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It’s always ‘Sonny’ in Kings Lynn – 23 Sonny Parsons Interview

Bryson caught up with Sonny on behalf of Trackstar for their meeting programme at the Unlimited Icebreaker.

Sonny was in the thick of the action at the Micro Team meeting on 27th December (Lee Lees Race Pics)

23 Sonny Parsons is a very exciting driver emerging through the busy Trackstar ranks. The newest regular of the Aftermath team reflects on his 2022 season, and what to expect from him for the upcoming season. 

Sonny was the star of the Crash for Cancer meeting in August (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

‘It was definitely a good season, and was certainly busier than I anticipated it was going to be. Standout moments for me would have to be doing the Northampton BWS. It was my first meeting in an Unlimited. Crash for Cancer at Kings Lynn in the van and the Astra; what a meeting! I would have to say that’s been my best of the year. The World of Shale was another. We threw a car together in a week and I had a mega meeting in it, and of course I can’t forget joining Team Aftermath.’

Sonny made his Unlimited debut at the Northampton BWS round last year (AC Photos)

Sonny finds himself back in an Unlimited, as part of Aftermath A alongside 84 Will Cole, 100 Callum White and 634 Ben Green for the annual Icebreaker event. Sonny comments on how he finds racing the Unlimited Bangers. ‘I’m getting to like them now. I was never sure on them, simply because of the money involved in racing them, but everything comes at a price. I would like to think I’ll be out in the Unlimited’s a lot more this year, as the meetings I have done in them, I have really enjoyed.’

Sonny is loving life in the Unlimiteds

With 30 teams booked in for contention going into the afternoon, what’s the mindset for Sonny and the Aftermath boys heading into the day? ‘I’ll be going into it the same as any meeting; turn up and take it as it comes. I always try to have that attitude, as when I expect a lot, I tend to have a bad meeting. The team all generally have the same attitude too!’

Another from the Crash for Cancer meeting, Sonny piloting his Mk5 Astra in the 1500 class (Lee Lee’s Race Pics)

As said earlier, Sonny had a top season last year, with the aforementioned Crash for Cancer seeing Sonny win the final and scoop five entertainers awards on the day too! Looking ahead, what can we expect from Sonny for the 2023 season. ‘I’m just going to see what happens really. I would like to make it another busy one for sure, and would like to try a few different tracks also.’

Another photo from the Crash for Cancer meeting, where Sonny was on double duties taking a final win and 5 entertainer awards

We all know that no driver is complete without a top team behind them. ‘I’d like to thank anyone who helps me throughout the year big or small. John Halifax Haulage and Storage for all the help, whether it’s getting to racing or yard space and getting cars. Mark Nottingham at Wisbech Breakers for helping whenever he can with transport to meetings and getting cars for me, and just generally helping in any way he can. Finally, I’d like to thank Callum White, The Cock, for all of his help in the shed getting cars ready and helping whenever he can.’

Another 1500 meeting, where Sonny was on it once again (Jimbo’s Race Photos)

Look out for the Aftermath, and Sonny, as they battle out on track today.

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