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Rookie Banger Kent Championship – 28/08/2017 – Dover

Report by Ryan Martin

Qualifying Race 1: Some good hits, a pileup on first bend, 1 big crash on last corner resulting in a reds few cars left, little happened after that. 

Qualifying Race 2: Little went on in this race with the occasional hit. Racing was quiet with a roll over on the centre green but then turned into madness with a big pile up, cars getting demolished the rest of the race. The winner, Amy Harper is now in the Kent championship race. 

The Rookie Banger Kent Championship: An incredible race big hits on first bend with a head on to add to the carnage 164 being run in by 623 near the end if the race and comes round again to finish the job. The top 3 was 1st 33 2nd 88 3rd 294

​The DD which had a massive head on between 65 Megan Tutt and 84 Terri Anderson race on reds as Terri went unconcious at the same time 89 set fire and the Marshall had to sort that out as well. Two cars remaining so it was called with the 2 drivers winning.

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