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Caged Open 2018 – 02/12/2018 – Standlake Arena

The first staging of the Caged Open took place at Standlake on Sunday 2nd December as just over 75 cars competed over the two classes. The Unlimited division saw 3 Yanks among the ranks with 388 Taylor Sowter bringing his well presented Chrysler New Yorker which earned the Car Award for them class. 103 Jacko and 199 Tomo had used Yanks, whilst 360 Jackstar had a Volvo 940 Limo. In the Unders class, the field was massively dominated by Ford Focus and Vauxhall Zafiras. 14 Steve Stallwood was given the car award for his Ford Capri as he dared to differ from the norm, whilst the Wickson brothers had the only two signwritten fresh motors with their Zafiras.

Unlimited Bangers – 26 cars
4 David Wilde – used Mercedes W123 Estate
5 Jeffrey Woodford – used Mercedes E Class Estate
7 Aaron Charles – used Lexus 200
75 Clive Haylett – used Mercedes E Class
103 Jack Deacon – used Lincoln Continental
114 Liam Lake – used Mercedes E Class Estate
136 Adrian Court – used Ford Scorpio
155 Rob Philips – used Jaguar X300
161 Billy Smith – used Ford Scorpio
199 Tom Pearce – used Lincoln Continental
209 Tom Waller – used Ford Scorpio Estate
226 Liam Bricknell – used Volvo 740 Estate
260 Keith Reynolds – used Volvo 740 Estate
360 Jack Reynolds – Volvo 940 limo
364 Nathan Olden – used Ford Granada Mk2
388 Taylor Sowter – Chrysler New Yorker
440 Macauley Mills – used Mercedes E Class Estate
479 Jason Wood – used Ford Scorpio
528 Alan Hunt – used Ford Granada Mk2
538 Curtis Salvage – Mercedes C Class
622 Stuart Davis – used Volvo 240 Estate
625 Josh Gooch – used Ford Scorpio
760 Joey Reynolds – used Mercedes E Class
777 Ricky Daunton – Volvo 760
822 Smokey – Mercedes E Class Estate
969 Matt Ford – Honda Accord

Heat 1 commenced with 23 cars. 114 Lakey turfed out 384 Goldie. 155 Philips spun 538 Rodders. 155 Philips then gave a head on to 777 Daunton. 388 Lump jacked 155 Philips.538 Rodders blasted 777 Daunton, as 384 Goldie ran 226 Bricknell into 388 Lump. 114 Lakey delivered a big jacking to 226 Bricknell.114 Lakey jacked 5 Jefferson. 360 Jackstar spun 114 Lakey aside. The reds came out to recover 155 Philips who’s belts had come undone in the melee. The restart began with 7 Aario spinning 364 Nath. 360 Jackstar spun 622 Stuie, with 199 Tomo duly obliging to jack the latter. 622 Stuie rejoined the fray only to be blasted by 384 Goldie ending the former’s race and subsequently his day of racing too.
360 Jack Reynolds went on to win in his quick Volvo limo ahead of 260 Keefy and 136 Adrian Court.

Heat 2 started with 777 Daunton jacking 625 Lunchbox. 199 Tomo weighed in on 777 Daunton. 260 Keefy followed in 114 Lakey. 103 Jacko attacked 538 Rodders and smeared him around the barrrier. 625 Luncbox jacked 538 Rodders. 199 Tomo went in on 538 Rodders who had been sat for a while. 388 Lump jacked 199 Tomo as 364 Nathan Olden took the win ahead of 75 Corey and 4 Wildy.

The Caged Open Final raised 20 cars; 209 Tombo and 161 The Entertainer making it out for their first appearances of the day after differing mechanical issues. 114 Lakey was the first to show as he followed in 777 Daunton. 260 Keefy spun 625 Lunchbox. 969 Phat took a wild lunge at 209 Tombo, burying himself big time in the process. 199 Tomo jacked 969 Phat – the red flags subsequently coming out for 969 Phat who needed medical attention. Phat eventually got out on his own accord. The restart saw 136 Junior spin. 114 Lakey had a nibble at 260 Keefy. 114 Lakey continued to chase down 260 Keefy and eventually put him away. 625 Lunchbox jacked 161 The Entertainer who was then picked up and followed in by 822 Smokey which marked the end of the action. 364 Nathan Olden took the inaugural Unlimited Caged Open ahead of Standlake Points Champion 7 Aaron Charles and 360 Jack Reynolds. 114 Lakey was given the Entertainer of the Meeting and the Merit Award went to 538 Rodders.

The Dash saw only 9 cars return. 136 Junior spun 260 Keefy with the latter backing him up allowing 199 Tomo to tbone 136 Junior. 625 Lunchbox jacked the lame 199 Tomo. 360 Jackstar weighed in on 199 Tomo. 360 Jackstar enjoyed a good battle with 209 Tombo for second with the former all over the 209 car just toying with making a move. 4 David Wide took the win with 209 Tombo narrowly getting second ahead of 360 Jackstar. The Dash went straight into the DD in which 3 cars took part. 360 Jackstar delivered a massive oppo tbone to 777 Daunton. 777 Daunton went in for a lame hit over 360 Jackstar’s rear wheel. 260 Keefy jacked 777 Daunton. 260 Keefy ruined 777 Daunton. 260 Keefy weighed in on 360 Jackstar and then delivered a solid jacking on the latter to take the DD honours.

Unders – 50 cars
017 Marcus Cross – Ford Focus
2 Jon Bricknell – Ford Focus
5 Jeffrey Woolford – used Ford Focus Estate
7 Aaron Charles – used Ford Focus
9 Aaron Langdon – used Ford Focus
14 Steve Stallwood – Ford Capri
44 Michael Bunyan – used Vauxhall Zafira B
56 George Forest – Ford Focus
84 Jack Langridge – Mazda 323 Estate
88 Billy Page – used Ford Focus Estate
92 Kieran Paris – used Ford Focus
114 Shaun Turnage – used Ford Focus (DNR)
133 David Bowles – used Ford Focus
169 Jason Thompson – used Nissan Primera
170 Darren Teal – Ford Focus
182 Matthew Kerbey – Vauxhall Zafira
184 Callum Gaughan – used Ford Focus Estate
190 Andy Kirk – Ford Focus
226 Liam Bricknell – used Ford Focus
244 Jack Bunyan – used Vauxhall Astra Mk5
246 Daniel Burt – Ford Focus
254 David – Honda Accord
257 Wayne Grover – Ford Focus
277 Dean Quinn – used Ford Focus
284 Justin Roff – Ford Focus Estate
294 Sean Martindale – used Ford Focus Estate
302 Simon Baker – used Ford Focus
325 Adam Wickson – Vauxhall Zafira B
333 Brad Wickson – Vauxhall Zafira B
369 Daniel Thompson – Ford Focus
418 Amie Chandler – used Honda Civic
420 Nicholas Souch – used Ford Focus
456 Terry Hawes – used Nissan Almera
479 Jason Wood – used Ford Focus
487 Alex Parker – used Honda Civic
499 Lee Charles – used Ford Focus
545 Darrel Wilkins – used Honda Civic
560 Gary Reynolds – Citroen Xsara Picasso
601 Richard Groothold – Ford Focus
657 Colin Larman – used Ford Focus Estate
703 Scott Whitaker – Vauxhall Zafira
713 Chris Wilson – Ford Focus
720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel – used Ford Focus Estate
746 Deejay Tyler – used Nissan Almera GX
747 Eddie Cotton – Vauxhall Astra Mk4
784 Andrew Shorten – used Nissan Almera
791 Aaron Rowland – used Ford Focus
792 – used Vauxhall Zafira
794 Scott Martindale – used Ford Focus
799 Tom Pearce – used Ford Focus

Heat 1 for the Unders was the opening banger race on the day and was open to the first 28 cars available. 325 Wiggles rattled in 420 Nixy as several others rattled the armco. 784 Irish Andy followed in 182 Chins. 244 Bunny Jnr responded immediately jacking 784 Irish Andy only to cop one in turn from 226 Bricknell. 479 Ghost lunged 170 Teal who collected the barrier. 5 Jefferson buried a pack of cars with 791 Tricky taking the brunt of it. 226 Bricknell followed in 244 Bunny Jnr. 333 Beachball jacked 226 Bricknell as 325 Wiggles slaughtered 794 Scottie. 2 Bricknell homed in on 325 Wiggles. 254 Titty Dave buried 257. 133 jacked 226 Bricknell before the reds came out. The restart saw 254 Titty Dave followed in 190 Kirk. 2 Bricknell followed in 325 Wiggles. 333 Beachball delivered a massive jacking to 2 Bricknell. 791 Tricky administered a huge hit over the rear wheel of 333 Beachball and suffered a tbone from 254 Titty Dave for his troubles. 254 Titty Dave completed a lap before blitzing 333 Beachball with a massive shot of the rear wheel – the latter unfortunately got knocked out by the hit with the reds being called although 325 Wiggles ruined 254 Titty Dave just as the reds were shown. 7 Aario was deemed the winner. Unfortunately their was some handbags and a bit of verbal between FBI and Wicksons on the middle but all dissolved fairly quickly.

Heat 2 commenced with 703 Whitaker launching in 456 Tezza. 14 Stiggy jacked 302 Baker. 017 Cross jacked 294 Reggie. 560 Reynolds jacked 418 Amie. 246 Burty attacked 88 Ballbag. 92 lost a wheel bringing a stoppage to recover the debree. The restart was tame before 369 DT rattled in 747 Piglet.
169 Jason Thompson took the win this time.

Heat 3 saw the start of the second round of spilt heats. 792 fired in 88 Ballbag from the off. 56 attacked 5 Jefferson. 703 Whitaker jacked 794. The leading 7 Aario followed in 545, who bounced off and flicked second placed 169 JT out. 479 Ghost jacked 545 Mini Wilks. 792 followed in 9. 418 Amie jacked 794. The reds came out for 545 Mini Wilks who was out cold and needed attention but eventually clambered out to applause from the crowd. The restart saw 170 Teal dismiss 5 Jefferson. 169 JT and 657 tangled on the entrance to the home straight. 703 Whitaker jacked 94. 5 Jefferson followed in 257. 703 Whitaker jacked 257. 169 JT followed in 9, who’s helmet flew off bringing a red and chequered. 277 Dean Quinn was awarded with the win this time around.

Heat 4 saw only 19 cars make the track. 794 Scottie set about 170 Teal. 14 Stiggy jacked 794 Scottie. 017 Cross delivered a front wheel shot to 170 Teal. 226 Bricknell followed in 44 Bunny. 244 Bunny Jnr was on hand to deliver a solid DSU shot on 226 Bricknell. 720 Gabriel followed in 14 Stiggy. The reds came out to recover a lose wheel from 44 Bunny’s Zafira. The restart sW 246 Burty take a pop at 746 Deejay to take the lead allowing 499 Charles to nip through. 747 Piglet followed in 284 Roffy. 170 Teal tboned 284 Roffy. The reds came out for 284 Roffy with 499 Lee Charles taking the win.

The Final raised 30 cars. 369 DT rattled in 170 Teal from the off as 84 Langridge attacked 784 Irish Andy. 84 Langridge continued his wrecking spree by jacking 226 Bricknell. 703 Whitaker weighed in on 84 Langridge. 325 Wiggles tboned 226 Bricknell but left himself prone to a jacking from 184 Gaughan. 747 Piglet weighed in on 325 Wiggles bringing the reds out as the latter was not comfortable taking any more shots. The restart saw the leading 169 JT set about 791 Tricky. 170 Teal jacked 784 Irish Andy who also came under fire from 88 Ballbag. 170 Teal jacked 418 Amie. 7 Aaron Charles took the win ahead of 246 Daniel Burt and 169 Jason Thompson. The Merit Award went to our Isle of Wight visitor 84 Jack Langridge who was in the right spirits all day. The entertainer of the day for the Unders went to 784 Irish Andy, who’s NSD attitude from the meeting start was something to be admired.

The Dash saw 12 cars return as the liveliness of the evening had clearly taken it’s toll! 720 Gabriel was an early spinner. 88 Ballbag attacked 277 Deano. 244 Bunny Jnr and 7 Aario had a little ding dong on the back straight as 9 Langdon attacked 784 Irish Andy. 88 Ballbag stuffed in 277 Deano as 9 Langdon turned it around to blitz 784 Irish Andy on oppo. 88 Ballbag went in for a head on to 9 Langdon. 720 Gabriel blasted 88 Ballbag. 244 Bunny Jnr ran in 277 Deano, as 499 Lee Charles took his second win of the evening.

The DD saw 10 cars up for ending the night’s action. 84 Langridge attacked 133 Bowles.
92 attacked 720 Gabriel. 499 Charles spun 420 Nixy who was jacked in turn by 244 Bunny Jnr. 170 Teal had a pop at 92. A fire broke out on 720 Gabriel drawing red flags. The restart saw 170 Teal slow to allow 499 Charles to deliver a hit – the latter only going in for a love tap on the back of the former. 499 Charles and 170 Teal met in a slow head on embrace. 170 Teal delivered an oppo attack on 246 Burty. 499 Charles delivered a solid jacking to 170 Teal. 246 Burty went in on 170 Teal and then gave the latter a head on which saw him go on fire. 499 Charles still weighed in for a hit on the flaming 170 Teal, who continued to fight of even with the fire. The marshalls eventually managed to get to 170 Teal to extinguish the flames. The result being deemed a three way tie.

Overall, a very successful first staging of our Caged Open which is set to be bigger next year. Thank you to all drivers, fans and teams for turning out and putting on a great show with action and close racing throughout all races starting with an awesome Unders Heat 1.

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