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National Micro Bangers – 06/08/2017 – Yarmouth

7 Hayden Booty – Nissan Micra
17 Kyle Overy – Nissan Micra (used)
33 Gary Madgwick – Ford Fiesta (used)
143 Daniel Rose – Nissan Micra (used)
247 Lee Clarke – Nissan Micra
274 Leo Bond – Nissan Micra
317 Bryson Walker – Nissan Micra (used)
400 Lee Kingsnorth – Nissan Micra
447 Nyall Hardingham – Volkswagen Polo (used)
516 Carl Gould – Ford KA
518 Stuart Gould – Nissan Micra
548 Alex Utting – Nissan Micra (used)
821 Ryan Preston – Nissan Micra

Yarmouth Stadium saw 13 cars for their annual Micro Madness meeting; a slightly disappointing field based on previous year’s turnouts, but this was mostly down to losing the Aaron King Memorial tag to the meeting and a clashing Micro fixture down the road at Kings Lynn. Although disappointing, the field raised more cars than expected with only 10 being booked in. A special mention must go to 247 Bro, who not only raced the night before at Mildenhall BWS, but changed an engine in his Micra half an hour before start time to still race showing great dedication.

Heat 1 raised all 13 cars. 518 Gould expired before the green flag. 274 Bond had an excursion with 516 Gouldy, which saw the former take a rough ride over the centre green. 821 Dangerous put the bumper in on 143 Rose to move up the field. 317 Brick put the bumper in on 17 Chiefy to move up to third. 7 Booty suffered a bend axle which lead to him retiring, as did 17 Chiefy who had done a head gasket. 33 Magic looked to best his way past 400 The Boy to take the lead, eventually moving in to spin him. 247 Bro punted 317 Brick into 447 Nail to move up to third. 317 Brick attempted to spin 274 Bond, who held the car brilliantly to keep going. 274 Bond had a pop back at 317 Brick into the caister bend, as 33 Magic raced to the win ahead of 400 The Boy and 247 Bro.

Heat 2 saw 10 cars make it back out on track. 247 Bro spun 274 Bond. 317 Brick and 33 Magic pushed their way through the pack from the back, as 516 Gouldy had a nibble at 143 Rose. 274 Bond and 143 Rose collided together on the pits bend. 33 Magic bested 821 Dangerous for second, as 317 Brick moved past 447 Nail to get into the top 5. 516 Gouldy attacked 143 Rose, eventually spinning the latter. 247 Bro removed the back marking 274 Bond. 247 Bro went on to spin 518 Gould. The Gould brothers made an attempt to slow 821 Dangerous and 317 Brick, with the latter taking a lunge at 518 Gould. 143 Rose spun 274 Bond as 247 Bro took the honours this time from 33 Magic and 400 The Boy.

10 cars again for the final, which saw 247 Bro spin 143 Rose, who then received a head on from 821 Dangerous. 143 Rose stopped the leading 317 Brick with an on oppo attempt. 317 Brick lunged 274 Bond. 821 Dangerous ended 400 The Boy’s charge with a solid head on. 247 Bro spun 447 Nail. 143 Rose kept trying to stop 317 Brick on oppo to no avail, before the latter eventually connected with a hit. 274 Bond moved in to spin 317 Brick. 317 Brick made an attack at 821 Dangerous, 516 Gouldy moving into to jack the former. 317 Brick delivered a hard head on to 143 Rose, only to cop at tbone from 548 Big Al. 821 Dangerous turned around to dish a couple of meaty tbones to 317 Brick, who rejoined only to cop a hit from the winning 247 Bro. 516 Gouldy and 518 Gould rounded off the top three.

The DD raised 6 cars, which saw 821 Dangerous immediately in reverse to attack 317 Brick. 516 Gouldy blasted 447 Nail, before 247 Bro delivered a mega head on to 317 Brick, killing both cars. 548 Big Al attacked 821 Dangerous, shoving in to the infield marker tyres. 516 Gouldy set about 548 Big Al, as 821 Dangerous jacked 247 Bro. 516 Gouldy jacked 548 Big Al heavily, and went on to blast 821 Dangerous. 516 Gouldy moved in for a big shot to 548 Big Al, 821 Dangerous attacking 516 Gouldy; 447 Nail weighing in on 821 Dangerous to complete the train. 516 Gouldy and 821 Dangerous traded blows down the home straight. 548 Big Al sideswiped 516 Gouldy, and then blasted the latter with a back whee shot. 821 Dangerous weighed in on 516 Gouldy, before doing him head on. 548 Big Al moved in to strike 516 Gouldy. The trio traded small blows before 548 Big Al done a length of the straight shot on 516 Gouldy. 821 Dangerous dished a head on to 516 Gouldy, who responded by pushing the former into the ropes. 548 Big Al attacked 516 Gouldy with a front wheel shot. 516 Gouldy and 821 Dangerous traded blows before sharing a head on down the back straight; tyre rubber and clutch smoke filling the air, leaving both cars to expire and share the DD honours.

The car numbers may have been small, but after two steady heats, the drivers definitely delivered in the final and DD to send the holiday crowd home happy.

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