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Spedeworth Bangers Track Championship – 14/05/2017 – Aldershot

Heat 1
The first heat of the day raised just 11 cars with Jack ‘Peachy’ Ansell suffering with car issues meaning 10 started. It was a really quiet race with no action to really note.
Race winner: 271 James Vockins

Heat 2
The second race of the day raised 13 cars. There was a big push on lap 2 which claimed Team Trim duo 471, Anthony Oak, 794 and 118, Ruben Neves. The 471 car of Anthony Oak got going again struggling with some steering damage. The rest of the race was ‘roddy’ with nothing else really happening.
Race Winner: 438 Jason Greener

The final saw the biggest grid of the day for the bangers and began with 84 Jack ‘Pecahy’ Ansell getting half spun on the home straight making him spin the 118 car of Ruben Neves. A massive push happened on the pit bend which caused 503, Dale Burrows to clip the marker tyres on the exit of turn 2 causing him to roll. The Burrows car remained stricken in the middle of the track on the exit of turn 2 for the rest of the race. A few laps after the roll, Jack ‘Peachy’ Ansell clipped the Burrows car but carried on without sustaining any real damage. 84 ‘Peachy’ then picked up the 29 Jamie Smith car and followed him into the turn 3 and 4 wall.
Race Winner: 228 Robert Barnes

The Bangers started off really slow, but gradually got heavier as the day went on.

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