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Spedeworth Bangers WQR – 29/09/2019 – Yarmouth

The double points World Qualfying Round for the 1600 Bangers raised 27 cars at a very wet Yarmouth on Sunday 29th September which wasn’t a bad effort considering most had competed the night before in the Gold Rush round at Mildenhall.

Heat 1 commenced with 422 Mule and 59 Greenstreet crashing out early onto the centre.551 No Mates spun 126 GFY. 295 Ash Dash got himself stuck on the marker tyres in the middle of the pits bend after a tangle with 461 Bamp. 551 No Mates put away 122 Pikey on the caister bend. 414 Craig spun 126 GFY as he looked to move up the order. 223 Collins attacked 461 Bamp. 18 Turkish put away 325 Wiggles before a few quieter laps ran down the finish with 414 Jimmy Craig taking the win from 123 Steve Saw and 223 Sonny Collins.

Heat 2 saw an addition with 348 Steven Oakes making it out onto the grid. 5 Alexander posted 230 Tweedy in a first bend push. 348 Oakes rolled down the entrance of the pits bend in a collision with 5 Alexander bringing an early halt to proceedings. The restart saw 18 Turkish put away 302 Smith – 122 Pikey also getting sent fencewards. 98 Shandy spun 23 Maty. 440 Lemon spun 621 Gruff aside. 5 Alexander put away 385 Thurlow. 85 Thur-toe spun 122 Pikey who rejoined across the figure of 8 earning himself a disqualification. 440 Lemon turfed out 351 Anderson as he continued his charge. 325 Wiggles set about 223 Collins. DMB and Rude Boyz traded blows again as 143 DH followed in 333 Beachball. 325 Wiggles was on hand to deliver a massive jacking to 143 DH but needed the red flags to come out as he got his ankle trapped between the pedals. Two laps were left remaining on the restart with 440 Lemon leading. 302 Smith and 98 Shandy crashed out. 621 Gruff ran 5 Alexander into the growing pile of cars on the Caister bend as 440 Lennon Phillips took the victory ahead of 85 Nathan Thurlow and 59 Tom Greenstreet.

The Final only saw 13 cars return as the weather wasn’t improving in the slightest and the aftermath of a heavy second heat. The action commenced with 621 Gruff and 348 Oakes getting put away by the pack straight away. 18 Turkish was spun aside but swiftly rejoined the fray. 551 No Mates weighed in on the lame 348 Oakes taking both cars to the infield. 18 Turkish spun 551 No Mates who crashed into 348 Oakes again. 223 Collins spun 23 Maty. 23 Maty recovered to set about 551 No Mates who quickly repaid the favour by spinning his attacker. 59 Tom Greenstreet raced to the win ahead of 438 Jason Greener and 85 Nathan Thurlow.

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