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Figure of 8 European Championship – 04/06/1995 – Yarmouth

Spedeworth International hosted what they dubbed ‘Championship Day’ at Yarmouth Stadium on Sunday 4th June 1995, where the main attraction was the Ministox World Championship but also featured the National Bangers competing for the Figure of 8 European Championship. There were plenty of travelling drivers, including two Continental drivers in 50 No De Jongh and 71 Rudi Van Broegen. World Champion 153 Richard Martin and Figure of 8 World Champion 736 Mitch McGee were among several Southern stars to make the meeting. 

The Figure of 8 European Championship was the first race of the day and saw all 25 drivers take to the track.

O – I
737 Tony McGee – 17 Captain Cavemsn
19 Glen Martin – 130 Andy Lane
488 Duane Collins – 736 Mitch McGee
247 Herbie – 307 David Hayworth
50 No De Jongh – 732 Mark Bryant
61 Karl Totham – 117 Karl Dack
201 John Dodge – 151 Robbie Warner
45 – 336 Nigel White
287 Paul Totham – 82 Paul Tompkins
186 Mick Gedney – 752 Neil Eade
71 Rudi Van Broegen – 273 Kevin McClagish
444 Gary Cannell – 153 Richard Martin
75 Daryl Andrews

A massive push into the first bend saw a huge fold up for 130 Laney. Loads more drivers went piling in including World Champion 153 Martin. 336 White jacked 153 Martin earning himself a disqualification, as it was viewed as dangerous because of drivers exiting their cars. 444 Cannell gave 82 Winkle a head on. 736 Krafty Kockney weighed in on 444 Cannell. 19 Nutter blasted the leading 17 Captain Caveman over the crossroads. 736 Krafty Kockney set about 488 United. 61 Flash went on oppo to blast 19 Nutter. Dutch visitor 50 De Jongh exchanged hits with 488 United, 488 United then leaning 50 De Jongh into 732 Bryant’s empty car. Second placed 17 Captain Caveman blew up whilst battling for the lead, which allowed 247 Herbie to open a large lead. 488 United ended 50 De Jongh’s hopes of a finish with a head on. 287 Gizmo turfed aside 247 Herbie on the last lap to take the win.

287 Gizmo, 247 Herbie, 17 Captain Caveman, NOF

The Alcomers saw 13 cars return after the chaotic championship race. 45 followed in 71 Rudi from the off, as 153 Martin buried 75 Andrews hard. 19 Martin attacked 444 Cannell over the grass, and then continued on to put away 247 Herbie. 336 White attacked 82 Winkle on the grass. 153 Martin then fished some southern revenge by jacking 336 White on the grass. 75 Andrew tboned 82 Winkle on the grass, and it was decided that all the drivers that attacked on the grass were to be disqualified. Newly crowned champion 287 Gizmo blitzed 19 Martin. 732 Bryant was on hand to weigh in on 287 Gizmo. 732 Bryant then stopped the leading 17 Captain Caveman. 75 Andrews and 153 Martin crashed out in a big way on the pits bend. 82 Winkle who was still continuing despite the black flag, weighed in on 186 Mad Mick on the grass. 19 Martin gave a head on to 186 Mad Mick. 247 Herbie wasted the lead to drive through 82 Winkle on the grass and received similar treatment to the others. 17 Captain Caveman and 732 Bryant attacked one another. 17 Captain Caveman won by default as the only car running that hadn’t been disqualified for hitting on the grass. 

The DD rounded off the day’s procedures, with the South drivers lining up four a breast, delivering a reverse attack on the EA drivers behind them. 444 Cannell jacked 732 Bryant. 45 attacked 444 Cannell. 117 Kamikaze tboned 45. As this was going on, 50 De Jongh and 17 Captain Caveman met in a hard head on at the end of the home straight with the red flags coming out for 17 Caveman. The restart saw the EA drivers use the same tactics on their southern counterparts. 273 Mad Mouse and 336 White combined to attack 82 Winkle. 201 The Rev gave a rear wheel shot to 336 White. 151 Warner attacked 201 The Rev. 186 Mad Mick assaulted 737 McGee. 732 Bryant weighed in on 186 Mad Mick. 153 Martin attacked 336 White. 752 Eadey jacked 153 Martin and then continued his assault with a head on to 732 Bryant, before going back to dish another head on to the aforementioned 153 Martin. 186 Mad Mick homed in on 153 Martin. 752 Eade’s charge was halted courtesy of an attack from 201 The Rev. 117 Kamikaze delivered a head on to 153 Martin who was getting a lot of stick. 752 Eade recovered to jack 153 Martin. 117 Kamikaze delivered a couple of shots to 153 Martin to make sure the southern charge was over, and then weighed in on 151 Warner. 117 Kamikaze went in over the front wheel of 752 Eade to take the win and round of proceedings.

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