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Challenge Cup – 26/11/2017 – Tullyroann

19 Peter McKenna-Murray – Mitsubishi Lancer
20 Rocky McKenna – Ford Focus
28 Mart McKiernan – Ford Focus
33 Stephen Doyle – Nissan Primera 
59 Steven Bolton – Ford Focus
91 Killian Eager – Honda Civic (used)
105 Jake Neill – Vauxhall Viva
125 Rodney Herron – Volkswagen Beetle
166 William Ogilby – BMW 3 Series
176 Jonathan Compelli – Ford Focus
177 Paul Compelli – Ford Focus saloon
215 Leonard Dunn – Ford Escort
221 Ian Crowley – Nissan Primera
388 Steve McGrath – Ford Focus
432 Daniel Dooner – Nissan Almera
949 Michael Smith – Opel Zafira (used)

16 cars attended the annual Tullyroan Challenge Cup, which was again held in the non-mondeo format. The entrance including World Champion 59 Leadfoot, Irish and Points Champion 215 Dunn and Team Sour pilot 388 Lil Stevo who had all travelled through the night to make it back after attending the Champion of Champions meeting at Birmingham the night before and also Mob man 125 Rodney Herron who travelled across from Ireland. A special mention also to 125 Mr Grandpa and 59 Leadfoot for displaying the site on their cars.

The Championship race was first and began with 215 Dunn stuffing in 949 Hippy big time claiming another couple of drivers as 19 Peter ran in 105 Neilly Jnr and 388 Lil Stevo followed in 20 Rocky. 388 Lil Stevo set about 91 Killian who collected 105 Neilly Jnr before the race was brought to a stoppage. 33 Smiler ran 176 Compelli across the grass before dispatching him. 215 Dunn spun 28 Marty who was collected by 105 Neilly Jnr. 177 Chucky followed in 221 Crowley who was then collected by 19 Peter. 215 Dunn removed 166 Willy. 176 Compelli laid into 19 Peter. 215 Dunn set about 28 Marty. 177 Chucky and 28 Marty shared a pair of head ons before 215 Dunn tboned the latter. 176 Compelli expired running into the lame 221 Crowley. 19 Peter attacked the leading 215 Dunn head on allowing 33 Stephen Doyle to slip through for the win. 215 Dunn deemed the only other finisher.

The Alcomers commenced with 388 Lil Stevo spinning 166 Willy. 59 Leadfoot buried 28 Marty. 388 Lil Stevo jacked 28 Marty. 432 Juice struck 388 Lil Stevo over the rear wheel. 177 Chucky survived a late charge from World Champion 59 Steven Bolton for the win.

The DD began with 59 Leadfoot attacking 28 Mart before meeting 176 Compelli head on. 125 Mr Grandpa and 215 Dunn shared a head on, with the latter being jacked in turn by 176 Compelli. 215 Dunn jacked 125 Mr Grandpa only to cop a heavy tbone from 177 Chucky. 215 Dunn and 125 Mr Grandpa met once again in a head on. 176 Compelli weighed in with a crushing hit on 215 Dunn. 176 Compelli silenced 59 Leadfoot with a pair of solid head ons before laying into 125 Mr Grandpa to take the DD honours. 215 Leonard a Dunn received the best wrecked award for his mangled Ford Escort whilst 28 Marty was given the award for most entertaining on the day.

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