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’Char’s ya Mate’ – 737 Charlie Finnie Interview

Charlie Finnie is a popular lad among the oval scene and has been chipping away and honing his race-craft in the Junior Bangers over the past couple of seasons. Bryson caught up with Charlie in the off-season, and he is one of the many Junior drivers booked in for the season opener at Yarmouth this Sunday.

Like many, Charlie got into racing through his family with his father Elliott a well-known name among the banger community. Charlie showed he was keen from a young age to get behind the wheel and his father matched this energy. ‘My Dad got me into a car at 8 years old and then I had my first meeting racing at Smallfield in 2018.’ Charlie comments on how that first meeting went and how he’s gradually progressed since. ‘My first meeting was quite weird. I started in an automatic car and it seemed to be going well and then a couple of meetings later I had a rollover on the bottom bend. I’m now enjoying racing the Junior Bangers.’

Naturally the Junior Bangers differ slightly to the non-contact class Charlie was introduced to at Smallfield, with Charlie pointing out ‘I find It more fun racing the Bangers, as you can hit cars and try out more tracks.’ The Junior Banger formula seems to be attracting an array of drivers currently. Charlie sums up the reason for this. ‘We all just want to do as much racing as we can before we go up to adults.’

That’s the overall aim for Charlie, to go into Nationals once he turns 16, but what is in store for this season. ‘I want to do all the Spedeworth Junior Banger meetings, and the odd meeting at other tracks hopefully ticking some new ones off.’ 

On top of cramming in every meeting he can, Charlie also runs a Facebook and YouTube page under the name ‘Charmates Race Pics’. Charlie talks a bit about the page. ‘I had a few people say I should run a race pics photography page on facebook and instagram and so I set one up. I find it quite easy with the help of my mum and dad it wouldn’t be possible.’

We always ask our interviewees to identify their dream 6-a-side team, and Charlie has gone for a solid selection. ‘617 Jack Overy, 421 Nutty Nige, 521 Ashley Riley, 331 Boxer Jack, 717 Jack Tuffen and 243 Pete Osbourne.’

Charlie would like to conclude the interview with some thank-yous. ‘I’d like to thank dad for making it all possible. Taylor and Carl Sowter for their top fabrications on my car throughout the year and Ben for also being a top mechanic and Mum for all the help with my Incar footage.’ We wish Charlie all the best in his outing at Yarmouth and throughout the year.

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