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War of the Worlds Teams – 24/06/2017 – King’s Lynn

Report by Chris & David Whiting

The line-up saw some material present with OW70 Charlie Cunningham and TT72 Billy Bond in Mk1 Granadas, while SA514 Charlie Taylor Jnr had a Caddy Fleetwood and SF883 Jack Filmer a Caddy Seville. TT128 Andrew Shipp was having a busy evening, also racing in the Saloons.

Heat 1 was led away by WB78 Lee Macey, as BB200 Steve Farrell spun HG633 Leeroy Haywood into the turn 1 fence. MT830 Lee White passed Macey for the lead, as DB155 Sam Coote spun on turn 2, where he was collected by WB812 Lewis Winter. MT330 Karl Jones clipped WB812 Winter to spin into the back straight fence, as Winter was collected by more traffic to lose a wheel. WB43 Nicky Bishop spun HG185 Polly Reade into the home straight fence before running into HG633 Haywood on turn 1. The red flags came out for the lose wheel off Winter’s car, and the result was declared with MT830 White the winner.

BL67 Rickie Beasley led the second heat, as DW114 Liam Lake collected the spinning GB180 Mark Foster off turn 4. SA332 Callum Henderson was fenced on turn 1, before BL455 Ricki Finney stuffed DI901 Rik Kuiper into the turn 1 fence. SA514 Taylor blitzed DI985 Stefan Scholten on the back straight, starting a jacking train with DI116 Markjan Klok weighing into Taylor, followed by SA174 Curtis Rathbone and DI901 Kuiper. DW341 Andrew Jones blitzed GB275 Joe Morgan in the closing stages on the back straight, and they both spun, as BL617Jack Overy took the flag.

VS328 Dan Lathan fenced EX349 James Guppy on turn 1 early in the third heat, before TT22 Dave Vincent spun SF88 Billy Page on the home straight. SF209 Tom Waller led from VS757 Callum Gill and JP9 Tom Jordan, as SF884 Tom Filmer fenced MH298 Toby Dean on turn 1. JP9 Jordan dished out a T-bone to Dean, the latter then taking a head-on from JP269 Tom Morris. SF388 Taylor Sowter weighed into Morris, as the red flags came out with MH298 Dean on fire. VS757 Gill led the restart before he was passed by TT22 Vincent, and he went on for the win.

After the first round of heats, Team 22 led the Race Points on 29 from DWO on 25 and Team Black on 23, while in the Entertainer Points Shunters A led with 35 points from Team Drive-Inn & HJB on 30 and Team Sowter-Filmer on 20.

Heat 4 started with DW114 Lake hitting GB180 Foster on turn 2, as FC246 Aston Burt ran into SA266 Callum Hall as he reversed out the turn 1 fence, and they both spun. DB673 Darren Fendley led, as SA132 Robert James went on opposite to hit GB275 Morgan on turn 4, also taking out HG419 Laura Quadling. The red flags came out for SA132 James, with DB673 Fendley still leading for the restart from LB257 Timmy Aldridge and FC172 Simon Byrne. BL617 Overy spun HG222 Matty High on turn 2, as SA514 Taylor lurked on turn 4 on opposite and T-boned BB171 Tommy West. DW162 Brett Ellacott spun GB180 Foster at the end of the back straight, as FC252 Steve Bugler spun DI901 Kuiper into turn 1. FC172 Byrne hooked out DW185 Lenny Smith on turn 1, as GB180 Foster went on opposite and lunged at the passing DW162 Ellacott, but missed, as DB673 Fendley took the flag.

VS757 Gill headed the fifth heat as SF204 Charlie King hit TT322 Tom Fox on the home straight. SF883 Filmer went on opposite on turn 4 to clip WB43 Bishop before meeting OW70 Cunningham head-on. Team mate OW662 Dalton Smith ran into Cunningham, as SF883 Filmer met MH611 Joe Geeves head-on. A small pile up formed on the home straight with SF209 Waller and then SF884 Filmer T-boning OW662 Smith, before the red flags came out to check on him. A complete restart saw SF883 Filmer again lurking on turn 4 to T-bone WB828 Jordan Sharpe, before VS328 Lathan T-boned Filmer. SF388 Sowter collected the now spun Lathan head-on, with TT72 Bond piling into Sowter. JP169 James Rushton weighed into SF883 Filmer as the red flags came out for WB828 Sharpe. VS757 Gill led the restart from VS326 Shane Lynn and WB149 Wayne Bailey, as SF388 Sowter blitzed MH298 Dean on turn 4. Dean was then T-boned by JP337 Ashley Garrod as WB149 Bailey hit SF388 Sowter, the red flags coming out again to check on MH298 Dean, with the result being declared and VS757 Gill the winner.

After the second round of heats, Team 22 extended their lead in the Race Points on 50 from Team Black on 35 and Team Extreme and DWO both on 28, while in the Entertainer Points Team Sowter-Filmer now led with 55 points ahead of Shunters A on 45 and Wild Boyz and Team Drive-Inn & HJB both on 30.

Heat 6 was led by DW239 Steve Carter, as SA514 Taylor blitzed the fenced HG633 Haywood on turn 1. DB116 Nat Cohn spun HG81 Ashley Bell on the road bend, before DW341 Jones piled into GB180 Foster on turn 2. Foster took further damage via a T-bone from DW162 Ellacott, before being blitzed by DW114 Lake. BL760 Joey Reynolds spun HG81 Bell at the end of the home straight, before FC252 Bugler blitzed HG185 Reade on turn 4. DW239 Carter dished out a big head-on to the stricken GB180 Foster on turn 2, sending the latter’s well wrecked Volvo spinning into the fence, as DW162 Ellacott met GB382 Jack Foster Jnr head-on on turn 2. Foster stayed on opposite to head-on DW239 Carter, as Ellacott also went on opposite, only to collect team-mate DW341 Jones head-on. GB275 Morgan weighed into Jones, the pair then having a head-on, before an on opposite Ellacott hit Morgan. FC333 Charlie Randell blitzed DW341 Jones on turn 2, as DB188 John Reeves took the win.

Heat 7 started with SF209 Waller following in JP211 Jason Pole on turn 1, as EX262 Rob Bugler led. A pile up formed on the exit of turn 2 where JP339 Jack Garrod dished out a head-on to the spun MH399 Jonny Atkin, with JP337 Garrod and JP169 Rushton also piling into Atkin. SF204 King then hit JP169 Rushton, before JP339 Garrod gave MH399 Atkin a huge head-on down the back straight, with SF388 Sowter running into Garrod. EX100 Callum White went on opposite to head-on OW121 Aaron Colbert on turn 2, with MH611 Geeves and VS160 Shayn Winsor crashing in behind. EX262 Bugler ran into the back straight pile up to spin, as the red flags came out to check on MH399 Atkin. VS960 Ross Winsor led the restart from TT22 Vincent and VS757 Gill, as SF209 Waller, SF388 Sowter and SF884 Filmer all went on opposite on turn 4, with Waller meeting VS960 Winsor head-on. EX349 Guppy also went on opposite to head-on TT22 Vincent on turn 4, before SF204 King followed in TT321 Andy Newton on turn 1. SF884 Filmer met JP9 Jordan head-on on turn 4, as JP337 Garrod also went on opposite to hit EX349 Guppy. MT830 White emerged as the new leader, as TT321 Newton lurked on turn 3, only to receive a T-bone from SF204 King. Newton then got in a retaliatory head-on on SF204 King on the next lap on turn 3, before getting blitzed by EX241 Liam Cracknell, as MT830 White took his second win of the evening.

The Race Points now showed Team Black to have moved into a slim lead with 59 from Team 22 on 57 and Team Extreme on 48, while in the Entertainer Points Team Sowter-Filmer had a big lead with 85 points over Shunters A on 45 and Team Drive-Inn & HJB, DWO and Wild Boyz all on 30.

The Final saw a huge 60 car grid line up and a pile up soon forming on turn 4, with GB275 Morgan piling into DW114 Lake, before DW239 Carter weighed into Morgan. Copious amounts of dust from the infield then blanketed the bend as more and more cars crashed in. Eventually the red flags came out and when the dust settled, virtually all the field were in a heap on turn 4 with HG81 Bell well wrecked. It was decided to declare the result with just two cars having done some laps, BL103 Jack Deacon the winner from VS326 Lynn. This gave Team Black the overall win in the Race Points from Team 22 and Team Extreme, while no Entertainers were declared as it was impossible to see who had done what, and so Team Sowter-Filmer took the overall win in the Entertainer Points.


Heat 1 (31 cars): MT830, BB171, LB88, MT517, DB898, LB257, BB797, BB200, WB828, MT430. Entertainers: WB812. Entertainer Contenders: HG222, MT330.

Heat 2 (34 cars): BL617, BL67, DW185, DW114, DW341, FC333, DW162, FC323, BL455, FC624. Entertainers: DI116, SA174, SA514, DI901. Entertainer Contenders: DW341, BL455, SA791.

Heat 3 (32 cars): TT22, TT72, SF204, EX100, EX262, TT128, EX362, TT597, EX241, VS160. Entertainers: SF388. Entertainer Contenders: JP9, SF884.

Heat 4 (38 cars): DB673, LB257, FC172, BL617, DB898, BL103, GB382, DW162, FC323, DB188. Entertainers: -. Entertainer Contenders: SA132, GB180, BB200, FC246, SA514.

Heat 5 (42 cars): VS757, VS326, TT128, TT597, EX100, JP9, TT72, EX362, TT321, MT830. Entertainers: WB149, SF388, SF883. Entertainer Contenders: MH298, VS328, JP337, MT517, SF884.

Heat 6 (39 cars): DB188, BL617, BL67, BL103, DB673, LB257, FC333, DI945, DB898, DI420. Entertainers: GB180, DW239, FC333. Entertainer Contenders: DW114, GB275, DW341.

Heat 7 (36 cars): MT830, EX262, VS326, TT22, EX249, EX241, MT430, nof. Entertainers: EX100, SF209, VS326, SF884. Entertainer Contenders: TT72, JP169, TT322, JP337, JP339, EX349.

Final into DD (60 cars): BL103, VS326, nof. Entertainers: -. Entertainer Contenders: -. Last Car: Void.

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