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Unlimited Bangers World Championship 2023 – The Qualifiers Preview

Saturday sees the Unlimited Bangers World Championship take place at the Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich. The list of qualified drivers is now public knowledge and we’ve broken them down with a little bit of analysis. Thank you to our friends at Northern Bangers for some of the stat references.

28 Fred James (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 2 (2019-2022)
Best Finish – N/A

Fred is a veteran racer, so the fact this is only his third World Final may surprise many. He’s been consistent all year chipping away with top 10s and grafting his way onto the grid. We believe he is Mk2 Granada powered for this, which we are sure will be superbly turned out.

40 Lester Freestone (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Lester makes his debut in the big race off the back of a top display in the entertainer side of things in the World Series. His all Jaguar/Daimler set saw some immaculate motors, including the sports’ first MkV Jaguar at the second Mildenhall round – time will tell whether Lester opts to remain Jaguar powered tonight, but it will likely be another beauty.

67 Rickie Beasley (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2012-2016)
Best Finish – N/A

Rickie has been a consistent top performer this year, and looks to be back to his best form. Rickie showcased that at the recent PRI World Championship where he battled to the win, securing the title and his second gold roof of his career having previously secured the 2L Tarmac version at Hednesford back in 2011. Rickie will certainly be keen to add the ‘big one’ to his resumé and has proved his race winning ability in Unlimiteds this campaign with victories at Aldershot, Yarmouth, Mildenhall and Northampton on route to qualifying.

84 Jack Ansell (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

‘Peach’ has had his best year to date. His decision to mainly focus on the National Bangers instead of the 1600 Bangers has seen a shift in mentality, with Jack opting to race around more than get involved in the politics and he has shown that he compete at this level culminating in him qualifying for his first World Final. A candidate for most improved driver this year.

99 David Spooner (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Bam has shown serious commitment to the World Series this year, travelling across the country from the depths of Cornwall in some top motors. He had a stunning Mk2 Ford Granada Limo here earlier in the year which he was piloting impressively well before seeing red mist, and he could prove to be an outsider.

111 Joe Cotton (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2017-2020)
Best Finish – 9th in 2018

‘Cotton Eye Joe’ marks his fourth appearance on the grid tonight and is a driver that probably goes under the radar more than he should. He’s been in the top ten before and will be looking to better that finish.

114 Liam Lake (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 8 (2015-2022)
Best Finish – 2nd in 2017

‘Lakey’ is one of the first names that springs out on a booking list these days. He is a top all rounder that can crash and race with the best. A previous wearer of the gold roof, having taken victory in the Autospeed World Championship before, Lakey knows what it takes to win these big races and has been in fantastic form this year. He has taken a second place finish before, and could do what’s needed here to win, but many will be shocked to even see him still on the list after the beating he took from BRCM at Mendips a few weeks ago. Fitness and fatigue will surely play a factor, as he can’t be at 100%, but hats off to his determination to be on the grid.

133 Terry Hill (Autospeed)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2015-2022)
Best Finish – 7th in 2015, 8th in 2022

‘Terz’ secured gold earlier in the year at Taunton in what was a career highlight for the West Country man. He has been on superb form the last couple of years and is one of the leading names in the National Banger scene. Terz has secured two top ten finishes out of his three appearances and he will be a strong contender for the title tonight, and at minimum you’d expect him to better his highest finish position in the race.

159 Callum Hilton-Campbell (GMP)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2018-2021)
Best Finish – N/A

Callum will be in attendance in his wedding car tonight, a sublime looking Mk2 Ford Granada and he’ll be hoping that it will bring him some luck. Callum hasn’t recorded a top ten finish in his three previous attempts, and will be looking to change that tonight.

171 Tommy West (Buxton)
Previous World Finals – 4 (2012-2022)
Best Finish – N/A

‘Westy Jnr’ has become a familiar face in the big race, representing his home promotion of Buxton. This is his fifth time on the grid and will be looking to secure a top ten finish. His cars are always superbly turned out; this year’s will likely be more of the same.

178 Kieran Bowman (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2018-2022)
Best Finish – 7th in 2022

‘Slim’ raced to his biggest victory to date at the 2L Shale World Final back in July at his home track of Kings Lynn in front of a packed home crowd in what was a defining moment in the Predators captain’s career. He has been knocking on the door in big races for a while and finally captured that gold and looked close to making it a second World win at Mendips last month. Although this season on the Spedeworth circuits we have seen more of his crashing side, Kieran will be looking to better his 7th placed finish from last year.

203 Cameron Innes (HRP)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Cameron is a World Final rookie, but he has been on fine form at his home promotion, and Lochgelly isn’t the easiest of track’s to negotiate. Cameron will be buzzing for the big occasion and will soak it all in. He’ll hope to make the top ten and will embrace the experience.

211 Jamie Pole (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 2 (2019-2020)
Best Finish – N/A

Jamie won a strongly contested BWS Entertainers League, and I don’t think many can argue with that. Poley is one of the hardest hitters in the business currently, and that was on show here earlier in the year with his shot on 16 ‘Fagass’ Michael Flaherty being one of the hardest hits we’ve seen in some time. We don’t really get to see Jamie’s racing capabilities, which may allow him to chill a little in this race and be a surprise package.

215 Leonard Dunn (DMC)
Previous World Finals – 5 (2017-2021)
Best Finish – 3rd in 2020, 5th in 2017

Leonard is no stranger to the big occasion, with this being his sixth time in the event. He was missing off the grid last season but is back after a top campaign which saw him take second in the DMC Points. Leonard has shown he can mix it among the front runners with a third and fifth here on previous occasions, and will be among the front-runners tonight.

222 Colin Riddell (Crimond)
Previous World Finals – 4 (2018-2022)
Best Finish – 10th in 2022

Colin took a tenth place in last year’s event which is no mean feat given he is still piloting Lexus’ rather than opting for the more modern Scorpio or W210 approach. Colin has been a pole sitter here in the main race also and will embrace being part of the big occasion once again.

243 Pete Osborne (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 1 (2022)
Best Finish – 3rd in 2022

‘Bodja’ is very much a fan favourite, with that popularity continuously growing with his social media antics. A driver that was more renowned for his crashing exploits when in the 1600 Bangers, but has more than proved he can pedal a car since making the switch to Unlimiteds. He took many by surprise last year when he guided his Jaguar X300 to a third place finish, but has since assured doubters that it was no fluke with regular places this year seeing him take third in the World Qualifying Points and will be a strong contender here again tonight.

252 Steven Bugler (Mendips)
Previous World Finals – 5 (2013-2022)
Best Finish – 2nd in 2021

‘Boogie’ has been a podium finisher here before, taking the runner-up spot in 2021 and will be hoping to go one better. We don’t often gets to see the racer, more the crasher, but he can certainly motor and can’t be overlooked tonight.

262 Rob Bugler (BWS Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 8 (2012-2022) (1 DNS)
Best Finish – 10th in 2021

‘Roona’ has had a standout year; a driver that will be amongst the contenders for driver of the year come the end of the year. He secured the Wildcard at Northampton back in April; avoiding intentions from rivals on route to taking the chequered flag and has been riding that momentum ever since. He took second place in the PRI World Final at his local of Mendips a few weeks back, a track where he secured the WQ Points and current leads their overall points also. The success doesn’t stop there, with Roona and partner Lois recently welcoming baby Bonnie to the world and he will hoping that the good fortunes continue here tonight – one to really keep an eye on.

266 Martin Hooikammer (ASE)
Previous World Finals – 1 (2017)
Best Finish – N/A

Martin is the first Team Maniacs driver we see appear on the list, and the team would not be where they are without the Hoikammer family. He secured second in the ASE Points last year behind running mate Klaas, but has continued that form this year seeing him win the Final at Emmen in May as well as a strong showing at the annual teams event at venue. He put a valiant performance up in his previous appearance in the World Final back in 2017 where he piloted a smart Ford Scorpio Estate, but has built up a lot of experience in his six year absence and shouldn’t be underestimated.

281 Aaron Pole (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Aaron is very much like brother Jamie in that he is one of the sport’s best when it comes to crashing. We got to see a bit of Aaron’s racing side when he had the smartly turned out Mk2 Ford Granada at Aldershot’s BWS round and although you wouldn’t bank on him being up at the business end of the field, you can expect to see him handle himself within the mix.

284 James Head (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 4 (2017-2022)
Best Finish – 5th in 2019, 9th in 2017

Heady chips away at the points and goes about his business quietly and that could be the key to success here tonight for him. A top driver that goes under the radar and no enemies out on track. A slight outsider, but not a driver to be ruled out.

309 Michael Lane (Mildenhall)
Previous World Finals – 4 (2015-2019)
Best Finish – 5th in 2016

‘Laney’ was the first winner of the 1600 World, a class in which he dominated for several years and he has turned that success across into the Nationals. A previous Mildenhall Points Champion, Laney has the ability to mount a charge. He certainly knows his way around his local track here at Ipswich and has recorded a fifth place finish before, and will be hoping for better tonight.

327 Mick Maskell Jnr (BWS Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 6 (2017-2022)
Best Finish – 1st in 2019

Micky makes his seventh consecutive appearance in the main race, one that he raced to victory back in 2019. He has had another strong year which has seen him take the Unlimited World Cup title up at Cowdenbeath and will be a strong pick to win again tonight.

328 Dan Lathan (Mildenhall)
Previous World Finals – 7 (2012-2022)
Best Finish – 8th in 2015, 10th in 2016

Dan has a very decorated career that includes Supreme Championship, 2L Shale World Final and Mildenhall Points Championship wins. He’s experienced when it comes to the ‘big one’ with tonight marking his eight time on the grid. He has had a couple of top ten finishes and if he remains clear of his rivals; namely the Gladiator duo of 542 Oliver and 589 Smith, as well as 341 Jonesey, he stands a good chance. The odds are against him, but he has the ability to fair well here.

340 Wes Freestone (Mildenhall)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Wes will join father Lester on the grid in what will be a great moment for the family. Wes is currently locked in a battle for the Mildenhall silver roof after a strong season. He’s a top driver on shale, which is backed by winning the RDC Points in Ministox and Trackstar Points in 1300 Stock Cars, but his tarmac form may hinder chances here.

341 Andrew Jones (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 8 (2006-2022)
Best Finish – 7th in 2021

We haven’t seen the best of ‘Jonesey’ this year, but he still finds his way on the grid. Jonesey has focused more on the racing side rather than getting involved in the thick of things this year, and although we are a long removed from his Posh Wash days, that was an era where he could be considered a threat in the big races as is testament to his English Championship win. That being said, Jonesey managed a seventh placed finish in the 2021 staging whilst being more renowned for his crashing exploits. He has the capability to be in the running, but could also opt to make it very difficult for his rivals. 

348 Sonny Sherwood (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 15 (1998-2022)
Best Finish – 2nd in 2000, 3rd in 2016, 5th in 2002, 6th in 2007, 8th in 2005, 10th in 2001

‘Mushy’ makes it his 16th World Championship appearance; a true veteran of the big race and he’s no stranger to the occasion. A runner-up in 2000 and a 3rd place in 2016, Mushy will be looking to finally secure that top spot that had eluded him for all these years. Experience will certainly be on his side and it’s fantastic to see that he is still at the top of his game and competitive week in week out. He’s already claimed the 2L World Final at Mildenhall back in May, and he sits top of the Mildenhall Track Championship standings heading into tonight, and will be hoping to continue that form.

355 Aaron Dark (Autospeed)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Aaron has been among the top entertainers of the past couple of seasons, but his racing has seen a sense of maturity in his approach of recent which has seen him do more of the racing side of things. He was among the front-runners for several laps in the 2L Shale World Final at Kings Lynn, and although you won’t expect to see Aaron mount a challenge here, he will certainly make it tricky for the contenders.

360 Jack Reynolds (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 4 (2019-2022)
Best Finish – 2nd in 2019, 8th in 2021

Jackstar is one of those drivers that will put a show on all year on route to getting to the World Final, and then remind us all that he can pedal a motor when it comes to the serious racing. Two top tens in four appearances, with that second place in 2019 when he looked rapid in his Ford Scorpio; Jackstar naturally shouldn’t be overlooked here as a contender.

388 Stevo McGrath (DMC & Defending Champion)
Previous World Finals – 6 (2011-2022)
Best Finish – 1st in 2022

What a champion Stevo has been! The Team Sour man has really given the gold roof a tour of Europe showcasing it back in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Holland on countless occasions – he really has put in some miles with regular smart motors and some top material at points too. Stevo has been on fantastic form since that win 12 months ago adding more titles to his growing CV including the DMC Points – you’d expect to see him be a favourite here again tonight to make it two on the bounce. We’d just like to thank Stevo for his service as World Champion and wish him all the luck in his defence.

389 Deano McGrath (DMC)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Deane Wood must be gutted that Deano has qualified for the World Final this year as his bar takings will be down. Deano has made a good go of it this year, taking third in the DMC Points and a second place in the Shamwreck in what has been a competitive season over in Northern Ireland and has been rewarded for that with his first appearance on the grid. He’ll relish the occasion but will be unlikely to mount a challenge to the front runners.

(Photo by Gingernuts Snapshots)

400 Lee Kingsnorth (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 5 (2018-2022)
Best Finish – 2nd in 2022, 5th in 2020, 10th in 2018

Lee is the local hero here and will be a a popular winner if he manages to best last year’s performance. He has dabbled in a change of formula this year with a brief stint in Superstox, before going across to the 1300 Stock Cars, but it’s the Bangers where you can tell he’s most comfortable and to have qualified whilst taking a  plunge into other formula’s shows the quality of the driver. He has been the bridesmaid in the big race here in both the Unlimited and 1600 World, and will be hopeful of securing that gold. His form in the big race speaks for itself, with three top ten finishes in five appearances. One to watch for sure.

410 Jake Calvert (YorStox)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Jake has featured in most title races this year representing YorStox. CrashZone have had a strong year collectively and that has been spearheaded by Jake. He often brings the machinery and had a stunning Mk1 Ford Granada for last year’s support races which didn’t last very long getting blown up by 611 Joe Geeves. He won’t be best pleased to see Joe also in the World and will be wishing that there isn’t a repeat of twelve months ago. Jake is never far off of the action, as was the case at the recent Nutty Nige Testimonial weekend where he put his Volvo Hearse and Yank to good use. It’s not long to wait to see what he has for the occasion.

(Photo by Dan Horton)

(Photo by Dan Horton)

440 Macauley Mills (Mendips)
Previous World Finals – 6 (2016-2022) (2 DNS)
Best Finish – N/A

Six World Finals, 2 non-starts and zero finishes; Big Mac will be looking to end his curse and get a strong result here tonight. The ex-PRI World and current Mendips Points Champion may still be young, but with his seventh time on the grid, boasts a lot of experience and with running mates 252 Boogie and 262 Roona on the grid also, he could prove to be important if things get tasty with their rivals throughout the race.

455 Ricki Finney (Skegness)
Previous World Finals – 7 (2010-2022)
Best Finish – 3rd in 2017

The current World of Shale Champion is another having a stellar 2023. Ricki won that title in what can only be described as a true ‘banger’ race with carnage throughout, and we sometimes see those conditions here which bodes well for the Silver Boys man. Ricki’s best finish in the event is a third in 2017, although some will argue he should have been the victor that night, and he’ll be a strong favourite to take the win this evening.

456 Nathan Roberts (BWS Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 7 (2012-2022)
Best Finish – N/A

Nathan really has been the man to beat this year. Back to back Wildcard victories came at Eastbourne and Ipswich earlier in the year and he romped to the Spedeworth silver roof topping the World Qualifying Points and I’m sure that although he’ll display that with pride, he’ll be looking to go one better with the gold after this evening. A seriously fast driver and will be determined to at least get a result in this. 

459 Blake Platts (Trackstar)
Previous World Finals – 1 (2022)
Best Finish – N/A

Blake made his debut in this event last year in that beautifully presented Mk1 Ford Granada in what was a breakthrough year for the youngster. He has continued riding that wave into this season which has seen him be immensely competitive on all stages. He took the World of Shale Qualifying Points title which earned him his spot on the grid today, and that consistency could be key. Blake has been mixing it as a front-runner in these big races, having lead stages of the World of Shale, and he showed he can’t get round on tarmac too which was evident at Skegness’ Old Skool night in August where he took a brace of victories. He will be confident going into this of getting a strong result.

494 Jack Harris (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Jack is another World Final rookie and has been persistently clocking points up throughout the year to ensure he is on that grid. He’ll be pleased to have made it onto the grid and will be open to see where the experience takes him.

506 Danny Mitchell (BWS Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 2 (2020-2021)
Best Finish – N/A

Danny booked his spot in the race winning the Yarmouth Wildcard on a day he looked very quick, also securing the heat win on the day. He has shown his potential round the Foxhall oval before, taking the win in the last chance race in 2020. A very quick pilot and could prove to be an  outsider should he keep his head knuckled down.

527 Dennis Klomp (ASE – CAMSO Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Dennis, or ‘Mr Omega’ as he’s more affectionately referred to is another of The Maniacs team to feature in the main race. He secured his spot winning the Pre 90 Credits To The Legends Final at Emmen back in June, which saw him get his hands on a Mk2 Ford Granada Estate, which could possibly be his car of choice tonight. Dennis was in attendance last year, entering the support races which could prove to have been a top opportunity to prepare himself for tonight.

542 Craig Oliver (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 4 (2011-2020)
Best Finish – N/A

Craig has a top year which sees him back on the World Final grid after a little hiatus. He has had no real threat or politics to focus on this year and has let his racing do the talking. Craig certainly deserves his flowers for being able to make the Volvo’s be as competitive as they are, and although he’ll be a strong candidate for a top ten finish, it’s yet to be seen whether the Volvo’s are competitive enough to be mounting a challenge for the gold – if anyone can prove that they are however, it’s Craig.

548 Alex Utting (Skegness)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2020-2022) 1 DNS
Best Finish – N/A

‘Big Al’ represents Skegness in the World Final once again. The Damage Inc man is a previous English Champion but is yet to record a finish in this event. Al has the capabilities to be among the top 10 finishers here.

577 Alfie Lee (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2016-2022)
Best Finish – N/A

Alfie has had an impressive season, probably his standout year to date and certainly among the contenders for most improved driver this year. Alfie has more than proved he can compete among the best, and that was evident with his Southern Championship win at Arlington a few months back in very damp conditions. World Final night tends to have a tendency to be damp and he’ll be looking to replicate the result of the Southern here again tonight.

589 Simon Smith (Trackstar)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

There would be a time that seeing the Gladiators en mass on a World Final grid would be unheard of, but Simon makes it two on the grid after a season that has seen him dominate over at Trackstar. He leads their points by some margin and has shown his versatility winning races in different classes. He’ll be looking to add the gold to the silver he is inevitably going to inherit at the end of the year.

595 Drew Burdett (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

‘We did it Dad’ was the fitting tribute Drew Boy shared on social media to his father Alan Tarn when it was confirmed he had qualified for the World Final, and we can imagine that tonight will be an emotional night for The Predators entertainer. Drew can shift a car around, with the odd race win over the last couple of years, but we often see his crashing side come out. We’re sure he will go for the ride around first and let the race play out from there.

611 Joe Geeves (BWS Entertainer)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

Joe has made the most of the Entertainers League, and has had a blinding year. His all Brit-ish tin has provided some superb effort’s, with him and the Ellis Factory’s never say die attitude earning them some serious respect. It will be interesting to see whether Joe continues that theme, and rumours suggest that he will, but whether he will opt to have a race around here to try and get a finish, or whether he’ll plough into the first thing he sees, only time will tell.

623 Ricky Hutton (Mildenhall)
Previous World Finals – 1 (2020)
Best Finish – N/A

‘Tricky’ is the only TMT member to feature in the World Final, with the team being more familiar in the 2 Litre Bangers these days. It’s great to see Tricky still active in the Unlimiteds however, and he is usually in top form when it comes to putting the bumper in. You’d expect to see Tricky have a go at getting some laps in, but should he not be in contention, will be one to look out for when it comes to stirring the race up a bit.

634 Ben Green (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

‘Marty’ is another that could be put into the most improved category this year. He’s knocked frequently for staying with the Mk3 Granada as his weapon of choice, but it’s a familiar friend and one that has guided him to his first World Final appearance. Marty can be very quick on his day, but struggles to maintain that front runner status but will be an exciting prospect to watch how he does today.

639 Tye Williams (BWS Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 2 (2021-2022)
Best Finish – 6th in 2022

‘Tye Pirate’ has been on top form on the shaleways over the past couple of years. He has a chokehold on the Supreme Championship which he won again at Mildenhall earlier in the year, and took the Wildcard with his second place at Northampton. Although we’re yet to see the best of Tye on tarmac, he is definitely getting more consistent and took a sixth place finish in last year’s race which shouldn’t be ignored. He’ll likely be Supra mounted once again and knows how to get one around the track.

670 Max Eaton (BWS Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

A driver that has been tipped to win a World Final in his career, and that’s high praise for ‘Tricky Jnr’ who is still very early into his career. He came close to taking gold at his first attempt in the 1600 Bangers here last November, with a last bend manoeuvre unfortunately not coming off and he settled for second place which is still a fantastic achievement at this juvenile stage. Max took the Wildcard victory at Mildenhall and will be a strong contender tonight. He’ll soak the occasion in and will be taking pointers from his dad on how to handle the race.

699 Stacey Holdsworth (WF Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 5 (2018-2022)
Best Finish – 10th in 2019 and 2020

Many label Stacey as the leading lady in the sport, but to give her that accolade would be a slight insult. Stacey proves time and time again that she is one of the front-runners in the scene and secured her fate on the grid early doors with her Wildcard win on World Final night last year where she was on rails. Stacey will be hoping for similar this year, but for that win to come in the main race and be the first women to win the title. We haven’t seen a lot of Stacey here at Spedeworth this year, but the appearances she has put in on the road saw her take podium finishes at Hednesford’s Champion of Champions and Buxton’s King of the Peak. Stacey came close to the silver roof last year but we’re sure that’s an omen for the gold coming along this year.

717 Jack Tuffen (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 10 (2013-2022)
Best Finish – 2nd in 2020, 4th in 2015

Jack is only of the top contenders and makes it an eleventh appearance here in the World Final. Jack has been in fine form again this year, perhaps not the best we have seen from him in recent times but still a driver that is more than capable of being there to take the chequers and has already appeared on the podium previously.

739 Jason Moore (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 3 (2014-2022)
Best Finish – 10th in 2015

‘Meerkat’ has built himself up over the past few seasons to be one of the top names in the banger scene securing numerous titles. Jason will enter his fourth World Final as a strong contender, and he’ll be keen to beat his best finish and be at the business end of the field.

754 Klaas Jan Poolman (ASE)
Previous World Finals – 1 (2014)
Best Finish – N/A

Klaas enters the World Final off the back of his 2022 campaign over on the shale at Emmen; a year that truly defined his career to date. He was crowned ASE Points Champion which is no mean feat and raced to the win in the biggest fixture on their calendar taking the honours in the Blue Oyster Trophy. Klaas will be in welcomed company with another two members of The Maniacs featuring on the grid and will be more than capable of holding his own as we have witnessed his tarmac form when making appearances at Warneton, including a top showing at the All RWD meeting back in 2018. He will certainly be one to keep your eye on.

817 Kurt Jacobs (Mildenhall)
Previous World Finals – 4 (2019-2022)
Best Finish – N/A

‘Stig’ is another of the Mildenhall seeds, a track where he puts strong performances in on a frequent basis. His tarmac form isn’t proven, but he is certainly making improvements every time he features in the main race and could mount a top ten charge in his fifth appearance in the World Final.

820 Martyn Perkins (Spedeworth)
Previous World Finals – 5 (2010-2021)
Best Finish – 8th in 2016

‘Maggot’ is another veteran driver that you’d expect to have featured more in the big race. He has had one of his best seasons this year showing that he can still mix it with the best, getting fifth overall in the Spedeworth standings and has been consistent. An eight is his best finish but Maggot will be hoping to better that this year.

828 Jordan Sharpe (Trackstar)
Previous World Finals – 0
Best Finish – N/A

What a past 12 months or so Sharpey has had. He raced to victory in the World of Shale Championship at Kings Lynn last year to showcase his racing abilities, but it’s his crashing we have seen on display this season which is how he booked his spot on the grid being the current leader of the Trackstar’s Entertainers League. I caught up with Sharpey before his defence of the World of Shale, and he stated that being part of the grid is a dream come true for him, and he’ll relish the opportunity to be amongst it. If he’s down the order, expect to see him getting stuck in.

834 Jan Van Osch (ASE)
Previous World Finals – 2 (2019-2021)
Best Finish – N/A

‘Balletje’ comes into this race the most experienced of the mainland European drivers. The RAL 6005 member typically gets stuck in, and has been great entertainment value on his appearances at Foxhall over the years. It was via the ASE Entertainer’s Points that Balletje qualified, but he can be fast when the time calls for it. We’ve seen him yank powered, and also at the wheel of a Mercedes W210 Estate, and we’ll see where the mood takes him on the night, but he’s more than a welcomed addition.

887 Robert Browning (BWS Wildcard)
Previous World Finals – 10 (2013-2022)
Best Finish – 9th in 2020

This will be Robert’s eleventh consecutive appearance in the World Final which is testament to the quality he boasts. A consistent performer on the Spedeworth scene, but as of yet he has failed to convert that into a strong finish here; ninth at the 2020 staging being his best finish to date. That being said, Rob is always in the discussion when it comes to potential winner’s and he’ll fancy his chances once again this year.

There is an array of drivers set to compete in the night’s three last chance races looking to book their spot at the back of the grid. The grid features some top talent including 2015 World Champion 617 Jack Overy, as well as last year’s last chance winners 199 Jamie Wyatt and 516 Carl Gould. Multi-champion 570 Jordan Cumming is also among the ranks. There is plenty of top young drivers in the ranks with 62 Harvey Webb, 90 Joey Holmes Jnr and 682 Korben Quinn all booked in, whilst National Hot Rod man 175 Hayden Ballard is back after coming close to qualifying last year.

2 Jonathan Bricknell
3 Mitchel Finney
4 David Wilde
5 Jeffrey Woolford
6 Troy Jones
25 Matthew Black
26 Andrew Plante
32 Callum Reed
45 Anthony Crowshaw
46 Scott Starkey
48 Jake Macnicol
48 Foppe Minnemas
49 Blake MacDowell
50 Joey Mullady
57 Stuart Cumming
58 Joe Brown
59 Ben Jackson
59 Ryan Brown
62 Harvey Webb
77 Aaron Charles
78 Lee Macey
87 Harry Linfield
89 Joe Barrett
90 Joey Holmes Jnr
91 Sam Bartlett
92 Lee Edwards
101 Cieran Harmer
106 Kieren Pratchett
107 Taylor Pratchet
108 Lewis Jefcolate
117 Lee Carter
118 Jason Anslow
123 Kieran Gray
126 Daniel Bowley
129 Joe Skutela
130 Joe Gladden
131 Peter Hanmer
132 Connor Dando
143 Dan Rose
144 Ryan Mackley
148 Ian Redden
150 Lewis Richards
162 Brent Shaw
173 Steven Reynolds
174 Tom Lindgren
175 Hayden Ballard
176 Jonathan Compelli
180 Sean McConachie
181 Grant Doe
182 Reece Tingle
183 Mitchell Banton
194 Desmond Marsh
195 Reece Marsh
195 David Forrest
198 Brandon Osborne
199 Shady Gough
199 Kris Clifford
199 Jamie Wyatt
201 Phil Milner
205 Alex Ganter
208 PJ Collins
209 Tom Waller
221 Ted Harfield
224 Lewis Canham
229 Dean Jarvis
229 Sean Riddell
230 Scott Paterson
246 Brian Sparks
252 Nemo Llewellyn
254 David Hands
266 Alan Roskell
271 Dean Goodearl
279 David Rushton
292 Sam Betteridge
298 Sam Wyatt
299 Thomas Callaghan
312 Brad White
321 Kieran Fry
323 Dean Kelly
328 Ben Nicholls
332 Chris Reed
349 Lewis Price
357 Jason Barrow
362 John James
363 Billy Jarvis
366 Nathan Wren
369 Steve Nicholls
372 Jay Mattews
384 John Golden
390 Dan Stacey
390 David Gibson
399 Jonny Atkin
402 Albie Jenner
410 Dan Galley
412 Hayden Galley
422 Samuel Lewis
423 Daniel Oliver
427 George Harris
444 Charlie Jackson
449 Billy Crittenden
454 Dean Lewis
455 Hayden Hawes
466 Dalton Steele
477 Martin Harle
511 Arjen de Wilde
516 Carl Gould
525 Nick Andrews
526 Jack Denikiewicz
528 Alan Hunt
535 Tommy Cox
549 Phil Smith
553 Luke Webb
555 Harry Gelsthorpe
562 Louis Baker
570 Jordan Cumming
588 Anthony Bland
597 Shane Lines
612 Dave Robins
614 Harrison Evans
617 Carl Overy
622 Garry Webb
624 Liam Hide
625 Joshua Gooch
630 Marcel De Vries
682 Korben Quinn
692 Callum Gubbey
704 Connor Siddalls
705 Anthony Turner
710 Cameron McBain
714 Paul Smaldon
717 Lewis Ivatt
725 Simon Bye
726 Sam Bye
741 Charlie Daniels
747 Bradley Dee
751 Laurence Wells
763 Charles Wilson
777 Harry Ovens
800 Jacob Rushton
810 David Smith
827 Laiton Disdle
838 Jamie Peters
882 Nathan Grant
883 Jack Filmer
902 Matthew Nicholl
911 Toby Wilson
920 Terry Church
927 Carl Lindsey
941 Jimmy Matthews
956 Harry Thompson

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