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2L Irish Championship – 18/02/2018 – Tullyroan

The annual Irish Team Championship saw a strong field of cars including The Mob from Scotland and several English visitors guesting for teams. Several drivers made the effort with paint – Mondeos and Cougars dominated the field with a Zafira and Focus in attendance too. Report is based on footage sent to myself.

Heat 1 began with 388 Little Stevo turning 363 Murdock left. 592 Marchant buried 880 Naisy, as 141 G-Man put away 766 Wharry, and then proceeded to tbone the spun 880 Naisy. Mob revenge was swift as 883 Thomson weighed in on 141 G-Man. 28 Marty jacked 880 Naisy. 166 Willy caught 880 Naisy head on. 623 Tricky dispatched 77. 592 Marchant jacked 880 Naisy. 676 jacked 363 Murdock. 388 Lil Stevo jacked 166 Willy hard who was tangled up with the spun 363 Murdock. This bounced 363 Murdock in to the path of 623 Tricky creating a fair bit of air time. 999 Smyth blasted 388 Lil Stevo as he looked to escape the melee before the race was brought under a cautionary period. The race resumed with 170 Patton burying 599 Matty, who immediately responded to spin his attacker. 623 Tricky put the bumper in on 28 Marty, which left him prone to an attack from 02 Reynolds. 623 Tricky set about 999 Smyth, dispatching him towards the armco allowing 02 Reynolds to move in for an attack. 999 Smyth came under more attention as 173 Hotsocks blasted him at the end of the home straight. 76 Maxwell removed 170 Patton which allowed 24 Boydey to follow the former in. 76 Maxwell responded by burying 24 Boydey, who recovered to spin the former left under the starters rostrum as the chequered flags were waved on Irish Champion 215 Leonard Dunn who looked to help to retain the title for his Bad Company outfit. World Champion 59 Leadfoot came home in second ahead of National Hot Rod star 76 Maxwell.

Heat 2 commenced with 277 Mr Perv being run on to the grass by 63 McFaul. 209 Morrison put the bumper in on 756 Stafford before 623 Tricky thundered Irish Champion 215 Murphy into the plating. 76 Maxwell followed in 24 Boydey, before 209 Morrison dished a meaty head on to the lurking 756 Stafford. 623 Tricky made the trip from England worthwhile taking the win, 59 Leadfoot again second ahead of 599 Matty.

Heat 3 saw the bumpers fly in as soon as the green flag dropped. 28 Marty launched an attack on 141 G-Man, as 177 Compelli spat 170 Patton left, before going on to dispatch 77 onto the grass. 170 Patton recovered to blast 388 Lil Stevo over the rear wheel. 77 spun 177 Compelli at the end of the end of the back straight, only to immediately cop a head on from 176 Compelli. 176 Compelli then stopped 209 Morrison on oppo, who copped a tbone from 04 Croft for extra measures. 177 Compelli dished a mega head on to 999 Smyth, who received a tbone from 612 Bubbles. 999 Smyth recovered to attack 599 Matty on oppo. 592 Marchant took another win for Team Sour B. Only 3 cars went the distance echoing the crash fest that race was. 599 Matty and 04 Croft the other finishers.

The final saw 04 Croft lay into 125 Rodney from the off. 999 Smyth picked up 388 Lil Stevo who latched onto 28 Marty, with the latter rattling the armco. The race was stopped for 70 McFaul who required some attention. The race resumed with 59 Leadfoot followed in 599 Matty, which also claimed 277 Mr Perv. 63 McFaul doing the lame 599 Matty over the front wheel. 63 McFaul followed in 02 Reynolds hard. 623 Tricky weighed in with a shot on the limping 125 Rodney. 76 Maxwell boasted 623 Tricky for the win, ahead of 592 Marchant in third which saw Team Sour B take a dominant win with 76 points ahead of Sour A on 49 points and Team Buckle B on 30 points.

The DD saw an impressive 20 drivers make the grid. 221 Crowley jacked 141 G-Man. 623 Tricky laid waste to 999 Smyth. 141 G-Man ran 215 Murphy in to the dead car of 24 Boydey. 76 Maxwell assaulted 13 Kelly. The DD resumed with 756 Stafford blasting 999 Smyth, running into 177 Compelli. This triggered a small pile up. 176 Compelli ran 13 Kelly through the back of 592 Marchant. 13 Kelly stormed in with a head on to 999 Smyth. 04 Croft jacked 13 Kelly in turn. 13 Kelly dished a head on to 215 Murphy. 623 Tricky had a nibble at 76 Maxwell. 13 Kelly weighed in for a hard hit to 04 Croft. 04 Croft responded by tboning his attacker. 623 Tricky jacked 76 Maxwell, and then went on to blast 13 Kelly, taking the DD win. 999 Smyth was deemed meeting entertainer and best wrecked for his mega efforts with his Vauxhall Zafira.

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