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Spedeworth Bangers Track Championship Round – 29/05/2017 – Ipswich

Report by Lewis Adams

A decent field of around 40 cars gathered at Foxhall for the Bank Holiday meeting, accompanied by Classic Hot Rods & Rookie Rods. Perhaps not the liveliest meeting ever, but for domestic rookies it still had it’s moments.

Driver List

9 Chris Wallace – Ford Focus
45 Paul Felgate – Honda Civic
53 Luke Needs – Ford Focus
76 Stuart Aldridge – Honda Civic
98 Niki Jarvis – Honda Civic
102 Damien Steel – Honda Civic
104 Paul Brown – Ford Focus
125 Kyle Pearson – Honda Civic
126 Daniel Darbyshire – Ford Focus
136 James Martins – Ford Escort Mk6
171 Stephen Thorley – Vauxhall Astra Mk4
191 Kieran Greenway – Honda Civic
213 ?? – Ford Focus
224 Lewis Canham – Honda Civic
236 Chris Sparkes – Vauxhall Astra Mk4
297 Aston Leathers – Honda Civic Aerodeck Estate
307 Martin Kent – Honda Civic
325 Callum Davies – Vauxhall Astra Mk4
351 Adrian Martins – Ford Focus Saloon
354 Josh Vowden – Ford Focus
383 Ashley Durrant – Ford Focus
385 Craig Thurlow – Nissan Almera
386 Marcus Gridley – Ford Focus
400 Lee Kingsnorth – Honda Civic Aerodeck Estate
422 Kevin Buckley – Honda Civic Aerodeck Estate
474 Michael Kent – Honda Civic
486 Kirk Savoury – Ford Focus
528 James Bailey – Vauxhall Astra Mk4 Estate
540 Adam James – Honda Civic
551 Ben Warner – Nissan Primera
607 Simon Ford – Honda Civic Aerodeck Estate
628 Kevin Taylor – Honda Civic
688 Steven Collings – Ford Focus Estate
738 Daniel Offord – Ford Focus
760 Scott Parkes – Honda Civic
824 Martin William – Ford Focus
851 Robbie Warner – Vauxhall Astra Mk4 Coupe
876 Ronnie Hammond – Nissan Primera
985 Nathan Thurlow – Rover 216

Heat 1 – around 40 start. The race started with a lot of spins, 351 Adrian Martins gets followed in early into the turn 1 armco leaving him out of the race. 136 James Martins gets spun hard into the turn 2 exit, wounding his car, he took no further proceedings in the meeting.125 Kyle Pearson gets caught up with 9 Chris Wallace on turn 3 before 876 Ronnie Hammond gives 9 a big hit in the rear, caging the Focus of 9 which he’s had for over a year now – could it finally be dead? Reds called for 9, he hops out okay. Restart, more spins, 236 Chris Sparkes gets spun on the home straight and ends up facing the wrong way for the rest of the race. 688 Steven Collings punts 171 Stephen Thorley into the turn 3 armco, 688 then gets caught up with Team No Mates. 628 Kevin Taylor Wins.

Heat 2 – around 37 cars, a late arrival from 126 Daniel Darbyshire joined for the second race. 351 Adrian Martins and 824 Martin William get caught up on the turn 2 exit partially blocking the track. 171 Stephen Thorley’s steering is completely ruined and he trundles round the track repeatedly hitting the armco. 607 Simon Ford pushes 297 Aston Leathers around the entirety of the Burton Power bend. 383 Ashley Durrant is pushed into the wall just before turn 3, wrecking his engine and leaving him facing oncoming traffic. A few cars come together on turn 3 including 985 Nathan Thurlow who nearly rolls over, 307 Martin Kent gets spun. 354 Josh Vowden wins.

Heat 3 – roughly 32 cars. Starts out quiet with a few spins. 3 cars get caught up leaving 760 Scott Parkes against the home straight wall, 351 Adrian Martins who’s done a great job fixing his car for every race ends up in the wall yet again, an unlucky day for him. Not much happens until 126 Daniel Darbyshire and 307 Martin Kent come together on turn 4 and come to a halt. 307 then gets caged by 53 Luke Needs, 53 then being done by 688 Steven Collings. 53’s car erupts into flames and keeps going for some time as the marshalls struggle to extinguish the flames. 102 Damien Steel wins.

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