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Kings Lynn – 22/01/23 – Unlimited Bangers Icebreaker Teams – Meeting Report

The annual Unlimited Icebreaker took place at the Adrian Flux Arena on Sunday 22nd January 2023, kicking off what is expected to be another top season for Trackstar in their pursuit for a fourth consecutive ‘promoter of the year’ accolade. 

A long trip from South West for 648 Jamie Smith to guest for the Predators. He had this smart X300 for the occasion.

With 86 Unlimited Bangers in action, there wasn’t a great deal of material on display; the majority of the field being made up of the run of the mill Ford Scorpio’s, Mercedes W210’s, Jaguar X300’s and other modern alternatives. However, 230 Keirren Genge had a stunning Jaguar XJ Series III which looked pukka among the fog across the Norfolk sky. The Entertainment’s 52 Steven Dean brought a very tender looking Lincoln Town Car Limo whilst teammate for the day 257 Ben Waddingham returned a Mk3 Ford Granada Limo. 721 Dan Clarke piloted a fresh Austin FX4 Taxi. There was some more used beef with 279 Bradley Bowman returning brother Slim’s Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse, and 214 Connor Osborne returned his World Final Jaguar X300 Limosine. The Volvo 960 Ambulance of 267 Martin French also graced the track once again. 247 Ashley Disdle had the sole Toyota Previa.

Stunning Jaguar for 230 Kierren Genge

On the paint front, 01 Kyle Shires, 23 Sonny Parsons, 73 Dean Cruickshanks, 84 Will Cole, 100 Callum White, 101 Cieran Hamner, 118 Kane Shaw, 133 Ben Wyatt, 182 Reece Tingle, 215 Leonard Dunn, 252 Steven Bugler, 262 Rob Bugler, 281 Lewis Tingle, 323 Deane Kelly, 333 Charlie Randell, 648 Jamie Smith and 828 Jordan Sharpe all impressed.

Smart effort for 23 Sonny Parsons (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

Heat 1 begun with 721 Clarkey rattle the plating on turn 1 and get leathered by 23 Sonny P and call for a stoppage bringing an early red flag. A few laps passed on the restart with 374 Sam Markham setting the early pace up front, before 114 Liam Lake had a pop at 440 Macauley Mills, leaving the former sat up as he collected the abandoned Taxi. Lakey escaped unscathed, as 341 Andrew Jones followed 440 Big Mac in. 114 Lakey homed in on the BRMC driver, with swift revenge courtesy of 333 Chaz. 341 Jonesey turned it on oppo to come flying in on the luckless Big Mac. 299 Tommy Callaghan crashed into the two Predators guests, before 262 Roona laid into 114 Lakey. 141 Mark Freeman jacked 440 Big Mac before the action shifted down to under the scoreboard. 51 James Licquorice weighed in on 828 Jordan Sharpe and was jacked in turn by 84 Will Cole. 188 John Reeves homed in for a revenge hit on 84 Alpaca. 100 Callum White attacked 209 Tom Waller on oppo. 84 Alpaca and 100 Cock combined to lay into 209 Tombo on oppo a lap later. 828 Sharpey jacked 51 Licquorice. 299 Callaghan blasted 51 Licquorice, before the Aftermath duo of 84 Alpaca and 100 Cock again laid into 209 Tombo on oppo. 188 Victor jacked 299 Callaghan and was immediately done in turn by 23 Sonny P. 141 Mad Mark went in on 23 Sonny P and duly copped a head on from 41 Lee Barnes. 209 Tombo tboned 100 Cock, the latter copping a shot from 188 Victor on oppo. 333 Chaz attacked 341 Jonesey on oppo, before the pair shared a head on. 460 Clifford Friend homed in for a hit over the front wheel to the spun 323 Deane Kelly. 374 Sam Markham raced to the win.

374, 327, 262, 299, 828, 341, 459, NOF

The inevitable BRCM v 341/114 battle didn’t take long to get going (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

Heat 2 was very quiet on the action front, although there was enough to satisfy the pallet. 460 Clifford Friend delivered a front wheel shot to the spun 323 Deano. 279 Braderz weighed in on 3 Mitch Finney, before 101 Charmer set about 362 Johnny James. 214 Osborne ran head on into 460 Big Dog, and was then jacked by 648 Smithy. 381 Trevor Joyce went in on 648 Smithy, before 129 Joe Skutela spun 639 Tye Williams on the road bend. 279 Braderz weighed in on 214 Osborne on oppo, with 129 Square Head delivering a head on to 284 James Head. 549 Phil Smith racing to the win this time.

549, 01, 589, 349, 222, 252, 284, 182, 267, 648

Turns 1/2 weren’t the place to be in Heat 2, although 129 Joe Skutela made sure there was some form of action by spinning 639 Tye Williams (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

93 Dylan Goodman was the first casualty of Heat 3, getting turned fence-wards by 43 Nicky Bishop, before 41 Louis Fidment jacked the Gladiators driver. 247 Ashley Disdle spun 107 Taylor Pratchett. 277 Sean Rowell spun 230 Kierren Genge, who was collected by 118 Kane Shaw. 43 Bish delivered a rear wheel shot to 230 Muttley. 247 Disdle again spun 107 Pratchett. 277 Sideshow tboned 257 Benji on oppo, with Jokers running mate 247 Disdle also going on oppo to meet 52 Deane in a head on. 107 Pratchett jacked 343 Connor Farley under the scoreboard. 243 Pete Osborne collected 277 Sideshow. 73 Crucko had a pop at 247 Disdle. 107 Pratchett jacked 52 Deane. 243 Bodja homed in on 52 Deane, as 247 Disdle came flat out along the back straight to tbone the limo. 229 Harry Cobb raced to the win.

229, 195, 133, 243, NOF

52 Steven Dean’s limo looking worse for wear after Heat 3 (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

The fourth heat begun with 182 Reece Tingle spinning 114 Adam Jackson, and 460 Big Dog delivered the same treatment to 171 Tommy West. World Champion 388 Stevo McGrath spun under pressure from 455 Ricki Finney. Several drivers crashed out on turn 3/4 including 639 Tye Pirate, 634 Ben Green, 222 Colin Riddell and 267 Frenchy. 112 Daz Prestage ran 279 Bradderz into the spun 349 Lewis Price. 455 Finney tboned 634 Marty, who also copped a rear wheel shot from 171 Westy Jnr. 333 Chaz ran 299 Callaghan into 634 Marty, with 460 Big Dog jacking the luckless Aftermath guest. 341 Jonesey set about 252 Boogie. 362 Drifter delivered a rear wheel shot to 341 Jonesey. 298 Sam Wyatt also homed in on 634 Marty, which left the latter’s Mk3 Ford Granada a fair mess and brought the red flags out to allow Ben to exit the car safely. The restart saw 279 Bradderz and 267 Frenchy crash out under the scoreboard. 222 Riddell spun 262 Roona. 279 Bradderz met 252 Boogie in a solid head on, which left the latter’s Scorpio well snapped on the passenger A pillar. 440 Lennon Phillips steamed in on 252 Boogie. 262 Roona delivered a head on to Bradderz. 269 Tom Morris delivered a rear wheel shot to 129 Square Head. 262 Roona and 333 Chaz combined to lay into 178 Slim. 252 Boogie tboned 279 Bradderz, and copped one himself from 828 Sharpey. 333 Chaz jacked the World of Shale Champion, before 262 Roona steamed in to 279 Bradderz on oppo. 333 Chaz again set about 828 Sharpey. 549 Phil Smith raced to his second win of the afternoon, whilst 252 Boogie impressively managed to drive his warped Scorpio off the track.

549, 222, 298, 459, 101, NOF

Broken Mk3 Granada for 634 Ben Green

The fifth and final heat saw the fog lift over the raceway. 624 Liam Hide set about 209 Tombo, with 84 Alpaca going in on the nose of the latter. Several drivers crashed out along the home straight including 118 Kaney Boy, who took a rear wheel shot from 133 Werzal. 100 Cock turned around on turn 2 to attack 215 Murph. 51 Licquorice set about 100 Cock. 107 Pratchett set about 199 Shaydy Gough. Silver Boys revenge was swift, as 73 Crucko steamed in on the Gladiator. 195 David Forrest spun 107 Pratchett, and 188 Victor delivered the same treatment to 110 Brett Judge. It was then as if someone turned the action meter up a couple of notches, as the race really kicked off. The Dover Boys set about 93 Dilly on turn 1, with 51 Licquorice also going in on 43 Bish. 133 Werzal weighed in on 51 Licquorice and was done in turn by 73 Crucko. 195 Grenade David was on hand to deliver swift Posh Wash revenge, but he in turn copped a shit from 23 Sonny P. 624 Lossy Jnr and 199 Shaydy both steamed in, with 116 Nat Cohn leathering Shaydy. 230 Muttley steamed in on 116 No Luck Nat, and the former was tboned by 118 Kaney Boy. 43 Bush went in on 116 No Luck Nat. 277 Sideshow, 673 Fendley, 110 The Judge and 92 Lee Edwards all went in. 247 Disdle jacked 41 Fidment. 43 Bish jacked 133 Werzal. 243 Pete Osborne raced to the initial win, but was duly taken out of the result for cutting the infield when everyone else were steaming into the pile up. The race only having three official finishers, with 673 Darren Fendley taking the win.

673, 92, 110, NOF

In a massive contrast to Heat 2, it looked like everyone wanted to be parked on the road bend in Heat 5 (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

An incredible effort in the pits after a bit of repair time saw a field of around 65 return for the final. 911 Toby Wilson hit a marker tyre and was collected by 181 Grant Doe, which left the Equalizers driver sat prone for a jacking from 648 Smithy. 87 Damo weighed in on 116 No Luck Nat, with 374 Markham going in on the Predators man. 648 Smithy blasted 374 Markham, as behind, 349 Noddy and 41 Fidment piled in. 84 Alpaca weighed in on 41 Fidment. 298 Showman jacked 84 Alpaca. 229 Riddell attacked 459 Platts and collected 298 Showman. 648 Smithy continued his lively streak by ploughing into 229 Riddell. 101 Charmer went in on 648 Smithy and was jacked in turn by 178 Slim. 333 Chaz homed in on 178 Slim and was done himself by 114 Lakey. 267 Frenchy ran 188 Victor into 101 Charmer, as 114 Lakey weighed in once again on 333 Chaz having completed a lap. 112 Daz weighed in on 267 Frenchy. 262 Roona jacked 114 Lakey hard. 323 Deano lamely went in on Lakey, and backed off just in time for 262 Roona to deliver another solid jacking to the Predators guest, whilst several of the front-runners fell foul in the melee on turns 3 and 4. 460 Big Dog jacked 252 Boogie and 639 Tye Pirate drove through 93 Dilly. 262 Roona laid into 279 Bradderz as 267 Frenchy managed to get his Volvo Ambulance circulating once again. 639 Tye Pirate attacked Frenchy and was duly turned fence-wards himself at the end of the home straight by 3 Finney. 107 Pratchett delivered a head on to the leading 455 Finney, who absorbed the hit well, not really losing any momentum. 100 Cock came flat out into the pile up on turn 4 to randomly do 112 Daz, who had been sat for a fair amount of laps. 3 Finney jacked 114 Lakey, as 455 Finney spun 262 Roona. 100 Cock again drove through 112 Daz whilst 333 Chaz kept attacking the already dead car of 648 Smithy. 455 Ricki Finney raced to the win from 281 Lewis Tingle and 181 Grant Doe. This was enough to secure the titles for Silver Boys A, taking the win by 20 points over Gladiators A, with Silver Boys C in third. 

455, 281, 181, 252, 243, 459, 639, 01, 3, 299

455 Ricki Finney leading by example taking a Final and DD double on route to Silver Boys A winning the title (Kimberley Jessica Photography)

Into the DD, with 279 Bradderz and 262 Roona having a set about one another. 100 Cock delivered a hit on oppo to 3 Finney. 277 Sideshow delivered a front wheel shot to 3 Finney, with 639 Tye Pirate also delivering a rear wheel shot to the Silver Boys yank. 41 Lee Barnes pulled out at the end of the back straight and was leathered by 349 Allard. 181 Doe weighed in for a head on to 41 Looney Lee, with 199 Shaydy jacking Doe. 100 Cock buried 279 Bradderz into a marker tyre. 459 Platts ran 214 Osborne into 279 Bradderz. 455 Finney jacked 100 Cock, as 277 Sideshow set about 639 Tye Pirate on oppo. 247 Disdle attacked 199 Shaydy. At this point, 262 Roona accepted his fate being the only one left running against four Silver Boys and parked himself up on turn 3 for a large shot from 459 Platts. 455 Finney weighed in for a front wheel shot to 262 Roona. 299 Callaghan weighed in on Roona, with a head on from 455 Finney enough to finish the job. 455 Ricki Finney outlasted his teammates to secure the Final and DD double, and end what had been a top day of Unlimited action.

Silver Boys dominating things with first and third in the overall standings…

In the Entertainer standings, Aftermath A secured the honours from Dover Boys and Predators B.

… whilst Aftermath A secured the entertainer points (Kimberley Jessica Photography)
Icebreaker PointsEntertainer Points
Silver Boys A95ptsAftermath A100pts
Gladiators A75ptsDover Boys80pts
Silver Boys C60ptsPredators B70pts
Team Extreme A50ptsPredators A65pts
BRCM35ptsPosh Wash A50pts
Posh Wash B35ptsBRCM35pts
Dover Boys25ptsPosh Wash B35pts
Junkyard Blobs25ptsSilver Boys C30pts
Matts Mafia25ptsAftermath B25pts
Silver Boys B20ptsGladiators B25pts
Silver Boys D20ptsPredators C20pts
Posh Wash A15ptsSilver Boys D20pts
Predators C15ptsGravediggers15pts
Aftermath B5ptsMatts Mafia15pts
Silver Boys B15pts
Team OMB15pts
The Jokers15pts
Gladiators A10pts
Team Extreme A10pts
Junkyard Blobs5pts
Team Extreme B5pt

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