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Meeting Reports

Unlimited Back to Basics – 31/07/2017 – Yarmouth

17 Kyle Overy – Mercedes Pollman-Karosserie Hearse
19 Titch Mancini – Volvo S80 Hearse
33 Gary Madgwick – Mercedes Binz Limo
109 Anders – Coleman Milne 195 Hearse
155 Sam Coote – Ford Mondeo
179 Jamie-Lee Phillips – Mercedes Pollman-Karosserie Hearse
247 Lee Clarke – Mercedes CLK-230
303 Matt Brown – Jaguar S Type
365 Jordan Howard – Rover 75 (used)
367 Barry Beevor – Rover ZT 100
433 Ben Smith – Volvo S80 Hearse
439 Danny Sutton – Volvo S80 Hearse
548 Alex Utting – Honda Legend
564 Mark Coooper – Volkswagen Beetle
760 Harry Spencer – Vauxhall Calibra 
994 Billy Potter – Volvo 740 Estate

16 Unlimited Back to Basics hit the sunny Yarmouth coast with an incredible 6 Hearses and a Limo gracing the track; all of which were built after 2003 and a few ‘firsts’ for the formula as it is believed that the Volvo S80 Hearse haven’t seen the track before. All cars were fresh other than 365 Howard’s rover. The Heats were decided on being nudge and spin to save the cars for all action Final and DD.

Heat 1 saw 19 Titch set the ball rolling as he spun 247 Bro, before dispatching 564 Coatie. 33 Magic spun 367 Beevor. 19 Titch spun aside 155 Capt Slow, while 548 Big Al treated 760 Hazza to similar treatment. 19 Titch spun 247 Bro for the second time and 548 Big Al removed 994 Potter. 564 Coatie turfed out 155 Capt Slow who rejoined only to be removed by 247 Bro, who again came under fire 19 Titch. 548 Big Al held on for the win ahead of an impressive full contact second place by 19 Titch. 33 Magic rounded off the top three.

14 cars made it out for heat 2, which started with 17 Chiefy launching 994 Potter over the infield tyres. 303 Golden Brown spun 179 Leg-end, and 548 Big Al did the same to 433 Smith. 564 Coatie dispatched 760 Hazza, as 303 Golden Brown lost control of his Jaguar planting himself in a post down the back straight. 179 Legend attacked 760 Hazza. 439 Sutty set about 247 Bro. 548 Big Al removed 994 Potter from contention before putting 179 Leg-end under fire with the latter catching a post. 367 Beevor had a pop at 439 Sutty. 433 Smith attacked 247 Bro, as 33 Magic took the win ahead of 19 Titch and 564 Coatie.

The Final saw 14 cars on track once again, but it stopped nearly immediately as 365 Howard’s wheel fell off, resulting in him posting himself; the reds coming out to retrieve the wheel. The restart saw 303 Golden Brown attack 439 Sutty. 19 Titch attacked 564 Coatie. 247 Bro jacked 19 Titch. 760 Hazza jacked 247 Bro, as 179 Leg-end homed in on 760 Hazza. The red flags came out as a fire broke out on 760 Hazza’s Calibra. The restart saw 548 Big Al bury himself flat out as he struggled for grip on the oil. 439 Sutty tboned 433 Smith, before completing a lap to deliver a large tbone on the former. 367 Beevor went in on 439 Sutty. 179 Leg-end ran 19 Titch through 247 Bro’s wrecked Mercedes. 17 Chiefy jacked 367 Beevor, before copping a heavy shot form 179 Leg-end. 564 Coatie buried 155 Capt Slow into the growing pile up to take second as 33 Magic raced to his second win of the evening. 433 Smith finished the action by jacking 439 Sutty. 564 Coatie and 155 Capt Slow were the placemen, and no other finishers were declared.

33, 564, 155, NOF

The DD saw 439 Sutty set about 433 Smith from the off. 33 Magic spun 303 Golden Brown. 109 Anders attacked 439 Sutty. 247 Bro destroyed 439 Sutty with a heavy shot at the end of the back straight. 303 Golden Brown followed in 33 Magic. 19 Titch attacked 433 Smith. 564 Coatie ran 155 Capt Slow into 433 Smith. 564 Coatie jacked 155 Capt Slow, before attacking 433 Smith, who copped it in turn from 155 Capt Slow. 564 Coatie set about 155 Capt Slow again. 433 Smith lamely went in on 155 Capt Slow; the latter expiring. 564 Coatie jacked 433 Smith, and went on to lay in on 439 Sutty. 564 Coatie jacked 439 Sutty, who drove through 433 Smith. 564 Coatie silenced 439 Sutty for the win.

564, 439

The first Unlimited Back to Basic may have started slowly, however the drivers definitely entertained the crowd in the final and DD. The reaction from the holiday crowd as the drivers excited their wrecks in the final was definition of the levels of entertainment they went to.

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