among those that did turn up bought some interesting material to the track with 757 Tom Farren in a Rolls Royce and 625 Josh Gooch with a Ford Scorpio Limo, 309 Chris Parry turned up with a VW New Shape Beetle with 713 Lauren Annets Honda Accord 2 door Coupe, 23 Matt Fayers dared to be different in an 07 reg Renault Laguna Estate and 760 Joey Reynolds in a Fiat Marea Estate.
Heat 1: Saw 25 cars on track as the first 2 races were half car heats, both heats were quite tame with a lot of pushing and spinning. Right from the word go 340 Will Brazier was spun out on the home straight as 14 from The Click team was spun out on the back straight by 260 Keefy on the 1st lap, couple of laps later 240 Humpty and 128 Patrick had a coming together on the home straight as 522 Weevil also attacking 240 Clint Brazier as he came down the home straight, 522 Weevil then got spun out by 128 Patrick’s Volvo which was also spin out of control at the time with the latter then getting hit through the passenger side by 150 Lewy Richardson, 316 Nut Job was spun out by 23 Maty on the pit bend, 72 Chadwick was spun out just past the pit gate 5 laps in and stayed there for the rest of the race, 128 Patrick was spun out on the pit bend a couple of laps later and then hit head on by 240 Humpty, 3 laps to the end and 201 from The Click team and 522 Weevil had a moment on the home straight which then saw 522 Weevil on the following lap spin 201 out on the back straight, 240 Humpty arrived on the back straight to hit the back of 201 From The Click’s team which left the drivers front wheel hanging over the bottom fence wires, 1 lap to the end and 777 Roger Wilson was on fire which he was unaware of and continued on to the end of the race which was then extinguished by the marshal’s, with 161 Aaron ‘Ronald’ Hough taking the win.
Race Result: 161, 309, 771, 322, 260, 301, 760, 586, 18, 128
Heat 2: Saw 24 cars on track with the 2nd half of the cars again a lot of pushing and spinning, 363 Wayno was spun 2 laps in on the pit bend by 10 as was 473 Serious Fun’s big Mercedes was spun out by 134 Toady a lap later, 728 Westbrook was also spun out on the pit bend as 315 Jason Ayles from The Wallies got spun by 187 Sibbo on the back straight, half way through the race 92 Saturday Boy was spun in to the fence on the home straight by 625 Josh Gooch with the latter leading at the time, 4 laps to the end 363 Wayno was spun by 323 on the home straight who was being pushed down the straight, 434 also got caught up in all that as well, 363 Wayno was spun out again 2 laps later by 80 Matt Nutley, 625 Josh Gooch’s Ford Limo was spun out on the pit bend by 300 who then went on a lap later to spin out 702 Jimbo on the last lap, 56 Ricki ‘Yosser’ Stevens came home miles clear of the rest to take the win.
Race Result: 56, 169, 360, 323, 300, 197, 92, 702, 434, 214,
Heat 3: 43 Cars made it out on track for a more lively race, 316 spun out on the opening lap by 14 from The Click team, as was 522 Weevil by 16 from The Click team, 283 Zoot spun out on the home straight and ended up on the grass, 300 spun out 215 Glen Shuttle Rover 75 going in to the pit bend with the latter being spun in to the fence on the back straight, couple of laps later 201 from The Click team was spun out on the back straight by 439 Dan Sutton with 201 going backwards in to the fence then to be hit over the drivers front wheel by 187 Sibbo who got a shove by 24 Dave’O as 201 quickly recovered from all that he was knocked out the way by 169 JT and 56 Yosser as they came past, 363 Wayno had also been spun out with 215 Press Gang’s Glen Shuttle then ploughing in to the pair of them, couple of laps on and 439, 309 and 80 all had a coming together on the home straight which left 80 parked on the start and finish line for the rest of the race, 316 went flat out in to the fence on the pit bend which lifted the post out of the ground all by himself due to his throttle jamming open pleased to say driver was all ok, 760 was spun out on the back straight who was leading at the time, 363 Wayno once again was on the receiving end this time by 777 Roger Wilson on the back straight, 522 Weevil got spun out by 214 on Lap 9, 300 got spun out on the back straight and then hit head on by 728 Westbrook, 3 laps to the end 197 Peter Dodge slammed in to the back of 760 Joey on the pit bend as 10 hit 80 Matt Nutley’s parked car on the home straight and rolled his car and managed to land back on his wheels and drive away by this time the red flags had gone out for the roll over, as 18 Turkish came to a stop on the home straight he was hit hard from behind by 214 on the red flags which saw 214 loaded for the rest of the meeting, 18 Turkish then went to drive round to line up who was leading at the time of stoppage then lost all the driver’s side rear suspension and wheel due to that hit and was disqualified which promote 56 Ricki Stevens as the new leader, as the race got back underway 215 Glen Shuttle lost his passenger side front wheel which bought the red flags out again to recover the wheel, back to green flags again and 56 Ricki Stevens had to carefully navigate the pit bend as 760 Joey was waiting to back out on 56 Yosser who decided to nail the back of Joey and still maintain the lead, following lap 760 again waiting to back out on 56 and missed him as 56 Yosser avoids him on this occasion, as 128 Patrick and 713 Lauren Annets ploughed in to Joey, couple of moments later 713 then spun out 760 going down the back straight which Joey instantly went in to reverse to stop 713 from getting past and then 760 was hit head on by 128 Patrick and 56 Ricki ‘Yosser’ Stevens taking another win.
Race Results: 56, 260, 197, 363, 161, 16, 360, N.O.F
Final in to DD: 36 cars on track although 777 Roger Wilson’s Audi not making the start but did manage to get going later on in the race, 2 laps in 625, 713 and 72 all ended up in the fence at various points on the pit bend, 301 also spun in to the pit bend and facing the oncoming traffic to receive a head on by 283 Zoot, 10 went in hard in to the back of 625 Josh Gooch’s limo, couple of laps later 301 spun out 187 Sibbo on the pit bend as 522 Weevil ploughs in to 439 and 757 T-Boy on the pit bend, 760 Joey was also down on that bend waiting to reverse out on the traffic again and decides on 586 Slim which crippled the back of Joey’s Fiat Marea Estate even more then to receive a hefty t-bone from 315 from the Wallies, then a lap later is hit again over the passenger back wheel by 300 Jon Ayles also from the Wallies which finally end the night for Joey, Red flags came out on lap 8 for 187 Sibbo on fire on the Pit Bend and 56 Ricki Stevens also on fire on the back straight, on the restart all was fairly quiet 363 was spun by 10 who was being pushed by 16 from The Click team, 18 Turkish was spun out by 728 Westbrook on the last lap with 23 Matt Fayers coming home for victory, with the first 10 places across the line the red flags came out to sort out the cars for the DD.
Race Result: 23, 197, 169, 260, 16, 309, 586, 10, 757, 300
Destruction Derby: Green flags went out to start the DD with 260 getting the spin around treatment by 309, 14 from The Click team’s Mercedes Estate took a large hit in the back by 18 Turkish’s Ford Galaxy which end 14’s DD, 10 got put in to the pit bend by 23 Maty the latter then gets blitzed by 309 Chris Parry’s Beetle which quickly back away, 23 Maty met 771 Brendon Carton head on then 757 T-Boy thunders in to back of 23 Maty down on the pit bend, 360 and 197 have a set too at the pit gate then 169 JT wrecks the back on 360 Jackstar with 92 Saturday Boy also charging in to 757 T-Boy’s big Rolls Royce as 169 JT stormed in to 92, 757 got a puncture on the passenger rear wheel which created a light show of sparks down on the pit bend to attack 92 to then get a head on shot from 23 Maty who received a large portion from 16 from The Click team, 300 Jon Ayles managed to get beached on the marker tyres on the pit bend as 260 Keefy hit 300 which helped him off the tyres, 309 jacked 16 from The Click team’s BMW 5 series on the home straight and then plant him down in to 23 Maty’s dead car on the pit bend, both managed to drives away from that for 309 to come around again to collect 16 on the home straight meanwhile 300 return the favour by hitting the back of 260 Keefy near the pit gate, 586 Slim then has a pop at 260 as well which ended 260 Keefy’s night. 586 Slim then drove round to then be spun out by 309 on the home straight with 777 then also becoming a victim to the very strong and lively 309 Chris Parry’s Beetle with both sharing blows on the Plough Lane Bend, 586 Slim then arrived to strike the killer shot on 777, 309 Chris Parry’s Beetle had also come close to the end of its life as it was only slowing moving on the starter motor, down to the last 2 cars, 300 meets 586 Slim on the home straight, both then drove around in opposite directions to the pit gate with 300 going in with a big head on with 586, both then exchanged a couple more head on hits with 300 then driving away up the back straight to turn around and hit the passenger rear wheel on 586 which didn’t really have much more to offer as 300 turned it round further round the pit bend to land a killer blow in the back of 586 at the pit gate which ended 586 Slim’s Mitsubishi Galant, 300 Jon Ayles then drives up the back straight again to strike one last big hit on the passenger side of 586 which saw 300 taking the win in the Destruction Derby, 586 awarded the Runner Up
DD Result: 300, 586

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