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Trackstar vs Mildenhall – 15/09/2018 – Mildenhall

Saturday 15th September saw the ‘return’ leg of the Mildenhall v Trackstar head to head at Mildenhall. The majority of the cars were used motors but their was some smart efforts throughout. T101 Cieran Harmer had a well presented Nissan Micra for the Micro class, as did T622 Stu Davis whilst T155 Sam Coote and M990 Mr OSD had smart KAs. M515 Gareth Flatters, T100 Callum White, T469 Bert and M16 Jackal Jnr had smart motors in the 2l class. There was a sprinkling of used tin in the Unlimited Class with M77 Patxi Beasley returning the Toyota Station Wagon X from the Kingy Memorial and M90 Joe Ninety had his used Mk11 Cadillac Fleetwood from the same meeting. Lewis pairing T36 Ricky and T37 Lewis had some different Micro Bangers with a Volkswagen Polo and Seat Arosa.

Micros Heat 1 was the first race of the day and commenced with 34 cars with a 50/50 split between the sides. T13 McCarthy went for a massive roll straight from the off bringing an early halt to proceedings. The restart saw M321 The Frog spin T452 Sweet. T155 Mr Slow ran in M321 The Frog; T591 Giddings delivered a solid head on to M321 The Frog. M113 Waller jacked T591 Giddings. T591 recovered to jack M112 Daz. T165 Benny Boy followed in M840 Waddingham. T622 Stuie attacked M512 Cooper. M685 Wilkinson weighed in on T622 Stuie. The leading T43 Muttley Jnr attacked M379 Iggle. T43 Muttley Jnr continued his wrecking spree by rattling in M72 Bondy allowing T887 Stark to inherit the lead. T452 Sweet delivered a big jacking to M840 Waddingham. T511 Licquorice dished a heavy tbone to M512 Cooper. M112 Daz set about T887 Stark as M72 Bondy went up on two wheels and got out of shape. T43 Muttley Jnr had to only complete the final bend to take the win but jacked the sat up M72 Bondy instead. T248 Blything took the win going sideways over the line with a few Fen Tigers assisting in what was a lively opener.

The Mondeos were next for their Heat 1. A huge first bend push claimed several drivers. T51 Licquorice administered a head on to M53 Dreamer. T212 Little Mario attacked M272 Vella. M339 Garrod rattled in T830 Stretch. T87 Damo homed in for a large jacking to M53 Dreamer, who then copped a solid tbone from T138 Little Jay. T188 Victor and M16 Jackal Jnr met on the nose in the centre of the pits bend. T299 Callaghan struck M817 Stig with an attack on oppo. The reds then came out to assist M53 Dreamer from his wreck. The race resumed with M339 Garrod blasting T178 Slim. T51 Licquorice delivered a mean front wheel shot to M16 Jackal Jnr at the end of the back straight. M108 Squeaky put away T785 Diminoc. M122 blasted T51 Licquorice. M16 Jackal Jnr recovered to blast T785 Diminoc with a head on. T519 Knuckles jacked M16 Jackal Jnr. T157 Domie gave a head on to M328 Lathan. T349 Noddy treated M272 Vella to much of the same. T51 Licquorice jacked M16 Jackal Jnr hard. T604 Cooper spun around to jack M16 Jackal Jnr on oppo. T201 Turk done M272. T785 Diminoc attacked M545 Huffy. M272 Vella received another head on courtesy of T349 Noddy, before T188 Victor and T785 Diminoc jacked the former. T604 Cooper was disqualified for attack on M545 Huffy whilst the latter was hanging off the infield banking. T170 Teal tboned M272 Vella, which sparked a fire on the 170 machine bringing the race to an early conclusion – T519 Knuckles was awarded the win.

Micros were next for their second Heat raising 36 cars – Trackstar were the dominant side on numbers with 20 to Mildenhall’s 16. Numbers were slightly evened when T460 Tongue was pushed off before the green flag. T123 Kezza followed in M379 Iggle hard. A pile up broke out on the back straight. T634 Marty followed in M246 Butty Jnr into M379 Iggle. M375 Hensby delivered a brutal head on to T110 Judge. T908 Judd administered a revenge shot to M375 Hensby. M282 Waters attacked T511 Licquorice. T78 Mad Mace gave a rear wheel shot to M75 Hensby. T321 Chatty Man rolled down the back straight after catching a post bringing out a momentary race stoppage. The restart saw M109 Malloy blast T143 Bilge. T404 Spook treated M7 Bitson to a vicious head on. M29 Mawsden struck T36 Lewis in the door and was duly jacked by T123 Kezza. T247 Jonboi jacked M29 Mawsden. T619 Brad Tomlinson took the third successive win for the Mafia.

Heat 2 for the 2 Litres was next up. T508 Ledhead had a pop at birthday boy M247 Bro – the latter deciding to go on oppo whilst leading. T508 Ledhead was then subsequently buried by M355 Mullins who copped one in turn from M469 Baxter. T841 Carmen jacked M545 Huffy. T444 Chaz jacked M545 Huffy. M328 Lathan put away T178 Slim. M340 Wes struck T479 Jooble over the front. There was lots happening under the starter’s rostrum as it began to kick off big time. T508 Ledhead and M326 Ratty met in a solid head on. T519 Knuckles jacked M326 Ratty. T431 put M545 Huffy up the grass banking which the latter was beginning to become accustomed to. T349 Noddy delivered a hard tbone to M317 Stress; but copped one in turn from M326 Ratty. The lively T444 Chaz homed in on M326 Ratty. M339 Garrod and T349 Noddy shared a heavy head on. M355 Mullins delivered a solid head on to T174 Whipper. T519 Knuckles jacked M339 Garrod. T444 Chaz delivered a head on to the obliging M817 Stig. M326 Ratty administered a head on to the leading T261 Davies. T444 Chaz jacked M81 Scarrow hard, only to cop a head on from M326 Ratty. M179 Leg-end delivered a head on to T431. The red flags came out due to a fire for T444 Chaz. The restart saw only T299 Callaghan, T261 Davies and M326 Ratty as the only drivers left running. M326 Ratty tried to stop the leading T299 Callaghan who cleverly moved out of the way to allow T261 Davies to dish a head on. This saw M326 Ratty set alight ending his valiant effort as the race was declared in favour of T299 Callaghan.

The Unlimited Bangers finally had their turn for Heat 1 which raised 38 cars. M82 Quinny stopped the leading T160 Winsor on oppo, and then continued his assault to stop T43 Bish. M164 Cubsta blasted T43 Bish. T768 McSweeney drove through M85 Ellis. T602 Mr Moody followed in M77 Patch. T43 Bish recovered to blast M932 lil Reedy on oppo. M90 Joe Ninety stopped M661 Smiffy with a solid head on. M328 Lathan obliged to jack T661 Smiffy. M273 Mad Mouse jacked T661 Smiffy on oppo. T88 Ballbag went in on M326 Ratty. M932 Lil Reedy went in with a big shot on the nose of T88 Ballbag. T513 Shaggy jacked M932 Lil Reedy. T103 Jacko gave a back wheel shot to M90 Joe Ninety. T517 Sidders went for shot on M328 Lathan. M326 Ratty treated T597 Ashman to a solid head on. M342 Freestone jacked T132 Bobbles. M760 Joey delivered a big front wheel shot to T132 Bobbles. M328 Lathan tboned T132 Bobbles. M548 Big Al set about T103 Jacko on oppo. T513 Shaggy jacked M317 Stress, with M548 Big Al again setting about T103 Jacko in similar style. T513 Shaggy jacked M317 Stress once again, running him into M548 Big Al. M164 Cubsta was on hand to blast T513 Shaggy. M146 Wiggy attacked T597 Ashman. M548 Big Al produced a head on to T513 Shaggy. M317 Stress jacked T103 Jacko as the Fen Tigers looked to tip the race in their favour and claw back some points for the home side. M146 Wiggy tboned T513 Shaggy, who then succumbed to a head on from M164 Cubsta. M317 Stress homed in for a solid head on to T513 Shaggy, who then took another in turn from M273 Mad Mouse. Mildenhall Captain 328 Dan Lathan took a fitting win to string back some points as the race was declared due to no Trackstar drivers left running. (which I’m sure T513 Shaggy was happy about!) At this stage, Trackstar lead Mildenhall by 250 points as it stood 300-50.

The Micro Bangers again returned for Heat 3. M479 Ghost and T101 Harmer shared a solid head on – the latter showing his keenness on his debut adult meeting. M47 Butty Jnr jacked T101 Harmer, who then received a shot over the rear wheel from M246 Butts. The red flags came out, although the reason for them was unknown. The restart saw T155 Mr Slow deliver a big jacking to M379 Iggle before it all kicked off on the entrance to the home straight where multiple shots flew in. M29 Mawsdey weighed in on T36 Lewis. T511 Licquorice rattled in M47 Butty Jnr who then went on to jack T36 Lewis with his attacker going in on the back. T321 Chatty Man jacked M47 Butty Jnr hard; the latter then copping a head on from T622 Stuie. T460 Tongue then jacked M47 Butty Jnr on oppo. M47 Butty Jnr recovered to stop the leading T352 Mynott, running him into the bank. T622 Stuie tboned M47 Butty Jnr who was drawing lots of attention to himself from the Trackstar Mafia brigade. T256 Matt Tillow raced to the win to make it a hattrick so far in the Micros for Trackstar.

The third 2l Heat started with T41 Looney Lee attacking M108 Squeaky who then received a head on from T170 Teal. T444 Chaz followed in M44 Pullen who then copped a heavy jacking from T612 Loadsey. T612 Loadsey continued his assault by turning round to blast M800 Neary only to cop one over the rear wheel from Demons guest M18 Law. T508 Ledhead come under the attention of the Fen Tigers suffering some abuse before T444 Chaz jacked M800 Neary and kept the momentum to follow the latter in. M326 Ratty buried T27 Telbert into a lame Fen Tiger. T577 Graves delivered a rather solid tbone to M326 Ratty. T41 Looney Lee came round on oppo to tbone M326 Ratty, setting him up for a head on from T136 Junior. T444 Chaz continued his lively streak by jacking M800 Neary hard again. T41 Looney Lee treated M800 Neary to a head on; the latter was then jacked by T188 Victor. M122 Boland attacked the leading T220 Lurch who was competing in his final meeting. T41 Looney Lee jacked M122 Boland. The points after the race saw Trackstar maintain their healthy lead as the scores stood at 450-100.

Unlimited heat 2 commenced with M932 Lil Reedy jacking the lame T230 Moljord. M77 Patch put his Toyota Station Wagon X to good use with a brutal head on to T43 Bish. M932 Lil Reedy jacked M43 Bish. M77 Patch delivered another head on, this time to T514 Shaggy. T579 Mr Clumsy followed in M146 Wiggy. M932 Lil Reedy responded by driving through T579 Mr Clumsy. M82 Quinny guided his Supra to administer a head on to T579 Mr Clumsy. M932 Lil Reedy continued his wrecking spree by jacking T514 Shaggy. M116 No Luck Nat blasted T960 Rosco over the front wheel. M82 Quinny was disqualified for blasting a Trackstar driver while they had wheels on the centre green. M146 Dan Wigman took the win this time to earn some points back for Mildenhall. Trackstar were still leading by some margin with the scores now 450-150.

The Micro Final saw 1300 Stock Car star M129 Morphey jack T908 Judd. M990 Mr OCD and T512 Cooper shared a huge head on. T37 Lewis attacked M375 Hensby. T512 Cooper went head on M375 Hensby. T622 Stuie jacked M375 Hensby on oppo with the latter bursting into flames. M3 Bond deliver a mega head on to T37 Lewis. The reds came out for the fire. The restart saw M3 Bond put a valiant effort up but he eventually got stopped head on. T256 Tillow jacked M3 Bond with the former going on to stop the determined M47 Buttsy Jnr. T591 Giddings then blasted M47 Buttsy Jnr who copped a tbone in turn from UK Champion T165 Benny Boy. The race went straight into the DD with T329 Carter attacking M379 Iggle from the off, the latter then taking a big shot from T591 Giddings. T887 Stark tboned M75 Hensby, whilst T143 Mann delivered similar treatment to M379 Iggle. T329 Carter attacked T634 Marty before T165 Benny Boy went in on M379 Iggle. T329 Carter jacked T36 Lewis, as the red flags came out due to no Fen Tigers left running. Trackstar were now miles clear with a lead of 850 points to Mildenhall’s 150 points.

The 2l Final commenced with M18 Law attacking T349 Noddy. T444 Chaz met the oncoming M326 Ratty in a meaty head on. M247 Bro had the early lead but he through it away to jack T444 Chaz. T479 Jooble jacked M247 Bro, who was jacked in turn by an on oppo attack by T201 Turk. T212 delivered a head on to M52 Needsy. T261 Davies also gave a head on to M52 Needsy. T577 Graves jacked M326 Ratty which sparked a small fire on the latter’s Mondeo. T785 Diminoc jacked M317 Stress. T431 Munson attacked M16 Jackal Jnr who was jacked in turn by T41 Looney Lee. A DD was not run for the 2 Litres due to not many cars running still after the destruction of the final. This meant the scores stood at Trackstar 1100 – 150 Mildenhall, and therefore Trackstar now secure of the win at this stage unless they were deducted points in the Unlimiteds.

The Unlimited Final commenced with M317 Stress running in T513 Shaggy. M116 No Luck Nat dished out a head on to T960 Rosco. Loads of Trackstar came together at the entrance of the back straight, with T22 Vinno climbing the armco and rolling spectacularly bringing the reds out to retrieve the latter. The restart saw M273 Mad Mouse attack T88 Ballbag on opposite. T230 Moldjord weighed in on M273 Mad Mouse. T960 Rosco delivered a revenge head on to M116 No Luck Nat from earlier in the race. T388 Lump attacked M146 Wiggy. M90 Joe Ninety administered a head on to T132 Bobbles. T388 Lump gave a head on to M273 Mad Mouse. T898 Battle distributed a head on to M146 Wiggy. T388 Lump jacked M90 Joe Ninety down the home straight as T898 Battle jacked M328 Lathan on the pits bend. N116 No Luck Nat jacked T898 Battle who responded with a head on to the former against the armco. M328 Lathan jacked T388 Lump whilst leading who then came under a couple of attacks from T662 Dalts on oppo. M328 Lathan recovered to run T898 Battle into the grass banking. T960 Rosco treated M328 Lathan to a head on. The latter then weighed in on T898 Battle before sharing a head on with T662 Dalts. T662 Dalts attacked M90 Joe Ninety before bursting into flames. T328 Daniel Lathan took the final honours of the day to salvage some pride for the Fen Tigers.

Overall another blinding head to head between Trackstar v Mildenhall just showing how good the spot can be with a bit of motivation behind. All drivers were up for the occasion and some top entertainment on show for a very good reason.

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